Happy 1st Birthday #dailybabyavery!

My dearest Avery,

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet girl!  I cannot believe it has already been a year since you came into our lives.  I’ll never forget FINALLY having contractions after 12 extra days of waiting past your due date, getting my hair blown out, receiving all of our extended Boston & Maine family (who were so excited to meet you!) at our Hell’s Kitchen apartment and finally trekking uptown to the hospital on foot.

Yes, that happened.  Dada was not amused.

2013-04-30 19.45.46

7 lbs, 13 oz and 21.5 inches long, born on May 1, 2013…it was love at first sight.

2013-05-01 17.36.39

You were a sassy city girl from birth, happiest when we were out and about on one of our adventures in the Baby Bjorn, yet you hated your car seat.  You’re easygoing and adaptable– comfortable in a coat while visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Maine or in a swimsuit at the beach, thriving in the South Florida sunshine!

You had a vibrant personality from early on.  You have tons of honorary Aunts & Uncles and a big family (MorMor & Grandpa and your Godparents too!) who adores you.  And, you even have your own hashtag! #dailybabyavery 

You’re beautiful and smart and I am so lucky to be your Mommy.  I love you bubba.

Cheers to many more special birthdays like this one!



In honor of #dailybabyavery’s 1st Birthday, we had a very special “Cake Smash” photo shoot last weekend with South Florida’s Dawn Renee Photography.

Dawn was fantastic with Avery!  She got down on her hands and knees in the dirt and sand and brought fantastic props.  It is not easy photographing a squirmy child!  Especially one who is hot and covered in icing…

Avery didn’t quite “smash” the gorgeous cake from The Yellow Rose Cakery as she did tentatively touch the butter-cream icing and then get upset when her hands got sticky.  Such a little girl.

Oh well– you can’t predict how these things will go!  Regardless, it was a lot of fun and I’m so happy to have these memories.

Here are her BEAUTIFUL photos from that special day!

Disclaimer: the photography session and cake mentioned in this post were sponsored.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

MOMpreneur Monday: Organic Movements

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Happy Monday Modern Boca Moms! Welcome to our next installment of MOMpreneur Monday, highlighting Florida businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas.


Today’s featured Mompreneur is the founder and owner of the Boca dance studio and private events venue Organic MovementsCourtney Mullen Francisco!

Courtney opened Organic Movements in Boca Raton in June of 2013.  After a professional dance career spanning more than two decades, she wanted to give back and create a caring center for quality dance education where students of all ages could develop confidence in themselves and their art in a natural, nurturing and supportive environment.

Boca dance studio

Courtney’s love affair with dance began when she was 7, working in musical theater at local theaters like Jan McArt’s Royal Palm Dinner Theater, the Delray Beach Playhouse and Lake Worth Playhouse.  Through her theater experience and music training she was introduced to dance, and eventually ballet, where she fell in love!  From that point on, Courtney focused solely on dance, learning everything she could from the leading artists and teachers of today throughout the nation.

Now as a teacher and Mom to a beautiful daughter, Courtney’s desire to open a school of her own was solidified.  It took nearly a year to find the ideal location and almost that time to actually bring everything together to open.

“I was juggling teaching, a full-time job and being a new mommy.  It was definitely an exercise in perseverance, but every bit worth it!  We opened our [Organic Movements] doors officially on June 1, 2013 and it has been the most amazing, rewarding, and fulfilling experience every day since,” says Courtney.

Boca dance studio

What makes Organic Movements unique?

“I think there are a few aspects that make us unique. We are not a competition studio; we are a classical conservatory style school which focuses on teaching and instilling a proper and technically sound foundation of and love for dance in each of our students, regardless of age.  We focus on learning to dance, rather than a dance,” explained Courtney.

Organic Movements also offers several dance, music and fitness opportunities for parents and adults that they can fit into their busy schedules! Amen!

There are classes that are offered concurrently with your child’s classes, classes MBMoms (MBAunts, MBGrandmoms!) can take WITH their babies/toddlers, as well as classes offered at multiple times and days throughout the week so that they can always fit something in…including NEW FXP Hoop Fitness (Tuesdays at 5:45PM) and my personal favorite Pound- Rockout Workout! (Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6:30PM).

Boca dance studio

I should probably explain what this great workout is all about…

Pound! is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics, and Isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Participants burn between 600 and 900 calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum their way to a leaner, slimmer physique—all while rocking out to their favorite music!

It’s really fun, but prepare for some muscle soreness the next day or so.  So fun!  So sore!

Boca dance studio

Coming up at OM…

On August 22nd, they will be hosting their 3rd Annual Charity Gala benefiting SOS Children’s Villages of South Florida, a local foster home community that houses up to 75 sibling sets who would otherwise be separated in the foster care system.  More information and tickets will be available on their website beginning in May.

I think this Organic Movements’ mantra is fantastic. Teaching children, having fun through dance/exercise AND giving back through business? I support this wholeheartedly.

Last, I always ask what you LOVE about living and having a business in South Florida?

