5 Toning & Tightening Exercises You Can Do WITH Baby at Home

Exercises you can do with a baby

As a mom, especially a new mom, it can be difficult to find time for a workout.  Even when you have the motivation and you WANT to workout (for your sanity, well-being and your waistline!), there’s a new obstacle in your way: you have no one to watch your child.  It’s an all-too-common problem! There are exercises you can do with a baby!

But what if you could workout WITH your baby, without the need for child care, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home?  Problem solved!  You can get your sweat on, your workout in and some bonding time with your little bundle of joy!

Check out these 5 awesome and effective exercises to tighten and tone!  You can perform them with (or without!) your baby in tow!

Exercises you can do with a baby
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1.  Plank.  The plank is a great total body exercise, especially for that core!  Place your baby on his or her back on the floor.  Position yourself over your baby, nose-to-nose, balancing yourself on your forearms and your toes.  Keep your core engaged, your back flat and your tush down – there should be a straight line from your shoulders all the way to your heels!

If you’re feeling unstable or you’re not comfortable balancing over your baby, place the baby lying or sitting directly in front of you.  You can gaze at your beauty as you’re struggling to hold that plank position.  Try to hold it for 30 seconds, and repeat 3 times if you can!
Exercises you can do with a baby

2.  Squats.  A weighted squat is a great lower body exercise and having the weight of your baby also really engages your core!  Hold your baby snugly against your chest, or if you have one, strap the baby in a carrier on your front or your back.  Remember to keep your head up and chest out, and with a flat back bend your knees and squat down.  Try to keep your knees behind your toes throughout the entire movement (tip: push your tush back as if you’re about to sit in a chair)!

Try for 10-15 reps, and repeat this 3 times if you can!
Exercises you can do with a baby

3.  Push-ups.  The push-up is a great upper body and core exercise!  You can put your baby in the same positions as discussed in the Plank section above. Start in an extended arm plank position.  Bend your elbows to lower your body down, then push with the chest and shoulders to extend the elbows and push your body back up!

You can also do this on your knees, rather than on your toes, to make the exercise a little easier. (Don’t forget to steal a kiss each time you lower down!)  Try for 10 reps, and repeat 3 times if you can!
Exercises you can do with a baby

4.  Lunges.  Walking lunges are another great lower body and core exercise! You can put your baby in the same positions as discussed in the Squats section above.  Remember to take nice long steps and don’t feel silly doing them in your living room or around your dining room table!  If you don’t have enough room, you can simply lunge forward and then bring that same leg back to the starting position, then lunge the other leg forward, and so on.

Both knees should be at 90 degree angles while in the lunge position and, again, keep the knees behind the toes!  Try for 6-10 lunges on each leg, alternating, and repeat 3 times if you can!
Exercises you can do with a baby

5.  Lying leg raises.  This is a great exercise to target those lower abs!!  Lie on your back and place your baby sitting on your stomach facing you or lie them down chest to chest.  Hinge at your hips to lift both legs straight in the air, then slowly lower them down to almost touching the floor (you can rest them on the floor if you need to!) and then bring them back up again!

Try for 10 reps, and repeat 3 times if you can!

Exercises you can do with a baby

Remember to have fun, do what you can and enjoy this special time with your baby!!

What are some exercises you can do with your baby, MBMoms?

(Disclaimer: Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program.)

Modern Boca Mom contributor Samara is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for health, fitness, and social media. In her “downtime” from mommy-ing two boys, she is an account executive for a boutique social media firm and the founder of healthy living blog, Peace, Love and Ice Cream!

Kids Eating Freely in Boca Raton

Eating out at restaurants with kids in Boca Raton

From contributor: Modern Boca Social Mom

I’ll admit it: I am a lazy cook.

If the recipe has more than three ingredients and takes longer than 30 minutes, I don’t even attempt it. That being said, the thought of taking my young children out to a nice place to eat makes me cringe.photodune-1243096-dinner-in-restaurant-lHere are some tips to eating out at restaurants with kids in Boca Raton.

Eating out at restaurants with kids in Boca Raton

(This is NOT my family…)

But, I have found a loophole! The Cafés at Boca (aka the mall food court) at Town Center at Boca Raton.

Eating out at restaurants with kids in Boca Raton

Like everything in Boca, this food court is not your typical fast food pit. It has a lot of great options. You can find everything from falafel pitas at Maoz Vegetarian to salads, authentic Italian pizza, seafood and Mexican. And you can’t forget about the delightful Chick-fil-A

Eating out at restaurants with kids in Boca Raton

This food court has really been a saving grace for me when I don’t want to cook or don’t have time to cook. My littlest, Bailey (8 months) loves to gaze up at the sky through the windows. It really hypnotizes her. And my picky eater, Ella (5 years), loves that she can sample a variety of food.

