Happy 1st Birthday Aden! | Elmo Themed Boca Birthday Party

This Elmo themed Boca birthday party post was written by my sister and Modern Boca Mom contributor, Lauren Ricks. I am so happy she decided to share my nephew’s birthday party details with all of us! Enjoy!

By the way, this post also contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase party items through these links, Modern Boca Mom will get a little kickback. Thank you for supporting this blog!

When everyone told me that time would fly when you have your first child, they weren’t kidding! I blinked (and shed some tears!) and it was here: MY SON’S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Of course I wanted it to be perfect, but I’m a full time stay-at-home mom. This isn’t the time for my family to break the bank.

My son, Aden, made picking the party theme pretty easy because he LOVES Elmo and Sesame Street. It was an Elmo themed Boca birthday party for the win! Aden is also obsessed with balloons making those decorations a must for his 1st birthday celebration.

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

I decided it would be fun to focus on primary colors for the party and found a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. It helped a lot when trying to come up with affordable ideas that would be fun for both kids and adults!

Can you say Cookie Monster corn-hole?!

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

Most of our Elmo themed Boca birthday party was outside. We got lucky with beautiful weather on March 3rd! It was windy, but I was able to learn (the hard way) how to secure my centerpieces from Aden’s baptism celebration earlier this year (spoiler alert: sand). A lot of the party decor came from Dollar Tree and Amazon and just using creative ideas. This allowed me to keep costs down and still achieve a fun look.

Purchase our Elmo themed Boca birthday party tablecloths and plates by clicking HERE!
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Elmo themed Boca birthday party

  • Like I said before, my son loves balloons (all of the Elmo balloons came from this awesome store Dollar Deals Plus in West Palm Beach). I tried to incorporate those in almost everything. We even had a life-sized Elmo balloon that walked!
  • I made this fun backdrop for his cake smash using only streamers and balloons.
  • Etsy helped me create the cute “Aden Street” sign. All I had to do was print it and hang it up!
  • The huge blocks were a Pinterest find. I decided to simply purchase plain boxes and paint them.
  • Who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane?! The baby photo banner was so easy to make using colored paper and cardboard. I printed out each month’s photo, punched holes for the ribbon and viola!

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

When it came to the food, I wanted to keep it simple.  Since the party was at noon, lunch items were an easy choice. There’s nothing better (or easier) than Chick-Fil-A nuggets, Publix wraps and subs, pasta and fruit salad!

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

For dessert, of course we wanted to have Aden smash his cake and boy did he! Publix made this cute little cake for him. For the rest of our guests, I wanted to mix things up a little, so I ordered these custom donuts from Nani’s Hand Crafted Doughnuts in Delray! They were delicious and so delightful to work with!

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

We rounded out the party with a few more fun activities including a ball pit, water table, bubbles and…cue Aden’s reaction to seeing him for the first time-you guessed it ELMO (Risa Teate)!

Elmo themed Boca birthday party
This smile made the whole party worth it!

Elmo was amazing and really interacted with the kids by singing, dancing, reading stories and playing pin the nose on Elmo! Elmo Live is a fabulous company to work with and we highly recommend Risa!

To book Elmo for your next event, call 561-502-2609.

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

I decided last minute to create a balloon arch and my sister in law came to the rescue putting it all together the morning of the party. It was a great place for a photo op! And speaking of photos…all of these beautiful shots were taken by our family photographer Naomi of Sweet Memories Photography. They are priceless!

Elmo themed Boca birthday party
Aden’s Aunties

All in all, the Elmo themed Boca birthday party was a success and we can’t thank all of our friends and family for being so supportive and showing so much love during Aden’s first year of life! Now this Modern Boca Mom is going to sleep…we’re doing Disney next year 🙂

Elmo themed Boca birthday party

P.S. This post is not an advertisement. However, I highly recommend all of the vendors used for making Aden’s 1st birthday party a HUGE success!
To book Elmo for your next event, call 561-502-2609.

Morikami Museum Rings in the Spring Season with Hatsume Fair 2018

Spring officially arrives when flowers bloom and cosmic cosplayers take over the Morikami Hatsume Fair on April 21-22, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens!

