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Handy Dental Hacks Parents Should Teach Their Kids

Who couldn’t use a good #momhack when it comes to their kids’ teeth? It turns out that the parents that Dr. Popper of Junior Smiles meets in his dental practice are a living database of wisdom and practical advice. They’ve been there, done that when it comes to handy dental hacks. Here’s some of what they’ve taught him about raising kids with excellent oral hygiene habits!

handy dental hacks
Junior Smiles’ Dr. Drew Popper

First, while it’s important that kids learn why we need to care for our teeth and gums, it’s not enough. Children have short time horizons. The risks of future harm don’t motivate them effectively. The key to handy dental hacks is making oral hygiene a part of who your child is, like eating, sleeping, drinking, and talking are.

The best way to make this happen is by personal example. Kids are wired to learn by imitation. Even before they have teeth, kids should come along for the ride when parents brush and floss.

I mean, they’re in the bathroom with you anyways, right?

Play is the natural gateway for reinforcing children’s dental hygiene behaviors. Brushing the teeth of their dolls or action figures, for example. As they get older, play can evolve to refine proper brushing and flossing technique. One mom sewed a set of “chattering teeth” into the mouth of a stuffed dinosaur toy. Her kids loved practicing on this surprisingly realistic model!

handy dental hacks

Let your kids choose their own toothbrushes from the colors and designs at the store. Toothpaste, too! If chocolate-flavored toothpaste is what works for your child, let it work. Lots of children are fascinated by electric toothbrushes so consider getting one into the game if it stimulates your child’s engagement.

MBMom Tip: Dr. Popper wants parents to note that kids’ gag reflexes are more sensitive than ours are. Mouth breathers face an additional challenge. Be aware, be patient.

handy dental hacks

Once the routine and the basic techniques are established, focus on timing. Most dentists agree that effective tooth brushing takes at least two minutes. Many adults don’t manage to get this right! And kids’ undeveloped sense of time means they need extra support to acquire this discipline.

  • Toddlers need direct supervision. As far as handy dental hacks for them, try singing your child’s favorite song for two minutes as they brush.
  • For older kids, many parents recommend recorded music to time the brushing process. YouTube is a rich source for two-minute brushing songs. And, naturally, there’s an app for that! An hourglass is another popular option.

Finally, tune your family’s lifestyle to promote oral hygiene.

  • Transition kids from the bottle to the cup as soon as you can.
  • Live a life free of sugary and carbonated beverages.
  • Enjoy healthy snacks and foods and teach your kids to slosh with water after eating when brushing isn’t an option.

In his experience, these handy dental hacks Dr. Popper has outlined here has most kids independently practicing great dental hygiene habits by around age 7!

That’s a #momwin!

handy dental hacks

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Have the Family ‘Day of a Lifetime’ at this Boca Raton Athletic Club & Spa

What if I told you there was a hidden gem in Boca where your family could focus on health, wellness and fun for the day…or EVERY day? Well, I’ve uncovered it and FYI–it happens to be a gorgeous Boca Raton athletic club: Life Time Boca Raton.

Whether you grab a day pass or become a member, I have some major intel to share on this recreational mecca in north central Boca just in time for the heat of summer!

Boca Raton athletic club

Not familiar with Life Time Boca Raton?

I wasn’t either– I didn’t even know where it was! So, I was thrilled to be invited to experience their facilities earlier this month. Life Time was built to be a home away from home for your Boca family. You can work out and play in spaces that were designed to move and inspire you. Then, you’re invited to take advantage of Life Time’s FREE childcare so you can relax in lounges and social areas. Or, you can play with your kids in the pool! Win/win!

Boca Raton athletic club
The Life Time Boca Raton Executive Locker Room
Life Time Kids Playground
Did you know that Life Time Boca Raton has a spa?

I didn’t. But the LifeSpa (and salon) is kind of the best concept ever. I can see it now– “Honey, I’m headed to the gym!” But instead, you really hit up the spa. LOL!

Boca Raton athletic club

I actually did both during my visit. I took a BarreFusion class and then followed that bad boy up with a massage. It was mom heaven. Oleg stretched and manipulated my jacked up muscles in ways I couldn’t even comprehend. And I swear that helped me to be less sore from class the next day. I need Oleg to move into my house ASAP BTW.

Boca Raton athletic club

There’s also a BONUS. Non-members are welcome to book services at the spa, too and can use the club on the day of as long as your treatment is $50 or more. And yes, that includes the free childcare. Time to treat yo-self mamas!

Boca Raton athletic club

This Boca Raton athletic club offers a family day pass!

Picture this- your family is bored…or you just need a freaking BREAK. Come and purchase a day pass to Life Time Boca Raton for only $35 and use the club facilities and childcare for the day! The pool alone is worth it. Trust me!

Plus they have a delicious LifeCafe that serves breakfast and lunch (I even spotted a couple of beers on tap- what what!). They serve healthy food options, smoothies and even have a pretty good-sized kids menu. Non-members can stop by to eat anytime.

Boca Raton athletic club

And they can host your child’s birthday party

Did you know you can book your child’s Boca birthday party at Life Time? I can just picture a Moana-themed bash in the pavilion by the pool…can’t you? You can find more info on Life Time birthday parties HERE.