Ella is not the type of kid to just sit in her seat and be quiet. She can be her loud kid self and not attract too much attention. For the most part, this is the one place we can rely on to go and not cause a total nightmare for other diners.

Eating out at restaurants with kids in Boca Raton

If we want more of a challenge, we sometimes go to California Pizza Kitchen. We opt to sit outside most times. I like that there is a great children’s menu with things to color and games to play.

Eating out at restaurants with kids in Boca Raton

Other places that do the trick include Chipotle (multiple locations). It is fast and loud! Ella likes that she can choose her ingredients.

We also love Italio (1658 N. Federal Hwy). It is a customizable Italian kitchen that again lets you choose your ingredients. (Plus, Deals is right next to Italio, so you can get a few child distractions like coloring books for just a $1, allowing for some peace).

Also, on our list is Tijuana Flats (multiple locations). This place is great because it has a place mat that kids can color on and they offer table service, so you don’t have to keep getting up to get refills. Taco Tuesday is a great time to go because they offer two tacos, chips and salsa, and a drink for only $5.49! It is a great family place.

Don’t get me wrong, I DO parent my children in these places and usually, I don’t let them run free…depending on my mood. 😉 But, they have to learn how to behave by going to restaurants and experiencing the etiquette of it all. If you are looking for a speciffic type of resturant to treat your children to, you should check out Dandy Kat, a website that allows you to find resturants in your area and their menus!

However, there’s always going to be that one person that gives you the “look of disapproval” when you are dining with your kids. You just have to shake it off. Trust me, I’ve gotten a lot of those looks as a parent! Make it easy on yourself when eating out at restaurants with kids in Boca Raton.

Where are your go-to places to eat for no toddler dining drama? Comment below!

MOMpreneur Monday: Gr8 Speech Therapy

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Happy Monday Modern Boca Moms! Welcome to our next installment of MOMpreneur Monday on MBMom, highlighting Florida businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas.


Today’s featured MOMpreneur is the founder of THE online solution for speech therapy and mom of 3, Avivit Ben-Aharon! Online speech therapy courses for kids.

Online speech therapy courses for kids

One of the TV constants in my house when I was growing up was the classic soap opera, The Young and the Restless.  My maternal grandparents are French-Canadian and my mom used to tell me that when she and her family emigrated from Canada to the Bahamas (yes Freeport, Grand Bahama Island), they didn’t speak a “lick of English.”  So, they would often watch that soap to help get a better grasp on the language.

In my mom’s own words: English is hard.  And, if your child has a speech disorder, I know as a parent, you’re probably dealing with your own set of challenges.  Our featured Mompreneur this week, the Clinical Director of Gr8 Speech, has had experience with both sides, learning another language AND treating kids with speech disorders.

And, I’m sure she’s more qualified to treat your children than the The Young and the Restless!

Tell us about your background and how you got started with Gr8 Speech Therapy…

“My family immigrated to New York when I was 14 and I did not speak a word of English. Talk about bad timing! There is nothing worse than sitting in class and not being able to participate in the conversation. But, I was very determined and learned English within a year, finished high school and college and received a masters in special education. I then decided to apply for a degree in speech therapy,” said Avivit. 

“I love working as a speech therapist, but I was extremely frustrated with the inaccessibility of the process. Several years ago, I took my middle son to a local clinic for occupational therapy and in the waiting room sat a young mom with two children, desperately trying to feed one child while helping the other with homework. She shared her frustration about having to take her whole family to her son’s speech therapy sessions. The experience spurred me to think that speech therapy lent itself to an online alternative.”

Online speech therapy courses for kids

How is Gr8 Speech unique in addition to being an online alternative? 
  1. Gr8 Speech is owned and managed by a licensed speech and language pathologist. What that means for the client is clinical issues are the focus of our treatment. 
  2. The merging of technology and speech therapy offers a huge advantage for the client. 
  3. No matter where you live, you have access to specific specialists who are available to treat you in the privacy of your home, at a time that is mutually convenient.
    • Gr8 Speech consists of a team of therapists who are carefully selected because of their unique skill set and are licensed to practice in 17 states, provide therapy on three continents in multiple languages to clients, ages 5 to 85 years of age.
    • The range of treated speech disorders is broad and includes articulation, accent modification, stuttering, aphasia, traumatic brain injury, Asperger Syndrome, Autism and Alzheimer’s.