The museum’s largest annual festival, the Morikami Hatsume Fair will transform tranquil Park into a breathtaking Japanese spectacle of sights, sounds, and style! Guests will enjoy two stages of exciting entertainment. They’ll also have access to artisan, craft and plant vendors, specialty sake and beer selections, and Japanese street fare food. The weekend’s activities include martial arts, taiko performances, cosplay costume contests, and a high-octane, Japanese street wear fashion show.

Morikami Hatsume Fair

Morikami Hatsume Fair hotspots include:

Taiko Stage

Experience the roar of taiko at performances by South Florida’s premier taiko drumming groups: Ronin Taiko and Fushu Daiko. Catch Ronin Taiko on Saturday, and Fushu Daiko on Sunday. Also, don’t miss the costume contest (Saturday) and fashion show (Sunday) on the Taiko stage.

Morikami Hatsume Fair

Martial Arts Stage

The Martial Arts Stage (located in the Morikami Theater) will feature martial arts demonstrations from a wide variety of ancient disciplines. These demonstrations will give you an introduction to a variety of styles and showcase local students of all ages.

Morikami Hatsume Fair

Anime Arena

Enjoy a variety of anime offerings, shop an array of anime vendors and dealers, take a picture with your favorite anime characters and superheroes, and strut your stuff at the costume contests and fashion show walk-offs on the Taiko Stage.

Morikami Hatsume Fair

Festival Marketplace

Shop dozens of artisan, craft and plant vendors on festival grounds and Morikami’s distinctive Museum Store (including the Sweet Shop) located inside the museum building.

Kids’ Zone @ Morikami Hatsume Fair

Check out our festival activities area for games, Japanese crafts, and more for the whole family.

Morikami Hatsume Fair

Tickets are:

Adult One Day Pass (ages 11+) – $12

Adult Weekend Pass (ages 11+) – $17

Child One Day Pass (ages 4-10) – $6

Child Weekend Pass (ages 4-10) – $11

Morikami members and children ages 3 and under – Free

At-Gate Adult One Day Pass (ages 11+) – $15

At-Gate Adult One Day Pass (ages 4-10) – $10

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit morikami.org/event/hatsume-fair/

The Addison is Excellent! Receives 5 Star Diamond Award for 6th Year

I’m just going to come out and say it. Boca Raton is pretty damn lucky to have a magical place like The Addison in our town. My family and I were sitting outside on the venue’s patio enjoying Easter Brunch this week. And, despite the glitz and glamour of the event executed by their amazing team, we felt like we were HOME. I daresay…their staff feels like an extension of my own family at this point. We truly enjoy celebrating all of our family holidays in their back–err, I mean courtyard. So when it comes to Addison Boca Raton awards, I’m thrilled to announce that they’ve received a very special one for the 6th year in a row!

Addison Boca Raton Awards
The Addison Boca Raton family- all photos by Munoz Photography
Addison Boca Raton Awards: 5 Star Diamond Award 2018

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) awarded the Addison of Boca Raton its coveted Five Star Diamond Award, recognizing the venue for its achievement and quality in the hospitality and luxury service industry. This is the sixth consecutive year the Addison has received this rare distinction.

Addison Boca Raton Awards

AAHS is renowned worldwide for awarding excellence in the global travel and luxury services sector. Each year the academy bestows its coveted awards on five and six-star quality hotels, spas, golf courses, restaurants and chefs. This award is a prestigious emblem of achievement, recognizing true quality in the hospitality and luxury service industries worldwide.  Evaluations are based on exceptional service, superb facilities, ambiance, attitude, gastronomy, cleanliness and above all, hospitality.

Addison Boca Raton Awards

The Celebration

Modern Boca Dad and I were invited to celebrate this special occasion at an exclusive gala at the Addison on the evening of Wednesday, March 21. The event showcased a  DELIGHTFUL six-course dinner prepared by Executive Chef Patrick Duffy. Wine and cocktail pairings were sponsored by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. The extravagant décor was by Daniel Events. Live entertainment was provided by Celebrity Entertainment.

