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Modern Boca Mom Advertising, Promotions & Events Client Testimonials:

I could not be happier with what you wrote. We will never have a better more credible review. So glad we were able to connect with you. Thank you so much. You are the best!

-Steve Mulder | Franchise Owner | Waxing the City

Our work with Michelle and the Modern Boca Mom network has been very instrumental for our client.  It’s been a wonderful partnership that has increased visibility for my client’s products and services as well as foot traffic in their showroom. Michelle is a pleasure to do business with and I look forward to growing our partnership through creative events and robust marketing strategies. 

-Teana McDonald | PR & Marketing Representative | California Closets  

I recently commissioned Michelle Olson-Rogers to highlight the Wyndham Hotel and Farmer’s Table restaurant in her wonderful blog, Modern Boca Mom.  I knew her readership was strong and devoted, and that we would get a lot of upside.  We want to position our property as “the” community hotel and restaurant and our promotion on MBM certainly contributed to an uptick in local visits and overall awareness in our community…and beyond!  Michelle visited the hotel and restaurant and skillfully and artfully wrote about us in six separate posts. She featured different parts of our property so that each unique aspect was covered fully.  What’s even better is the posts were shared and reached a much larger audience. Because of this we have had increased bookings of private parties in our event center. Michelle also brings visitors to our property —even long after our promotion ended.  Once you are in her camp, truly the promotion never ends!  And most importantly, Michelle is such an upbeat, positive person that it is a joy to have her part of our lives. 

-Susan Welsh | Marketing Director | Wyndham Hotel Boca Raton & Farmer’s Table

Because of our partnership with Modern Boca Mom and Michelle Olson-Rogers, we are regularly exposed to literally thousands of moms and families across the Southern Palm Beach community. Michelle is loyal to her clients and works hard to make the partnership mutually beneficial. Moms trust the brand and they trust Michelle; Modern Boca Mom is most certainly the best resource for families in our community.

-Haley Swartz | Former Director of Marketing & Communications | Grandview Preparatory School

Modern Boca Mom was a great way for us to showcase content from our business. Through Michelle’s insightful, quirky, and direct blog articles, we were able to target and reach thousands of potential clients for our business. It’s a great way to have someone else break down your key marketing points, and truly get the word out if you are looking to target millennials. We are big Modern Boca Mom fans! 

-Ashley Rudnick | VIP Director | Boca VIPediatrics 

It has been a pleasure to work with Michelle Olson-Rogers of Modern Boca Mom over the past year and a half. Modern Boca Mom has brought in many clients for Musikgarten by the Beach via social media and blog posts. During our events, “MBMom and Musikgarten Classes,” Michelle is always very organized and professional. All events run smoothly and I only have to worry about teaching the class. The classes sell out immediately as she has many followers and markets the class well. I HIGHLY recommend using Michelle, Modern Boca Mom, for your local business. 

-Diana Rush | Former Head Instructor | Musikgarten by the Beach

Advertising with Modern Boca Mom has been the singularly most successful marketing and advertising decision we have made. We had tried advertising with multiple other local and national online and print advertisers, but our return was negligible.

Michelle took the time to speak with us and to get to know us and our business, giving her the insight necessary to create and implement a successful campaign. Analysis of referrals upon registration has shown us that Modern Boca Mom has been tremendously successful in not only advertising our name to our target market, but sending us terrific clientele. She is professional, organized, and truly a pleasure to work with in every capacity.

We plan to continue this successful relationship with Modern Boca Mom, and highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to work with a local blogger for advertising. She truly has her hand on the pulse of the Boca Raton family community, and knows how to help her clients maximize their reach. We cannot recommend Modern Boca Mom, under her direction, highly enough.

-Courtney Mullen | Owner & Director | Organic Movements, Inc.

Working with Modern Boca Mom has proven to be the best marketing/advertising we could’ve chosen for KCC Sitter Source. Michelle is professional, welcoming and point blank, good at what she does! She knows how to reach our target market on a down to earth level that instantly makes potential clients comfortable and intrigued enough to make the initial contact phone call. We jumped on board with MBM from the get-go; as soon as we opened our doors we contacted Michelle eagerly wanting to work with her, and we are so pleased with the results and relationship that has been built, that a year later, Michelle is still our number one advertiser and modern boca mom!

-Meagan Killinger | Owner & Founder | KCC Sitter Source

Modern Boca Mom, was the perfect delivery method to reach our desired clientele of parents in the Boca Raton area. We are grateful for the opportunity to use this attentive, and focused service to launch our continually growing business.

-Alison Dytko | Owner & Founder | Shiny Hiney

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