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How are Measles in Kids Still a Thing in 2024?

In an era when so much information is at our fingertips and medical advancements have been leaps and bounds, it’s almost surreal to find ourselves grappling with an outbreak of measles in kids right here in South Florida. As a local mom navigating the complexities of modern parenting, the recent surge in measles cases, particularly in our backyard, has been both alarming…and frankly, bewildering to me.


I reached out to Roshini Singh, Founder of 365 Wellness, a direct primary care model servicing Boca Raton and Palm Beach County, for some (hopefully reassuring) advice on the topic…

The Unwelcome Return of Measles in Kids

It all started at Manatee Bay Elementary School in Weston, near Fort Lauderdale, where six children contracted measles last month (February 2024). The situation then escalated, with state health data revealing additional cases in Broward County.


“It’s a stark reminder that children under the age of 5, as well as adults over 20, pregnant women, and those who are immunocompromised, face significant risks if exposed to measles and unvaccinated individuals,” explained Singh. 


Understanding the Risks

Singh went on to tell me that measles in kids isn’t just another childhood illness; it’s highly contagious and spreads through air droplets when an infected person coughs, talks, or sneezes. The virus can linger on surfaces for hours, making handwashing more crucial than ever. The risks associated with measles go beyond the immediate discomfort of ear infections or gastrointestinal issues. We’re talking about serious, life-threatening complications like pneumonia and encephalopathy (brain swelling).

To help prevent measles in kids, handwashing is an essential tool
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash


The Role of Vaccines

In facing this outbreak, one thing becomes crystal clear to this mama: vaccines are our best defense. The MMR vaccine, specifically, is incredibly effective at preventing measles and its spread when administered in two doses.


Singh said, “With no antiviral treatments available, vaccination remains our only shield against this preventable disease.”


Vaccine Hesitancy is a Thing…

Despite decades of proven efficacy, some parents still hesitate to vaccinate their children against measles.


Singh told me, “The reasons behind this are complex and multifaceted. However, from a medical standpoint, the benefits of the MMR vaccine far outweigh the risks. It’s a decision grounded in the principle of doing no harm, aimed at protecting our most vulnerable—the little ones we hold dear.”


Community Immunity: Our Collective Responsibility

I found this fascinating! Singh said that herd immunity is real.


“The concept of herd immunity underscores the importance of high vaccination rates. For nearly two decades, the MMR vaccine helped eliminate measles spread in the U.S. However, pockets of unvaccinated individuals pose a risk, especially with daily international travel bringing unvaccinated visitors from regions with lower vaccination rates.”

Measles in Kids MMR Vaccine
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay


During the outbreak, Manatee Bay wisely advised unvaccinated children to stay home. This decision, while impacting in-person learning, prioritized health and safety. 


So How Do We Navigate this Outbreak as a Modern Boca Mom? 365 Wellness has some advice…

“As we face this outbreak of measles in kids, it’s vital to approach the situation with both caution and responsibility. Vaccination isn’t just a personal choice; it’s a community commitment to safeguarding public health. Let’s not allow fear to guide us but rather informed decisions that protect our families and those around us. After all, in the battle against preventable diseases, unity and science are our greatest allies,” says Singh.

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