Boca Raton athletic club

Plus so much more…

There is so much more that I could talk about, but I’m hoping Life Time Boca Raton wants to keep working with me- ha! So, sufficed to say…stay tuned for more on this amazing Boca Raton athletic club!

Boca Raton athletic club

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Happy 30th Shark Week! Princess Cruises Celebrates with ‘Summer of Shark’ Activities

Want to know a great way to spend a Saturday? Get invited as a media guest to celebrate all of the Princess Cruises Shark Week activities onboard a big cruise ship! Want to know a not-so-great way to end that Saturday? That moment you have to get off the ship before it sails off to its first port, LOL. I was totally Googling Princess Cruises prices on the car ride home that day. Sad. Anyways…the reason I’m writing this post is to let you know that Shark Week is turning 30. YES 30! Can you believe? And there are major celebrations in the works!

Princess Cruises Shark Week

If you’re not familiar, each year Shark Week takes viewers on a week-long journey to the depths of the sea to uncover the secrets of the ocean’s top creature. Airing around the globe, Shark Week is a pop culture phenomenon that thrills fans of all ages with dynamic programming around these often-misunderstood sea creatures.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, Princess Cruises has transformed Shark Week into a full season, with its first-ever “Summer of Shark” onboard the Caribbean Princess for its summer sailings in the Caribbean.

Princess Cruises Shark Week

This past weekend, Princess Cruises, in partnership with Discovery, Inc., invited us to the official launch of its “Summer of Shark” activities plus the unveiling of artist Phillip Colbert-designed shark decal on the starboard surface of the Caribbean Princess. It is a cool design!

Princess Cruises Shark Week

Princess Cruises Shark Week

As part of the Discovery at SEA program, Caribbean Princess will be the one ship in the fleet that will be celebrating sharks all summer. She will have specialty themed designed public spaces including elevators, restaurants and casino tables. Additionally, select sailings in Alaska and the United Kingdom will have Shark Week rolling out starting July 7. Guests onboard all ships will also get to view programming from Shark Week 2018 including ”Great White Abyss,” available exclusively on Princess Cruises in June, in advance of it airing on the Discovery Channel during Shark Week, which begins July 22.

Princess Cruises Shark Week Activities for Families

As for the family activities, kids and teens aboard these sailings will have shark-themed fun in the newly redesigned Camp Discovery teen and youth centers. Children ages 3 – 17 can turn into their favorite type of shark with glitter tattoos and shark face painting (check out Avery’s art below!). Or, they can create arts and crafts to take home, including shark teeth jewelry and shark clay models. Avery loves the ones she made onboard!

Princess Cruises Shark Week

Princess Cruises Shark Week

Adults can get into the spirit with specialty cocktails that have been carefully curated onboard including a Shark Attack Margarita and the tropical Great Blue Shark. I might have indulged in one or two at lunch. 😉

Princess Cruises Shark Week

Beyond the Princess Cruises Shark Week theme, those looking to have their very own Shark Week experiences can book the ultimate adrenaline rush with Animal Planet Exclusive and Recommended excursions such as the Princess Exclusive Great White Shark Diving Encounter in Honolulu or Whale Shark Encounter in La Paz, Mexico. No big deal.

Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel agent, by calling 1-800-PRINCESS (1-800-774-6237), or by visiting the company’s website at

I also urge you to check out some of the other fun Shark Week partnerships they’ve arranged for their 30th like Build-A-Bear Workshop, Swedish Fish and Vineyard Vines!

Summer Reading ROCKS at the Boca Raton Public Library

As parents, we all know how important summer learning is. There will be no “summer slide” in my house! Luckily, Boca Raton dad and Mayor, Scott Singer, agrees. He recently issued a proclamation declaring that June 4 through August 10 will be designated as Summer Reading for 2018! This year’s theme, “Libraries Rock!,” encourages residents of all ages to “rock out and read!” Residents are also welcome to participate in the over 100 programs and classes for all ages at the Boca Raton Public Library (BRPL). I can definitely appreciate some free summer fun!

Boca Raton Public Library Summer Reading

Public libraries like BRPL play a critical role in providing a bridge for education and academic skills for students over the summer months. This is to help prevent the “summer slide,” during which students may lose educational achievements made over the previous school year. To combat this, the Boca Raton Public Library is presenting an exciting summer of educational initiatives!

The Boca Raton Public Library is a place of learning and discovery for residents of all ages. Adults are also encouraged to participate in Summer Reading to set a good example for their Boca kids. Reading helps adults improve memory, learn new things and enhance well being. We can all use that, right?

Boca Raton Public Library Summer Reading

The Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library, through a recent donation, will also provide “Libraries Rock!” book bags for registered summer reading participants. There will also be prizes for participating children, ‘tweens and teens. Library staff will also wear themed Summer Reading shirts this summer thanks to the Friends’ donation.

Get your kids signed up today, Boca moms! We all need something to do when it’s raining outside, right?

Sign up for 2018 Summer Reading through the Boca Raton Public Library website at or visit the Downtown or Spanish River Library.