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How to Savor Spring Evenings in Boca Raton with Your Family

Longer days and lighter evenings are here, which means it’s time to move those dinners outdoors!  With the recent ‘spring forward’, we gained an extra hour of daylight in the evenings…even though it was a brutal week getting used to that time change. Here are some ways to make the most of springtime with your family PLUS a great deal for MBM readers to help celebrate the minted 9 year Anniversary!

  1. Backyard BBQ’s

Spend less time in the kitchen and take the cooking out back! One of the things I love about grilling is that I can hand off dinner to my husband and let him handle the main course! Whether it be as simple as hot dog and hamburgers, or gourmet salmon with grilled veggies, the options are endless. Keep the kids entertained with easy backyard games like cornhole or kickball.

  1. Sundowners at the Beach

The beach isn’t just for mornings or afternoons. Head over there with your family before sunset for a “Sundowner”. The kids can run around and play in the ocean or sand, while mom and dad enjoy some time together outdoors. Invite other families and pack some Naked Wines and cheese to make an event out of it!

  1. Picnic at the Playground

Pack up your dinner and take it to the park! Choose foods that are easy to set out and fuss free to eat such as pasta salad or sandwiches. Your kids will love the extra play time, and you’ll love tiring them out before bed!

Sugar Sand Park Science Playground Opening

  1. Refresh Your Living Room Look | minted 9 Year Anniversary

2017 marks an important milestone for our friends at minted – their 9 year anniversary online! To celebrate, they are running a special art and wedding promotion for customers through April 3 (2017). The minted 9 year Anniversary Event has some amazing, fresh options for spring…and they’re all on sale!

Think about it– when was the last time you changed up the art in your living room? 

minted 9 Year Anniversary

Minted’s Anniversary Event is a great opportunity to get a deep discount on Minted Fine Art in particular, which they rarely offer at anything other than full price. This spring, refresh a creative space in your home or start building out that gallery wall! 

minted 9 Year Anniversary

Don’t wait until the summer heat pushes you back indoors – take advantage of every extra minute this beautiful spring time has to offer!

Contributor Leigh Botha only recently joined the “Mom Club” this past August (2016) when daughter Cora was born! A graduate from the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management, she has always had a passion for hospitality and entertaining. Leigh is currently a Special Events Designer for Boca By Design at the Boca Raton Resort & Club which she loves because it allows her to use her creativity to bring her clients’ visions to life. 

Juggling a career and a family can be difficult, but she tries to make time for other things that are important to her such as running (some) mornings at 5am with the Boca/Deerfield Chapter of MRRT (Moms RUN this Town) and planning the social events for her sorority’s local alumni chapter. Leigh is especially excited for all the new events she will get to host for her family and friends now that she is a mom and the memories they will all have to cherish thereafter! 

The Hottest Boca Raton Neighborhoods of 2017

Boca Raton is HOT! Like, really, really (real estate) hot. Redfin just released its predictions for the hottest neighborhoods (including the hottest Boca Raton neighborhoods) to look for in 2017. I’m proud to say Boca took ALL 3 SPOTS in the West Palm Beach category.

hottest Boca Raton neighborhoods

To rank the neighborhoods that are heating up the most, the brokerage analyzed hundreds of millions of page views to Redfin.com and homes that users favorited to monitor for price and status changes. The analysis also takes into account insights from local Redfin real estate agents who specialize in Boca Raton neighborhoods.

You can view the full report by clicking HERE.

hottest Boca Raton neighborhoods

hottest Boca Raton neighborhoods

Drumroll please…

The Hottest Boca Raton Neighborhoods are:
  1. Hidden Valley
  2. Boca Raton Square
  3. Boca Greens

hottest Boca Raton neighborhoods

What do you think MBMoms? Do you agree with Redfin’s picks? Comment below!

Save Energy this Holiday Season: 9 Easy Ways to Get Started

Between the massive amounts of cookie baking, late nights of gift wrapping and the addition of hundreds of twinkly lights to our Boca Raton house this month, any measure that helps to lower our January energy bill is a welcome one. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t stand to save some money this holiday season? In my ongoing effort to streamline our family budget, I have been actively seeking out ways to save energy this holiday season at our home.