Courtney answered, “both my husband and I were lucky enough to have been born and raised right here in South Florida—natives!  Our daughter was born and is growing up here as well.  There are so many things I live and love about South Florida—the heat(!), the  arts & culture opportunities from dance to theater, green markets and fairs, the melting pot of transient and transplant people bringing their own life and love to our area, the heat, beach, and most of all, people!  People in South Florida are creative, vivacious, artistic and passionate!  Also, did I mention I’m a big fan of the warm weather?”

Modern Boca Mom feels the same way…well, maybe not during the month of August…but most of the time!

To learn more about Organic Movements, click here: www.organicmovements.com

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Pure…BLISS. All About Pure Barre Boca Raton

Until I took Pure Barre classes Boca Raton, I thought that the only “tuck” that this Modern Boca Mom would ever get would be surgical.  Eventually (wink, wink).

Little did I know that the word would enter my regular vocabulary under a completely different meaning.  Ballet fitness!

Pure Barre classes Boca Raton

And now, there are two  Pure Barre fitness locations easily accessible to both East Boca (in Royal Palm Place) and West Boca residents alike. Pure Barre West Boca, is located at 9834 Glades Road (at 441 in the Home Depot plaza) and is one of 200 studios nationwide.  Yes, it’s also a fitness staple in New York City.

Pure Barre classes Boca Raton

Pure Barre West Boca

Pure Barre classes Boca Raton

Pure Barre East Boca

According to the PB website, in just 55 minutes you will achieve a full-body workout concentrating on the areas women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms. All the Pure Barre technique classes involve low-impact, protecting your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping and each strength section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long, lean muscles without bulk. The technique works to defy gravity by tapering everything in and lifting it up!

See?  Tuck!

Pure Barre classes Boca Raton

Classes should be taken wearing comfortable clothes and I highly recommend purchasing “sticky socks,” so you can easily grip the floor during class.  I LOVE mine!

  Pure Barre classes Boca Raton

Because movements in all Pure Barre classes in Boca Raton are controlled and deliberate, they don’t involve dancing.  I had no idea that such tiny exercises (standing on my tip toes no less) would cause so much blissful muscle soreness the next day.

Pure Barre classes Boca Raton

Single Pure Barre classes in Boca Raton cost $23 each and package pricing is available. PB West Boca is offering a new client special: 1 month of unlimited classes for $99.  To register, click HERE.

Disclosure: MBMom was given an assortment of Pure Barre branded merchandise from the West Boca location.  As always, opinions and reviews are my own.

Sunny with a Chance of Cloud 10

When I was in early labor with #dailybabyavery in NYC, I had a unique moment of beauty clarity.  I decided to walk over to the nearest blow dry bar to get my hair done, so I wouldn’t have to worry about turning into a grease ball during my hospital stay. Granted, that was the least of my worries when it came to my childbirth experience, but don’t judge!  There are a lot of photos taken of you with that new baby…so why not start at a Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar?

So there I was, having (mostly mild) contractions while being reassured by the stylist that I was NOT the first Manhattan mommy-to-be to do this, getting my hair blown out (my nails were already done, obviously) and thinking to myself that this would be one of the last times I’d get to enjoy this convenient city luxury.

I’m happy to report I was wrong.

My (and soon to be your) new South Florida blow dry fix?  Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar & Hair Salon

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar & Hair Salon (with locations in both downtown Delray Beach and Boca Raton) was founded by Jodi Dery, who has an extensive background in providing spa services, most recently at the world renowned Boca Raton Resort’s Spa Palazzo.  Before launching the first Cloud 10 in Delray, she visited more than 30 blow dry bars throughout the U.S. and then selected the ‘best of the best’ in products, services and ambiance for Cloud 10.

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

These chairs reclined and had massage settings.  HEAVEN!

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

The adorable waiting area at Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

Modern Boca Mom was invited to experience a blowout and the “5-Minute Makeover” at the downtown Boca location and I can’t tell you how perfect it is for the time crunched mommy.

$40, 45 minutes or less, and your hair is DONE for a formal or business location (PLUS complimentary wine or champagne!).

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

My view during the blowout at Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

My other view: digital hairstyle & makeup menus. You can also read magazines!

Then, for $15 and 5 minutes of your time (with or without a blowout), you’ve got your basic makeup look.  I would recommend arriving with your foundation on for this speedy service.  And, did I mention the complimentary champagne??  You know how I feel about the bubbly!

Mommies- they even take walk-ins if you forget or don’t have time to make an appointment.  Just beware of the weekends which tend to get busy.

If you hair needs even more help, Cloud 10 has recently expanded to offer a full array of hair services, including cuts, color, extensions, and more.  They also have a cool Rewards Program where customers can earn points for their first service, sharing reviews on social media, friend and family referrals, and more. Upon accumulating 1200 points, members receive complimentary blowouts or credit towards any other salon services.  Not bad!

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

Cloud 10 Hair + Makeup =

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar

The finished look!

Appointments can be made by calling 561-303-3000 (Delray location) or 561-465-3900 (Boca location) or reserving online at Cloud10USA.com.

Disclosure: MBMom was given a complimentary blowout and makeup application at the East Boca location.  As always, opinions and reviews are my own.

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