3 REAL New Year’s Goals Every Boca Mom Should Set for Herself

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It’s a new year, so only natural I guess that women in droves are setting BHAGS. You’ve heard the term, right: big, hairy, audacious GOALS? Huge goals have always seemed intimidating to me, honestly. I’m an ambitious person by nature, but have found way more success by starting small and growing my goals step by step. And they usually run the gamut each year– family, work and personal growth. Let’s just call them my Boca mom goals!

Once I started writing them all down for this year, I realized so many are easily applicable to my fellow local mommies. If you’ve struggled to find your “word” for the year or decide what to strive for during this challenging season of life (with young-ish kids), then this post is for you!

3 REAL Boca Mom Goals to Work Towards this Year

Goal #1: Fitness (just try!)

I know, I know. It’s one of the more stereotypical Boca mom New Year’s goals, right? But us moms need energy. And aside from eating right (which I’ll get to in a minute), we need to try to exercise.

Whether your version of fitness means strolling at a fast pace through Town Center at Boca Raton. Or, teaching a high powered Pound. Rockout. Workout class like me. Get your workout —-> IN.

Looking good in a one-piece swimsuit is certainly a benefit, but without energy and your good health, you (and your family) have nothing. Put it at the top of your list for the year.

Goal #2: Easy, Healthy Eats
Boca Mom Goals
170 calories, 13 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per bowl

Your mother (per usual) was right: breakfast is still the most important meal of the day! That’s why I’m so glad Healthy Choice launched four morning Power Bowls just in time for the New Year!

Having a protein breakfast changes your productivity GAME as a mom. Each flavorful recipe includes purposeful ingredients for a well-balanced meal of leafy greens, proteins, ancient grains and steel cut oats. And it all comes in one easy bowl.

This Unwrapped Burrito Scramble with spicy tomatillo sauce is particularly delicious with turkey sausage, egg whites, black beans and vegetables served on top of steel cut oats, farro, buckwheat and red quinoa. Not to mention the nutritious benefits of 10-15 grams of protein and 3-5 grams of fiber. Yes, us Boca moms are at the age where we need these things now! 😉

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult either (have you met my friend, the microwave?) or bad for the environment. Each ingredient matters in Healthy Choice Power Bowls– including the bowl itself! The serving bowls are made from a plant-based fiber that is recyclable. Love it!

Goal #3: Rest and “Me Time”

“Me time” can mean a whole lot of different things these days. Sure, it can still imply a spa day or a glorious nap of course. But, it can also be taking the time for that workout, writing in your wellness journal (yes, I have one- it helps!) or even making yourself a healthy lunch.

You can see where I’m going, right?

Healthy Choice also now makes vegan and vegetarian Power Bowls with bold and exotic flavor combinations, perfect for lunch or dinner!

Boca Mom Goals
470 calories, 16 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber per bowl

It turns out that a veggie bowl can be super satisfying. I was skeptical too. But with 10-16 grams of protein and 7-16 grams of fiber, I guess it would have to be!

The Healthy Choice White Bean & Feta Salad that I tried was perfectly dressed with red wine vinaigrette. I thought the combination of white kidney beans, kale, chard and spinach served on top of brown and red rice, red quinoa and black barley was really unique. I especially dug the feta cheese, dried cranberries and roasted pepitas on top. And it was cooked in the microwave in less than 4 minutes!

All of their bowls have a base mixture of whole grains like red quinoa and whole grain barley, leafy greens like kale, chard and spinach and proteins. You know I’m not buying these ingredients on my own, so I’m grateful to have easy access to them through a healthy buddha bowl!

Cheers to the New Year…

As much as I want to dive into discussing my family and business Boca mom goals for the New Year, I’ll have to save them for another post! I’m taking care of my health and diet first and am confident the rest of my goals will follow suit. Here’s a to a great year, mamas!

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