Save energy this holiday season with Modern Boca Mom & FPL

The best online resource I’ve found? Go figure, it’s from our energy company itself: Florida Power & LightMake it your New Year’s resolution to visit their site year round for energy (and money) saving tips and tricks: FPL.com/EasyToSave

Until we ring in the New Year, here are 9 easy ways from FPL to not only save much needed dough, but to also save energy this holiday season:

Holiday Decorating

1. Learn to love the LED lights – Did you know LED holiday light strands consume 70% less energy than incandescent ones? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it only costs $0.27 to light a six-foot tree for 12 hours a day for 40 days with LEDs compared to $10 for incandescent lights. Whoa! We used LEDs in our holiday decorating this year indoors and out.

Save energy this holiday season with Modern Boca Mom & FPL

Our daughter really enjoyed lining up these mini LED trees outside our front path. And, the pathway lights are solar-powered!

Save energy this holiday season with Modern Boca Mom & FPL

Save energy this holiday season with Modern Boca Mom & FPL

2. Eliminate inflatables – Besides inflatables (in my opinion) being super tacky, these decorations can cost anywhere from $2 – $9 each per month! Consider supplementing your outdoor holiday display with wreaths, ribbons, flowers, garlands and other (less tacky) energy efficient decorations.

Save energy this holiday season with Modern Boca Mom & FPL

Save energy this holiday season with Modern Boca Mom & FPL

3. Use automatic timers – Don’t leave your lights on and decorations inflated all night long! Install a timer so they turn off once your household is asleep.

Save energy this holiday season with Modern Boca Mom & FPL

4. Embrace extension cords – Instead of using additional strings of lights to add length to your holiday displays, keep a couple of extension cords handy when decorating.

Save energy this holiday season with Modern Boca Mom & FPL

Cooking & Baking for the Holidays

5. Choose glass or ceramic pans for the oven – I had no idea that these pans heat up faster than metal ones! They also allow you to set the temperature 25 degrees lower than a recipe suggests for the SAME COOKING TIME.

6. Stop peeking – Ovens tend to lose a lot of heat when they are opened. They also require significant energy to heat back up to the appropriate temperature. Instead, when you have to sneak-a-peek, turn the oven light on and look through the window.

7. Use your slow cooker – Smaller appliances like slow cookers, microwaves and toaster ovens can be much more energy-efficient for side dishes or small meals.

Holiday Shopping Guide

8. Opt for energy-efficient electronics – When it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones, opt for a laptop over a desktop computer. Fun fact: Laptops require 50-80% less energy than a desktop.

9. Let the star guide you – Always look for the ENERGY STAR® logo when purchasing larger electronics or appliances. These models can reduce energy usage up to 40%! We’re even opting to use our LED TV as our holiday fireplace this year. Perfect for South Florida. 🙂

All of these tips will certainly help my family save energy this holiday season! And, Modern Boca Mom wants to help you save energy year-round with a special GIVEAWAY of an ecobee3 lite smarter wifi thermostat worth $169.00.


Enter below (ends 12/17/16 at midnight):

This post also contains an affiliate link. Please support Modern Boca Mom by purchasing the ecobee3 lite smarter wifi thermostat through this link.

Sponsored: This how to save energy this holiday season post was sponsored by FPL. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider. Please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was compensated for this post, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Boca Baby with Style Tips from Get Decorated

The last thing that a MBMom-to-be should have to worry about is how to design the perfect nursery for her Boca baby. Furniture, color, accessories – the list seems never ending! That’s why we sat down with interior design expert Lindsay Biondo, founder of Get Decorated.

While providing traditional interior designer services, Get Decorated’s unique business feature is that they also specialize in online home decor services. Moving the design process online is especially helpful for busy families and moms-to-be, who don’t have a lot of extra time. Lindsay shared with us some of her favorite tips on how to design the perfect nursery.

How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Boca Baby

How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Boca Baby

Transitional Pieces: Invest in furniture pieces that you will be able to use as the child grows. For example, use a dresser that includes a removable changing top. That way, when you no longer need it for changing, you can just swap it off and be left with a normal dresser; and if you have another baby shortly after, you won’t need to worry about buying a new changing table!