Addison Boca Raton Awards
Andy Rogers, Modern Boca Dad and Michelle Olson-Rogers, Modern Boca Mom

It was attended by many prominent community figures, including Mayor Susan Haynie and the Boca Raton council members, Mary Csar of the Boca Raton Historical Society, and several board members from the Junior League of Boca Raton, who also received one of the special Addison Boca Raton awards that evening!

Addison Boca Raton Awards
Junior League of Boca Raton
Addison Boca Raton Awards
Mayor Susan Haynie, Vice President of the Addison Zoe Lanham, Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers, Marketing Director of the Addison Melanie De Vito

It was an evening to remember. Congratulations to The Addison on this well-deserved honor!


The Addison is a Five Star Diamond award-winning caterer, event venue, and historical landmark located in Boca Raton, Florida. Built by famed architect Addison Mizner in 1926 as an example of his architectural vision for Boca, the Addison is now one of the most popular event venues, specializing in weddings, celebrations, corporate functions, off-premise catering, and glatt kosher events. For more information, visit http://theaddison.com or call (561) 372-0568.

What You Need to Know About Your Toddler’s First Trip to the Dentist

We’re so glad to have pediatric dentist, Dr. Drew Popper of Junior Smiles back on the blog with a post on a very important topic: your toddler’s first trip to the dentist. I personally didn’t know what to expect, so let’s learn from the Boca Raton dental source himself!

Dr. Popper suggests that parents bring their children to their pediatric dentist at the onset of the first tooth. This way, you get to have counsel on that first visit and are made aware of what to look out for during the growing stages of your child’s initial baby teeth.

first trip to the dentist

Here’s what you can expect at your first trip to the dentist:

  1. It will be short and easy

Your child’s first trip to the dentist is a chance for your child to get to know their dentist so that he or she won’t be afraid of the regular dental visits. Your child will get to see the chair, perhaps sit in it and observe how it rotates. They can learn about tools, the mirror, and the dentist can talk to them about how they help check teeth. Think of it as quality time well invested.

  1. There will be a simple cleaning

I like to keep this first visit as easy and stress-free as possible. A cleaning will be done and I will inspect your child’s teeth and gums all while keeping your child entertained at the same time.

first trip to the dentist

  1. Ask any questions you have

This is a chance to review good oral-hygiene habits, and to get advice on any concerns. Perhaps your child is still sucking their thumb. Or maybe you want to know about the foods that are great for their oral health. Write down any questions you can think of beforehand, and prepare a list. This is your time to get as much input as necessary.

  1. Reduce anxiety beforehand

It helps if you prep your child for this initial visit. You can read stories or listen to songs about the dentist. But don’t make it a bigger deal than necessary. If your child has a sibling, he or she can accompany them to one dental visit, so that they know what to expect. They might even be encouraged by the toys and books in the waiting room and look forward to it!

first trip to the dentist

The most important thing to remember is to stay positive yourself. Remember, you are creating the experience for your child. Your actions and reactions will be mirrored and reflected in them.

I recommend preparing yourself for this visit as much as possible, and then relaxing once you are actually there. Oral care can be a positive bonding experience with your child!

Phone: 561-210-7788
9930 Clint Moore Rd
Sponsored: This toddler’s first trip to the dentist blog post was sponsored by Junior Smiles. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider. Please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information and I have been compensated, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

My Baby Got her Ears Pierced!

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with the fact that my baby is really growing up…and quickly. Those feelings were further cemented earlier this month when #dailybocaavery decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. I had told her for awhile now that we would allow her to get them pierced whenever SHE decided to. I missed the window for ear piercing in Boca Raton when she was a baby (nor was it a priority at the time, honestly). So I figured she’d ask when it became popular in her class at school or she entered the pre-teen fashion idol phase.

Little did I know that would happen at age 4.

Are you familiar with the phenomenon known as High School Musical? I personally remember it coming out because Zac Efron became a (hot) thing right afterwards. My NYC roommate at the time also had an uncanny resemblance to Corbin Bleu, another of the film’s young actors. So, I queued it up on Netflix one day and boom: Sharpay Evans (aka Ashley Tisdale) became Avery’s new style icon.

