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ICE! ICE! Baby! Christmas at Gaylord Palms in Orlando

Snow may not be coming to Boca Raton anytime soon (or ever), but you can make a 2.5 hour trip up to Orlando to experience the cold (and I mean freezing!!!) weather in a whole new way at ICE! at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Kissimmee, FL. 


Christmas at Gaylord Palms is an experience I had been hearing about for years from local friends and influencers and I knew my family and I had to finally go see it for ourselves.

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I paid for my family and I to experience everything in the below blog post with the exception of Brightline, which was hosted for us round-trip.

Christmas at Gaylord Palms in Orlando

How to Get There

We took the Brightine for the first time on its train route from Boca Raton to Orlando and it was a PLEASURE to not have to drive on the Florida Turnpike for once! Not only does Brightline offer a smooth, stress-free journey but it also comes with some amazing deals for us parents.


Kids always ride at 50% off, and babies under 24 months travel for free!

We loved the new Orlando station. It’s conveniently located at MCO where you can get connecting shuttles to popular destinations or take a rideshare service like we did to our final stop. Traveling with kids has never been this easy or stylish, if you ask me…

Where to Stay

Since it was our first time experiencing Christmas at Gaylord Palms, we decided to stay on property for the incredible light shows in the atrium and water park. But here’s a secret: you don’t actually need to stay there to enjoy ICE! You can save yourself a ton of money by staying at a nearby Orlando hotel or Airbnb and simply driving or taking a rideshare to the Convention Center for the event.


The atrium-view rooms cost close to $1K during the first weekend of fall break (when we visited), but they do offer the best views of the shows and lights.

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

What to Do During Christmas at Gaylord Palms

ICE! featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas” 2023

Christmas at Gaylord Palms OrlandoChristmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

This is what we came for! This incredible 9 degree temperature attraction brings to life the beloved TV special “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in stunning sculptures.


You’ll witness the artistry of over 2 million pounds of ice, meticulously hand-carved to create your favorite scenes. 

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

Zip down massive slides of pure ice, journey through captivating ice tunnels, and immerse yourself in vibrant scenes featuring beloved Peanuts characters at Christmas at Gaylord Palms.


This extraordinary 20,000-square-foot frozen attraction is brought to life by over 40 talented artisans who painstakingly hand-carve 6,700 blocks of ice, each weighing a staggering 300 pounds. It is unreal.

Christmas at Gaylord Palms OrlandoChristmas at Gaylord Palms OrlandoChristmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

We especially loved the Nativity scene at the end. Wow.

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

When you book your tickets, you’ll choose a time slot which was very helpful to keep crowds to a minimum. The rest of the activities at Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando below were all open times. 


MBMom Tip: Wear several warm layers, especially if you have little kids who get cold easily. I also highly recommend bringing a winter hat, warm shoes and gloves with touchscreen fingers (affiliate link) if you want to take photos and video with your phone. 


Snow Factory

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

Snow Flow Mountain (Ice Tubing)

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

Feel the rush of Christmas at Gaylord Palms as you glide down icy lanes on a tube on Snow Flow Mountain. Compete against family and friends to be the first one to cross the finish line! With your ticket, you can enjoy unlimited tubing on the day of your visit. The kids couldn’t get enough of this. 

Snowball Build & Blast

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

Real snowballs in Florida? With a touch of Christmas at Gaylord Palms magic, you get to play with a tub of real snow! You can build and hurl snowballs to help the snowmaking machines do their job even better.


Aim for the targets and watch those snowballs soar through the air! Frosty fun, indeed. My nephew especially loved tossing them into the tubes.


#LIT Light Show (in the Atrium)

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

Immerse yourself in the magical evening glow of a (free) Gaylord Palms light and music show. It’s a joyful celebration that transforms tree decorating into a mesmerizing spectacle. Witness thousands of lights dancing in perfect harmony, creating a truly unforgettable light show experience in the enchanting atrium of the resort.

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

MBMom Tip: If you don’t have an atrium room view, climb to the top of the Castillo de San Marcos for a great #LIT Light Show viewing spot! Bring a glass of wine from your room for bonus points. 


Cirque: Spirit of Christmas Show

A ticketed show if you don’t have a room overlooking the stage, this Cirque-styled extravaganza will leave you in awe with its breathtaking acrobatics, jaw-dropping displays of flexibility, and gravity-defying stunts. Apparently I only took videos of the show, no photos. Sorry about that.


But it’s not just a dazzling spectacle. It’s actually a heartwarming story about a child named Noel who has lost her holiday spirit. Join her on a magical journey as she encounters spirits that show her the true meaning of Christmas in a series of energetic and dreamlike chapters. This Broadway-style show aims to ignite your love for the holiday season once again.


Merry Snoopy Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas at Gaylord Palms Orlando

You and your family can join Snoopy on an exciting adventure to find the most festive decorations for his legendary doghouse! It’s a lot of walking–fair warning!


In the hunt, you’ll explore the Gaylord Palms’ expansive 4.5-acre garden atrium as you follow clues and search high and low for dazzling decor. Complete the quest and be rewarded with a special seasonal souvenir back in the Convention Center.


Was Christmas at Gaylord Palms Worth It?

The activities definitely were! So unique–ICE! literally blew my mind; it was so beautifully done. A work of art! One of my friends from the northeast even texted me that he thinks we do more winter activities in Florida than they do in Boston! It’s probably true due to the novelty…

However, staying at the Resort was a bit overrated in my opinion. The room and food options were really pricey. I even ordered DoorDash pizza to the hotel one afternoon because it was all the kids wanted and I couldn’t find it anywhere. But, it was fun to do it once and it was nice not to have to leave the expansive property for the weekend, especially since we took the Brightline to Orlando. 

It was a lot of fun though overall and a great way to kick off the holiday season! 8/10 recommend!

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