Buy Smart: Oftentimes, parents will gravitate towards classic toy items for their baby room. A beautiful, expensive toy trunk may seem like a good investment at first, but you might find that it’s harder to integrate the style into the room in the future. Rather than splurging on something that your child may potentially outgrow, check out some alternative options from places like IKEA.

I love to source IKEA for these kind of items – they have such great options in a variety of colors!

How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Boca Baby

Color: Try to work with a gender neutral color palette. Rather than going for an all pink girl’s room, use a combination of teal and blue and white. You can always add a more feminine accent, like the chandelier we used in the picture above. Also, if you use a color palette that is more sophisticated, it will create way more opportunities to shop for products. You don’t need to limit yourself to strictly baby stores – bring in some design that also makes you feel comfortable. You will be spending a lot of time in the nursery too!

Just remember – you should have fun designing the perfect nursery for YOUR FAMILY! Make sure you choose pieces that are both comfortable and beautiful. Using these tips, you will create a room for your baby that is functional, stylish and trendy. Perfect for the Modern Boca Mom. 🙂

Bar Cart Styling Tips from a Boca Mom

I have wanted a bar cart for a really long time. Probably since Mad Men started airing (it premiered in 2007 by the way…OMG). Now that we have a house with a formal living room versus a tiny one-bedroom apartment in NYC, my cocktailing dreams have finally come true! I treated myself to the Winslow bar cart from Z Gallerie for my birthday this year and dove deep into Pinterest to find the best bar cart styling tips. These were my favs…

Bar Cart Styling Tips:

1.  Incorporate Flowers

Bar Cart Styling Tips from Modern Boca Mom

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Ok, me. They are fine occasionally, but tend to be expensive and short lived in my opinion. I go for the silk variety and had this tulip arrangement made with resin that looks like water. (I have my own silk flower “lady”, Flowers by Aja, 561-866-3636).

Every styled bar cart that I liked included flowers, even my top inspiration Atta Girl Says.


2. Display Lemons & Limes

Every cocktail needs a garnish! Showcase real or faux lemons and limes in a pretty bowl or vase. It adds beautiful colors to your bar cart display and is really inexpensive.

3. Book It

If you need to create different heights, so your bar cart accessories can be seen better, put your cocktail books to good use (besides making cocktails of course).

I pulled books with different shapes and sizes out my library and used them to raise the flower arrangement on top of the cart, for example.


4. Show Off Your Crystal

When it comes to impractical (yet beautiful) glassware, crystal is at the top of the list. Display your prettiest, rarely used glasses on your bar cart for show and keep the everyday wine glasses in your kitchen cabinet.

Our wedding toasting glasses look mighty fine next to our Russian vodka and Dominican rum…


5. Shakers and Straws

Set out your cocktail shaker and put mini stirrers/straws in a shot glass (or regular straws in a pretty glass tumbler). When making cocktails you’ll want every tool at your fingertips!


Ohhh…so this bar cart is basically my cocktail tool box. I get it now.

Cheers Boca Moms!

Big Girl Bedroom Makeover in Boca Raton

Back-to-school time this year was busy for soooo many reasons. #dailybocaavery started preschool at Grandview Preparatory School and our family spent much of the summer working and traveling, so I felt like we were still playing catch-up. I swear, I just needed one more week! In the spirit of positive change and to celebrate our daughter’s entry into “big kid school”, we decided to transition her out of her toddler bed and give her nursery a big girl bedroom makeover!

Big girl bedroom makeover on Boca Raton

Boca Raton Big Girl Bedroom Makeover

The first update: the bed. The one we chose for our big girl bedroom makeover is from IKEA. It’s so cool! You can keep it as a twin/daybed/sofa OR you can pull out the section with the storage drawers underneath and it opens up into a Queen bed (2 mattresses stack on top of each other, so you just slide one over).

I can see it becoming a huge help when Avery starts having sleepovers or we need an additional guest bedroom.





Big Girl Bedroom Makeover in Boca Raton
3 big storage drawers– we replaced the knobs that came with it for pretty ones from Home Depot

The big girl bedroom makeover bedding I chose is from JCPenney. I had a heck of a time trying to find pink throw pillows to compliment the black, white and grey modern floral design.