She wore pink. Sharpay danced. She sang. Sharpay wore earrings. It was true love. Avery has since watched EVERY High School Musical cinematic masterpiece along with Sharpay’s Big Adventure. Thanks Netflix.

So, after the annual meeting of the Easter Bunny with her cousin in front of Nordstrom at Town Center, Avery requested to walk over to Claire’s to simply look at the earrings. I knew she was curious and agreed. Before I knew it, my 4 year-old force of a daughter had informed the closest employee that she would like her ears pierced…today.

I consented to this ear piercing in Boca Raton, but shiz has changed big time, mamas. Remember when it cost $19.99 to adorn your lobes? Now, if you want white gold studs in your “ear piercing starter kit,” plan to fork over close to $70 bucks at Claire’s. That was a fun revelation. Ouch for me and her.

So, my baby climbed into my lap and braced herself. I even thought she might back out as the stealth Claire’s ear piercing specialists loaded their guns and attempted to hide them from sight. They approached my kid on both sides and did the deed– both ears at the same time. (Both ears is key, by the way.)

There was shock. There was crying. And that was just me! Okay, Avery too…but she was fine in about 90 seconds and so, so proud of herself.

ear piercing in Boca Raton
If you zoom in…you can see the single tear in the corner of her eye. <3

It made my heart hurt and swell at the same time. But that’s being a mom, right?

P.S. This post is not an advertisement. However, I highly recommend Claire’s at Town Center at Boca Raton! They did a fantastic job and have always been my go-to for ear piercing in Boca Raton.

Disney’s World of Avatar Highlights + The Dolphin’s BIG Resort Renovation

What do dolphins and banshees have in common? Well, a lot if you happen to be staying at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin AND heading to Animal Kingdom to experience all of the World of Avatar highlights for the first time ever!

World of Avatar highlights

After visiting the Walt Disney World Swan in late 2016 and learning about the multi-phase, multi-year, $140 million redesign project that planned to transform every guest room in the 758-room Swan Hotel and the 1,509-room Dolphin Hotel, I wanted to go back to check out the progress on our first trip to #visitpandora.

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Disclosure: The Dolphin provided us with a media rate to stay on property. This allowed us to check out all of the new guest room features as well as their gorgeous new lobby.

Walt Disney World Dolphin

The renovated rooms now include upgraded furniture as well as all of the latest technology including large HD TVs. Additional power outlets provide family travelers (and bloggers) more options for use of multiple personal electronics. And of course, we love a good balcony room with a view!

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Walt Disney World Dolphin

The new room design was inspired by the resort’s water-themed architecture. The goal was to create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. I think they succeeded!

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Walt Disney World Dolphin
The centerpiece of the room is the famous Westin Heavenly Bed with its all-white custom-designed pillow-top mattress set, cozy down blanket, a trio of crisp sheets, goose down comforter and four over- stuffed pillows.
Walt Disney World Dolphin
The design continues into a completely new bathroom, featuring a back-lit mirror mounted on iridescent glass tiles.

Walt Disney World Dolphin

MBMom Tip: The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin offers 17 restaurants and lounges. Take advantage!

We especially loved the all-new look of Phins in the Dolphin lobby. Phins is a contemporary lounge where guests can enjoy sipping on custom-crafted cocktails, a glass of vintage wine, or even a frosty mug of special Phins and Feathers beer. You can then enjoy your drinks under the sophisticated ambiance of a spectacular custom-made crystal chandelier. It’s gorgeous, trust me.

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Our family also took advantage of the grab and go restaurant, fuel, in the Dolphin lobby. If you’re looking to stock up with snacks for the theme parks, this place will come in handy. We filled up on coffee and ready-made breakfast sandwiches before heading to Animal Kingdom to check out the World of Avatar highlights.

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Walt Disney World Dolphin

MBMom Tip: Complimentary bus transportation is available to all of the parks from the Swan and Dolphin. Or, you can take a short water taxi to Epcot® and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Walt Disney World Dolphin is also ridiculously close to Disney’s Boardwalk, which is a really cool area! We grabbed pizza over there on our last night.

