How to Save $$$ at the Farmers Market

When it comes to saving at the farmer’s market, you don’t typically picture this…

The smell of fresh produce hitting your nose as soon as you walk through the double doors…

Narrow aisles with quaint carts for your fresh baked bread and fancy cheese…

Vegetables stacked as high as the eye can see…

A hot bar with fresh soups, salads, meatballs and more…

Surely we’re in a specialty grocer in New York City like D’Agostino’s, perhaps Dean & DeLuca?

Saving at the farmer's market


Welcome to The Boys Farmers Market!

Where the parking is hazardous, the customers are all retired NY transplants in a hurry to get absolutely nowhere fast, and the prices are unbeatable!

Located on Military Trail just north of Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, this old fashioned market has stolen this New Yorker’s heart.

Saving at the Farmer’s Market: The Boys

When I first heard of The Boys Farmers Market two years ago, I had been warned: “Make sure you leave the kids at home and bring your steel toe boots!”

Of course I didn’t listen; I showed up doe eyed and bushy tailed in flip flops with a nine month-old in my baby carrier, and a two year old in the cart. (These carts were built for hobbits, I’m sure of it.) 

I quickly learned my lesson.

saving at the farmer's market

Now I go in the morning when I can leave the kids with my hubby and shop in “peace”. (By peace I mean racing through the store like a bat out of hell to the sections I have now memorized to pick up what I already know I need and make it out the door in under thirty minutes unscathed…)

As soon as you walk up to the entry, there is this great little stand on the right with discounted bagged fruits and veggies, all ripe and ready to be eaten (usually that day or the next). If you’re lucky even some organic, all marked down to $1!

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They have a lovely bakery with fresh baked bread– finally a place in South Florida that sells Semolina!

Next to the bakery is a pretty impressive cheese shop with both imported and domestic cheeses. I was impressed at the staff’s knowledge of the different cheese and wine pairings. This is now my go-to for any party cheese for sure!

I start at the back of the store; that’s where are the organic produce is kept…

“Nobody puts Organic in the corner…” (couldn’t help myself!)

saving at the farmer's market

This section has certainly grown over the past couple of years; fingers crossed it keeps going! They even have a freezer section with some dairy products.

Here is where I make sure to pick up “The Dirty Dozen”, this is a group of fruits and vegetables that have tested high in pesticides that you want to be sure you buy organic. In a perfect world, EVERYTHING would be available in the organic section. But when it isn’t, I shop “The Clean Fifteen” in the locally grown section.

Maneuvering throughout can be tricky when saving at the farmer’s market– be prepared for the occasional traffic jam!

saving at the farmer's market
Well worth it for the awesome deals and fresh fruit!

Among all of this organized chaos is also a seafood market, a full service deli and a butcher’s corner with fresh cut meats. (There’s even all-natural antibiotic free range chicken available!)

Once you are done picking all of your organic fresh and locally grown produce, it’s time to cash out! This process is another whirlwind experience of its own…

saving at the farmer's market
If you’re looking for pre-cut fresh fruit, they’ve got you covered!

There are about a dozen well hidden cashiers waiting to cash you out one at a time… “I said ONE AT A TIME PEOPLE!”

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The Boys Farmers Market prices are unbeatable!

I usually walk out with a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies for way under $100 after saving at the farmer’s market! That’s unheard of when you’re buying all organic! I know in my experience before finding The Boys, I’ve spent upwards of $200 for the same food at other pricey high-end supermarkets (who shall remain nameless) for what should cost me $50!

All in all, the drive to Delray is fairly quick. The crowded cramped quarters with rude people bumping into you with their carts reminds me of home sweet home (NYC). And, the savings for this mama makes this shopping experience totally worthwhile.

Except for the day before Thanksgiving, with two children, by yourself… I’ll never do that again!

Essentially Yours,

Modern Boca Crunchy Mom

You can check out The Boys Farmers Market: Mon – Sat from 8:30AM-5:30PM and Sundays from 9AM-5PM, or visit them on the web at