I looked everywhere, but finally netted out at Amazon.com HERE and HERE. The pillow inserts were sold separately.Big Girl Bedroom Makeover in Boca Raton AER

Big Girl Bedroom Makeover Decorations: Collaboration is key!

As for the decorations above the bed, I re-purposed two white shadow boxes that previously held “baby mementos” and had #dailybocaavery decorate unfinished wooden letters from Amazon in various shades of pink, grey and black. It was a fun project!

My husband spray painted the big arrow (from Target).

Big Girls Bedroom Makeover in Boca Raton

Big Girls Bedroom Makeover in Boca Raton


Big Girl Bedroom Makeover: Furniture

Thankfully, we didn’t have to replace a lot of the furniture in the room. I was able to move two pink wardrobes and a bookcase to other areas to maximize space and storage for our growing Boca girl.

Big Girls Bedroom Makeover in Boca Raton

Before After 02 Text

Big Girl Bedroom Window Treatments

We upgraded the curtain rods to a sturdier model from Bed Bath and Beyond after baby/toddler Avery yanked on them too many times to count. She loved choosing the finials– glass balls in pink of course!

Cambria® My Room Ball Finial in Pink Glass and Brushed Nickel (Set of 2)Quick View

Big Girl Bedroom Makeover in Boca Raton

2016-08-07 14.30.41-1


Big Girl Bedroom Makeover: Organization

We also designed a system for her school clothes utilizing colored drawers for each day of the week. It was so easy! I purchased 5 stackable shoe box drawers from the Container Store (in pink and purple of course). Then, I labeled each one with a day of the week in gold, metallic pen.

2016-08-05 17.44.34


Every Sunday, our daughter is now in charge of putting a school uniform, underwear and socks into each drawer. Getting dressed in the morning has become much less of a struggle!

I also invested in storage floor totes from Target for toys and dolls and matching bins for our massive collection of stuffed animals.

Big girl bedroom makeover in Boca Raton


I am very happy with the way the room turned out, but  more importantly, #dailybocaavery loves it! The key to getting 12 hours of sleep out of our child each night was a bigger bed, apparently.

Money well spent!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click and purchase some of these items, I may be compensated. Please see this site’s Disclosure for details.

Is Now the Time to Buy OR Sell a Boca Raton Home?

Summer has come to an end and your kids are finally back in school! With the extra 2 minutes you have in the morning, do you happen to look around your house and think, “I’m ready for a change, but is this a good time to buy or sell a Boca Raton home?” Your friends at drop off might think you’re crazy. But, it turns now that now is actually a great time!

In case you haven’t noticed, there aren’t many homes for sale in Boca Raton. In fact, there aren’t many in all of Palm Beach County. In June 2016, our median home price reached a year-to-date high, while the total inventory of homes available is still low. Traditionally, families want to be settled into their new home before school starts.

Is Now the Time to Buy or Sell a Boca Raton Home Featured

But not in Boca.

We have such a strong school district that families are comfortable moving during any time of year. If you’ve thought about listing your house, go clean out your playroom and get ready to sell!

Is Now the Time to Buy OR Sell a Boca Raton Home?

No one likes to be pressured into making a quick decision, especially a busy family. It’s hard enough juggling work, school and playdates. But, plan to move fast in the current Boca real estate market. Homes that are priced correctly (in line with recent sales and comparables) are taking less than 45 days to sell. Using a real estate professional to price, market and sell your home will make the process much easier and efficient.

Financially speaking, most of us need to sell our current house before we can buy our next one. Rest assured that closing on one and buying the next can easily be done. There are still some great buys in Boca! Working with someone who knows the market well will ensure you find not only a great investment, but a fabulous new home for your family!

Jennifer Gene Family 1

From our NEW Modern Boca Real Estate Mom, Jennifer Gene: I traded in wiener whistles for binkies and use my poker skills to negotiate deals for my real estate clients. As a mom, I can relate to the young family looking to buy their first house. Or, to the parents looking to sell a home they raised their family in. Knowing what out-of-state grandparents want in a 2nd home and understanding that rental properties can be both necessities and investment opportunities are key! I’ve sold over $10 Million dollars of real estate in South Palm Beach County while having 2 kids under two. And, I haven’t missed a bedtime story yet!