Walt Disney World Dolphin

As for Pandora… Walt Disney’s World of Avatar Highlights

We might be one of the last ones to the party, but we FINALLY had the time (and Disney Annual Passes) to visit Pandora: The World of Avatar this February. Granted we were daytime visitors, but I feel like we got a healthy dose of this new attraction, especially when it came to the cuisine. But, we do look forward to returning again to see it in all its glory at night!

When you enter the World of Avatar, you essentially become an eco-tourist. You’ll encounter floating mountains, a glowing, bioluminescent rainforest and other wonders of an alien world. The premise of the land is that the Valley of Mo’ara on Pandora is undergoing a rebirth long after a destructive mining operation ceased operation. Eco-tourists (aka us!) for the first time, can travel to this exoplanet located in the Alpha Centauri star system 4.4 light years from Earth. Pretty cool, huh?

My 4 year-old daughter didn’t really know anything about the movie prior to entering the land, but she was game for it all (albeit not tall enough to ride Flight of Passage yet, so we missed that one this time). Instead she settled for face painting this trip. 

World of Avatar Flora

The Walt Disney Imagineering landscape architecture team worked side by side with the land’s design and engineering teams to ensure that thousands of Pandoran plants fit into the overall landscape plan. You truly couldn’t tell the real plants from the fake apart. It was impressive!

More than 250 varieties of live trees, shrubs and epiphytes mingle with the Pandoran. The Disney horticulture team planted more than 500 trees and nearly 10,000 shrubs across the Pandoran landscape.

Na’vi River Journey

At the center of Pandora is a riparian area, where waterfalls cascade from the mountaintops into gentle pools and streams. One stream follows a peaceful path along the entry to Pandora. The other flows into the Na’vi River Journey, where guests board reed boats for an excursion to see the revered Shaman of Songs.

We loved hopping on the reed boat for Na’vi River Journey. Seeing all of the glowing flora and fauna were some of the top World of Avatar highlights for me! The best part was that it’s a very family-friendly water adventure…aka slow. 😉

Pandoran Cuisine

All of this adventure had us working up an appetite! We headed to the brand new Satu’li Canteen (formerly the RDA mess hall) to indulge in the international-inspired cuisine, vegetarian options and specialty libations crafted from Pandora’s natural abundance. We weren’t disappointed and there is virtually no wait if you visit on the earlier side of your day. Here’s what we sampled:

Cheeseburger pods. They were amazing. I’m craving them now, in fact.
Blueberry Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Curd – unique and delicious! Worth getting at least once.

I also sneaked over to  the Pongu Pongu Lounge for a quick cocktail while #dailybocaavery was getting her face painted. The “bioluminescent” frozen cocktail Night Blossom hit the spot for this thirsty traveler! The drink is a mix of limeade combined with apple and desert pear flavors finished off with passion fruit boba balls…and rum if you’d like it.  It’s very tasty and unique!

At night, you’ll see that many of the walkways and paths, like the alien plant life that surrounds them, are bioluminescent. A treatment added to some of the Pandoran walkways gives them a glowing quality. Talk about World of Avatar highlights! Charged by sunlight and reinforced by black light, the glowing pathways literally come to life in the evening.

We can’t wait to travel there again! Have you been to #visitpandora yet?

Partner {AD}

Special thanks to Mazda USA for providing our ride to/from Orlando in the 2018 Mazda CX-9!

We loved it. #drivemazda

Check out some of our favorite features from the Mazda CX-9 3 Row 7 Passenger SUV in our video below:

You’ll Still Feel Good After Stuffing Yourself at True Food Kitchen Boca

#modernbocadad and I have kind of stopped eating out. It’s not because we’re cracking down on our budget (okay, maybe we are a little), but because we always feel so darn awful afterwards. Stuffed. Full. Whatever you want to call it. Ugh. But, I’ve finally found a local restaurant that feeds you well without you feeling so…unwell. Welcome to our town True Food Kitchen Boca Raton!

True Food Kitchen Boca

True Food Kitchen Boca
We celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary at True Food Kitchen Boca Raton!

