How to Visit NYC with a Toddler in Tow

MBMom spent a portion of her summer outside of the Boca Raton area a few years ago when my family and I packed up and drove (yes,  DROVE) to Freeport, Maine for a few weeks to cool off and see my in-laws. We decided to visit NYC with a toddler (our former home) on our way back home to South Florida.

When it comes to traveling with a mobile little one around a place like the Big Apple, it certainly can’t hurt to have some MBMtravel tips in your back pocket! Here are ours…

How to Visit NYC with a Toddler in Tow- Top 5 Tips:

1. Visit NYC with a toddler during the SUMMER

We South Floridians are just not built for the winter and I say that as a former New Yorker (I’m done with you forever Old Man Winter!). We visited NYC in December when Avery was really little and portable.

How to visit NYC with a Toddler

Now that she’s 25+ pounds and running around, I do not want to make a visit to NYC with a toddler in a winter coat while sweating in my own cold weather gear myself.  No thanks.  Summer weather in NYC is perfect for the touristy experience, so I highly recommend visiting between May-October!

Plus, you might get a day in Central Park like this…

How to visit NYC with a Toddler

If it happens to be rainy or a little too cool out, you can visit NYC with a toddler by experiencing the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and NEW One World Observatory. I highly recommend doing both if you can manage it (although it is a bit pricey).

Even though the museum is emotional, it’s extremely well curated and respectful to the victims of that tragic day.

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 How to visit NYC with a Toddler

They even have a special brochure about how to explain the museum and 9/11 to your children.

How to visit NYC with a Toddler

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How to visit NYC with a Toddler



As for One World Observatory, at $32 a pop for an adult ticket, you might only be able to choose one option or another. However, children 5 and under are complimentary. A rare freebie in New York City!

2016-02-26 14.05.38

 #modernbocadad and I traveled to “the top of the world” during our recent visit (2/16) to the Big Apple and were blown away by the views and interactive experiences in and leading up to your time on the (indoor) viewing deck. Even the elevator ride up was impressive.

2016-02-26 13.50.15

2016-02-26 13.35.34

2016-02-26 14.02.19

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Bonus points if you get a clear day. We could see clear to the Atlantic Ocean! More info on One World Observatory: HERE

2. Bring a solid, lightweight stroller

I purchased the Joovy Groove Ultralight stroller before our trip (after MUCH online and in-person research) and have to say, it handled the New York City streets beautifully.

The reason I chose it was because 1) it reclines fully for naps on the go:

How to visit NYC with a Toddler

And 2) the basket is big and easily accessible. I can’t tell you how many “umbrella” strollers I tried out where the basket was basically null. I need a place to stash my diaper bag and other supplies- especially in the city when your stroller basically acts as your car.

It’s also super lightweight (under 13 lbs!) and has a strap, so you can carry it up or down the subway stairs in a pinch.

How to visit NYC with a Toddler

3. Pack those snacks…

I don’t have to tell veteran moms that snacks and water bottles are key when out and about in the city and everything costs a fortune.

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Pack a small cooler or your diaper bag with easy-to-eat, healthy snacks while you’re on the go.

2014-08-16 23.14.39-1

4. Enlist friends

I’ll admit it. I almost had a nervous breakdown in the middle of a grocery store while trying to maneuver my stroller and picnic supplies, while surrounded by tons of speedy and impatient Manhattanites (aka me from 2005-2013).

I didn’t know where anything was and it was hot and stuffy and #dailybocaavery was about to melt down. Thank goodness for local friends who helped get me out of the store and into the safety and space of Central Park in the span of 20 minutes.

How to visit NYC with a Toddler
Don’t worry…the wine was just for show! 🙂

How to visit NYC with a Toddler

How to visit NYC with a Toddler

We love and miss our NYC friends…and their childcare assistance. 🙂

5. Take some adult time if you can

#modernbocadad and I took turns each night of our trip and I got to have Saturday evening to myself with the girls. We visited the sculpture garden on the rooftop of the Met and had dinner and drinks out on the town.

2014-08-16 19.02.03

That child-free space allowed me to breathe stress-free for a few hours and really enjoy my time in the Big Apple while #dailybocaavery was safely nestled in our hotel room.

Until next time NYC!

What tips do you have for traveling in a big city with a toddler or young children? Comment below!