Gr8 Speech maximizes time and minimizes possible disruptions such as work-schedule conflicts (caregivers or patients), weather or forgetfulness which can all contribute to lack of progress and an overextended duration of therapy. You can continue with the same therapist if you move or the therapist moves and can even have sessions while on vacation. 

Bottom Line: The result is consistency in care and general improvement over a shorter period of time.

Online speech therapy courses for kids 

What is your company vision for the next few years ahead?

Avivit explained, “We envision growth for our team, in terms of numbers of therapists and areas of specialization, as well as an increase in the number of states where we are licensed.”

What do you love about living and working in South Florida? 

“I love the diversity of South Florida, the wide variety of cultures and the way they blend together. And then there is the weather; I wake up every morning and see the sun…who wouldn’t be happy living here?” said Avivit. 🙂

Online speech therapy courses for kids

I love it when someone comes up with a more convenient solution to a mommy-problem!  Bravo Avivit! Online speech therapy courses for kids!

If you’d like more information, check out gr8Speech Therapy online at www.gr8speech.com.

And, LIKE them on Facebook HERE.

Now tell us, what item on your “to do list” do you wish could be more convenient as a parent?  Comment below!

Beach’n with the Kids…MBMom-Style!

Best tips for kids at the beach in Boca

It’s summer! Glorious, hot, sunny (albeit rainy in the afternoons!) summer!  Although we live in paradise year-round, the summer is definitely a great excuse to schlep the family to the beach for some fun-in-the-sun memories! We have the best tips for kids at the beach in Boca.

Remember the days when all you needed was your towel and a good book?  Those days are long gone sisters!  A day of beach’n now requires a laundry list of supplies, some serious planning and an abundance of patience!  It could be a pretty daunting task!

But ladies, have no fear!  MBMom is here with 5 simple tips to make your beach day with the kids an enjoyable one!  We promise it will help keep your stress level down while pumping your fun meter up!

Best tips for kids at the beach in Boca

Check it out….

Tip #1: Go early!

The kids are up and the house is rockin’, so you might as well just head on out!  You’ll get a great parking spot, have your pick of the beach to set-up shop and you can get in a few good hours before the temperature really rises!  (The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10AM and 4PM!)

Tip #2: Sun Protection comes in many forms!

Sunscreen.  Apply it to everyone before you even get in the car so you’re all ready to go by the time you arrive at the beach.  And here’s a suggestion: When shopping for said sunscreen, look for one that comes in a spray bottle*….your hands will be full of sand when it comes time to reapply and it will be hard to rub in lotion.  Also, buy the biggest one you can find because you will need to reapply it ALL.DAY.LONG!

Umbrella.  A shady spot to cool off is a must!  Don’t have a sturdy beach umbrella? That’s OK!  Just remember to bring some cash – most beaches offer umbrella rentals by the hour!

Clothing. Look for bathing suits and swim shirts that have a sticker or tag with its UPF rating, which means that the fabric itself has UV protection (50+ is the highest rating!).

Tip #3: Sand toys can be simple!

Disposable cups, Tupperware of all sizes and a plastic spaghetti colander are all awesome sand toys – and probably things you have in your kitchen already!  No, we’re not cooking….we’re playing at the beach!  Look around your house and be creative – think digging, shoveling and building!

Tip #4: Bring a cooler.

Kids are always hungry.  It’s just in their DNA!  When you think you’ve packed enough, pack a little bit more!  A cooler is great because none of your snacks will melt and your water will stay chilled, making it extra refreshing!  Ice pops, frozen candy bars and frozen fruit (especially grapes!) are some yummy snack ideas for a hot beach day!

Tip #5: Get a great beach bag!

Try to find a large, deep one with long, sturdy handles.  It will fit a ton of stuff and you can throw it on your shoulder so your hands are free to hold on to more important things :).

Some key items you’ll want to have IN the bag: towels, a change of clothes for everyone, wet bags (these have a waterproof lining making them perfect for transporting wet towels and suits) and a large ziploc to store your phone, wallet and keys so all of your important items are in one easy-to-find, zipped-up place!

We hope you find these tips helpful for your next family beach day!!

Do you have any beach’n tips to add? Comment below!

*Disclaimer: The FDA has had an ongoing investigation regarding the safety of spray sunscreens since 2011.  Consumer Reports recently issued a warning to parents to avoid using spray sunscreens on their children until a verdict is reached by the FDA.  See the full article here.

MBMom Contributor Samara is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for health, fitness, and social media. In her “downtime” from mommy-ing two boys, she is an account executive for a boutique social media firm and the founder of healthy living blog, Peace, Love and Ice Cream!

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