Co-founded by integrative medicine expert Dr. Andrew Weil and nine-time James Beard Award nominee for Restaurateur of the Year Sam Fox, True Food Kitchen Boca caters to foodie palates and preferences. It features a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan offerings for brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails. The first True Food Kitchen opened in Phoenix in 2008. Now, the restaurant has 22 locations (including True Food Kitchen Boca Raton). 

True Food Kitchen Boca Raton’s philosophy is simple:

Food should make you feel better—not worse—and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste to live a healthier lifestyle. Every meal served up at TFK is prepared to that standard. And, it’s delicious. The standouts from the our evening?

Edamame Dumplings (VEG)
dashi, white truffle oil, asian herbs

Edamame Dumplings (VEG) dashi, white truffle oil, asian herbs

Charred Cauliflower (V GF)
harissa tahini, medjool date, dill, mint, pistachio

Charred Cauliflower (V GF) harissa tahini, medjool date, dill, mint, pistachio

Moroccan Chicken (GF)
mission fig, heirloom carrot, chickpea, olive, spinach, chermoula, greek yogurt

Moroccan Chicken (GF) mission fig, heirloom carrot, chickpea, olive, spinach, chermoula, greek yogurt

Chia Seed Pudding (V GF)
banana, toasted coconut

Chia Seed Pudding (V GF) banana, toasted coconut

Honorable mention goes to the Flourless Chocolate Cake because of the Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream. You’d never know you weren’t eating the real thing!

Flourless Chocolate Cake (VEG GF) caramel, vanilla ice cream, cocoa nibs
As for design…

Each True Food Kitchen is designed to reflect the local character of the region in an upscale and sustainable environment. Indoors, natural woods and vibrant, locally-inspired artwork add a contemporary touch to the earthy color scheme, natural elements and greenery, including indoor/outdoor garden basins filled with fresh herbs and spices.

Eco-friendly materials are utilized throughout the restaurant, such as the hardwood floors, which are made of reclaimed wood, and dining chairs made of recycled soda bottles. Cool right?

And did I mention the cocktails? Our favorites were the Citrus Skinny Margarita and Pomegranate Mule. Delicious and oh so fresh!

Thank you so much to True Food Kitchen for hosting us for dinner to facilitate this review! You can find them right in front of Town Center at Boca Raton (where valet is) the next time you’d like to indulge…but feel great afterwards!

True Food Kitchen Boca Raton
6000 Glades Rd, Unit 1015A | Boca Raton, FL 33431

Have You Met Wafa? The Best Brow Services in Boca Have Arrived

When I was a fresh-faced 14 year old, a newly minted freshman at Boca High, I had scraggly (but virgin!) eyebrows. I struggle to remember them clearly, but they were just begging to be shaped. My new friend at the time, an expert in all things makeup, offered to tweeze them in true late nineties fashion: THIN. They were on trend for awhile, but now I think most of us late 90’s/early 2000’s teenagers regret our eyebrow grooming decisions back then. Luckily there are rehab centers…brow services in Boca that can help get our eyebrows back up to snuff through professional shaping or microblading. And I want to introduce you to the best! Wafa’s Brow Art & Skincare.

brow services in Boca

Have you met Wafa?

I first heard about Wafa Alsaid through my friends at Boca Raton magazine. There was a big write-up about her brow services in Boca in a recent print issue. The article talked about how Wafa would spend a meticulous 30 minutes making sure every hair in your brow(s) was tamed and trimmed until perfect. I had to give her a try.

When I booked my session (they work by appointment only), I was one of the first lucky few customers to visit their new location at 7400 N Federal Hwy. in Boca Raton. It’s a big open space and there is art everywhere.

brow services in Boca

You see, Wafa began as an oil painting artist, but her love for eyebrows sprouted when she was only 16 years old. Her two passions, art and eyebrows, took over when she decided to combine her artistic eye with the science of permanent makeup. She believes every woman should be able to wake up confident. I believe in that too…even though my confidence is also boosted by coffee and under eye concealer. 😉

brow services in Boca

I prefer to get my eyebrows threaded, so I booked that service plus tinting. It’s amazing how many invisible blonde hairs make an appearance after tinting! My brows were already more full after only one brow services in Boca appointment.

