Which Boca Mom Stereotype are You?

As a New York City turned South Florida Mommy, I realized after a short time that there are MANY a different Boca Mom Stereotype out there.

You’re as shocked as I was, I’m sure.

There are truly amazing moms in our fair city. I mean, I personally work with so many fantastic Modern Boca Moms. Tons of voices. Cool chicks. In fact, several even collaborated with me on this post!

Buuuuuuttttt…you always meet a few interesting and funny stereotypes along the way. 😉 This is Boca Raton after all.

Have a laugh on me today MBMoms…

Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com

  1. The FREE Mom: This is the Boca mom stereotype who refuses, on principle, to take her children to any activity that’s not complimentary. I get it- money doesn’t grow on trees! And Boca has amazing parks and libraries funded by our tax dollars (we are spoiled). But…maybe spending $5-$10 on an art or music class every once in awhile is a good investment in your child’s educational development (and that teacher who’s taking off time on the weekends to entertain or teach your kid)? I have to admit that you can teach your child a lot of things for free nowadays thanks to the internet. Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com

  2. The Starbucks Mom: It’s either coffee or wine time (all of the time) for this Boca Mom stereotype! Starbucks by day. Mizner Park Happy Hours by night (or late afternoon). She’s lives for anything iced with a green straw.Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com

  3. The Seasonal Mom: Year-round Boca Moms primarily meet the Seasonal Mom stereotype between the months of January and April. These are the moms visiting their parents (aka the #modernbocagrandparents) in East Boca. They join multiple classes and playgroups, never to be seen again after the temperature rises above 82.Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com

  4. The Commuter Mom: This is the mom who doesn’t live in Boca…but comes to town to take advantage of the best children’s programming our town has to offer! She drives an SUV (hybrid) or minivan and is easily angered by the “FREE Mom” because Boca classes and amenities are “the best in South Florida.”Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com

  5. The Lululemon Mom: Workout clothes are this Boca Mom stereotype wardrobe staple…in fact, they seem to be all that’s in her wardrobe. Lululemon is the label of choice, of course. Starbucks Mom wonders why she never gets sweaty. Does Lululemon Mom go to the gym or not? (Spoiler: Not.)Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com

  6. The FOMO Mom: aka the “Fear of Missing Out” Mom is the one who pops up at every Mommy & Me and Little Gym class, birthday party and playgroup. She is EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. She’s a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t stay at home. Commuter Mom has no idea how she can drive all over the city (and county) of Boca Raton and still make it home in time to whip up organic snacks for the next days’s activities plus a family dinner served promptly at 6PM.

    Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com
  7. The Town Center Mom: “Because the mall is kinda like a park, right?” Plus, the kids won’t get a sunburn or heat exhaustion according to this Boca Mom stereotype. The Town Center Mom shops every sale (it’s a math lesson, really) stashing her finds in her designer stroller. Her BFF’s tend to be the Starbucks and Seasonal Moms.Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com

  8. The Green Mom: Cloth diapers, breastfeeding (til their Boca kid is 3) and essential oils are at the top of the proper parenting list for this Boca mom stereotype. Television (for the kids) and non-organic food (for the family) is forbidden. She spends her weekends at Bedner’s and The Girls and enjoys countless conversations over (organic) coffee about attachment parenting with FOMO Mom.

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Boca Mom stereotype - ModernBocaMom.com

Which Boca Mom stereotype have you encountered lately? Or is there a funny one that MBMom missed? Comment below!

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