Now, a few months have passed and I’m pretty happy with the brow progress we’ve made. But, I’ve made an appointment for microblading with Wafa’s daughter, Luna. Yep, Wafa’s Brow Art & Skincare is a family business! I have a few areas that I’d like to have filled out, so make sure you’re following Modern Boca Mom on Facebook and Instagram to see the video coming up soon!

For a full list of brow services in Boca at Wafa’s Brow Art, click here. Or call to book your appointment! 561-501-1068

Appointment: Tue. – Sat. 10AM – 5PM
Email: wafa@wafabrowart.com

brow services in Boca
Before & After threading at Wafa’s Brow Art
Follow Wafa’s Brow Art on Instagram and Facebook!

Sponsored: This post was hosted by Wafa’s Brow Art & Skincare. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider and please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was offered complimentary brow services for review consideration, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

Top Attractions in Boca Raton *and Beyond*

Top Attractions in Boca Raton *and Beyond!*

Summer is almost here and as the kiddos finish school and the days get longer, you’ll want something to keep them busy! When you need to get out of the house, here are some of the top attractions in Boca Raton *and beyond*!

Top Attractions in Boca Raton

  1. South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

    At the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, there is always something happening! And Summer is even more exciting and full of plenty of fun! From the Science Summer Camp to Nights at the Museum to the Amazing Butterfly exhibit, there is an endless array of things to do! For more information: https://www.sfsciencecenter.org/

  1. Palm Beach Zoo

    This summer, the Palm Beach Zoo will not only feature animal experiences, educational programs and nights out, but they are also exhibiting some amazing seasonal event! For more information:  http://www.palmbeachzoo.org/

  2. Lion Country Safari

    Between the drive-thru safari and awesome entertainment park (hello giraffe encounter!), Lion Country Safari is a great way to get out of the house and have some WILD fun! Don’t forget about the 2017 Summer Savings Pass! For more information: http://www.lioncountrysafari.com/

  3. PLAYMOBIL Fun Park

    Top Attractions in Boca Raton

  4. I-FLY in Ft. Lauderdale

    A super fun time for parents and kids alike; check out my full review HERE.

  5. Sugar Sand Park

    Featuring the NEW Science Playground, Explorium & Willow Theater, Sugar Sand Park is one of the best hidden gems in Boca Raton! (And one of the top attractions in Boca Raton *and beyond!*). For more information: http://www.sugarsandpark.org/

  6. Daggerwing Nature Center

    Top Attractions in Boca Raton

  7. Boca Raton Museum of Art

    From the finest in adult exhibits to the fun and interactive sights for kiddos of all ages, the Boca Raton Museum of Art has some of the most interesting fun and activities you can find. For more information on what is going on: https://www.bocamuseum.org/

  8. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
  9. Boca Raton Children’s Museum

    The pinnacle of kids fun in Boca Raton, all you have to do is bring your imagination and flair for fun and games!

  10. La-La Land Fun Indoor Playground

    La–La Land Kids Indoor Playground is a 15,000 square foot indoor playground designed specifically to keep your children happy for hours. They have a three level indoor play structure (covering over 5,600 square feet) that has a variety of activities for your kids to enjoy such as: a giant 4 person wave slide, foam ball fountain, two foam ball dumping baskets, rainbow bridges, pyramid obstacles, web net bridges, two automatic foam ball loading machines, donut slides, ninja course, rope course, rock climbing wall. And if that wasn’t enough they have soft play rides like a spinning coconut tree.

  11. Bedner’s in Boynton Beach

    A farm fresh market where you can not only enjoy the outdoors, but you can also pick your own fruit and veggies when in season! For a list of what you can pick and when, look here: http://www.bedners.com/upick.html

  12. Butterfly World in Deerfield Beach

    Top Attractions in Boca Raton

  13. Green Cay Nature Center in Boynton Beach
  14. We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym

    A kids gym that is a safe, nurturing and sensory friendly environment. For more on fun events: https://www.werockthespectrumkidsgym.com/

  15. Patch Reef Park

Which of these top attractions in Boca Raton and Beyond is your favorite? Which ones are you dying to try?! Comment below!

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