Boca Raton Guest Bedroom Makeover

It’s amazing what a little color and styling can do to improve the look of a room. If you follow @modernbocamom on Instagram, you may have noticed that we’re working on redecorating our house this year (one room/space at a time). I’ve been lobbying for a Boca Raton guest bedroom makeover, but it was rather low on the house priority list because of the expense of our recent pool and patio renovation.

But when you happen upon an unbelievable Memorial Day weekend bedding sale, you have to go for it right?

Boca Raton Guest Bedroom Makeover: BEFORE

Boca Raton Guest Bedroom Makeover

Lovely, but sooooo beige….

Boca Raton Guest Bedroom Makeover

I hung up our silk floral monogram from our wedding…which I kind of dug. Most of our houseguest entertaining involves people who attended our 2011 nuptials, after all. 🙂



Boca Raton Guest Bedroom Makeover

  • We purchased new queen size bedding for the guest room from Sears (of all places!).
  • I re-styled the existing bedroom accessories.
  • I hung up my “works of art” from all the Wine & Paint Nights I’ve attended at the Boca Raton Children’s Museum on the walls.

It was easy, but made such a difference!

Boca Raton Guest Bedroom Makeover

Boca Raton Guest Bedroom Makeover
So cozy! I really loved the layers in this bedding set…


What do you think? The room now has some nice color contrast (floor/furniture/walls vs. bedding & accessories) and looks much sunnier, in my opinion.

It also has its own bathroom and this not too shabby view, so we expect to have a good amount of visitors this coming winter.

Boca Raton guest room makeover

Our living room renovation (which was a big one) and #dailybocaavery’s “Big Girl Room” are up next on my home to do list!

Happy summer (re)decorating Boca Raton!

Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

Since the day #modernbocadad and I moved into our “forever home” 2.5 years ago, we have been wanting to make over our Boca Raton patio and pool. Our pool was built in 1981 and while our ages may be close to equal, it was in much rougher shape than I.

Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

See all those spots? No matter how hard we tried to clean them, black algae would constantly settle in, especially during the hot, summer months. The pool’s surface had worn away in many places due to its age and, in my opinion, was an eyesore considering it was a focal point of our house.

So, we solicited several bids for the resurfacing project and decided to work with Lee Johnson of Johnson Pool Plastering (954-804-5731/johnsonpoolfl@gmail.com) because they agreed to try to rehab the existing tile around the border of the pool. I loved it– it was retro! And, it was in surprisingly good shape despite a few missing tiles (which they happily replaced).

I was in this project for the long haul, thinking the pool resurfacing process would take several days or weeks. It was done in less than 72 hours.

Johnson Pool Plastering drained our pool overnight, gave it a little chlorine bath and scrubbed away the algae. Then, they re-grouted all of the tile and replaced the fittings around the jets and drain and patched potential crack/leaks.

Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

By the end of the first day, a bonding coat was applied to the pool and we were waiting for it to dry. Watching this process was better than HGTV for us.

2016-04-23 13.59.16

On day 2, Johnson Pool Plastering applied the surface we selected by hand.

We selected Blue Gem. Cool huh?

Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

The end result? Beautiful.

Johnson Pool Plastering did amazing work. We hired a pool cleaning service to take care of the pool for the first several weeks. A new surface needs to be brushed a lot at the beginning and we didn’t want to take any chances. It was a good investment.

So once we had the pool finished, we toyed with the idea of redoing the deck (according to Lee, “everyone in Boca is doing travertine”). But, we ended up deciding to budget for it for spring 2017. Hey- you have to have some home improvements to look forward to, right? Our pool screen enclosure is still in good/great/excellent shape.

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t move forward with a little summer Boca Raton patio makeover…

Boca Raton Patio & Pool Makeover


Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

This Boca Raton patio setup did the job, but it was very basic. We inherited the wicker pieces from my parents and purchased inexpensive chairs and a nice grill at Home Depot when we moved in.


Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

What do you think?! Believe it or not, #modernbocadad built, painted and hung the outdoor TV cabinet himself. It’s basic plywood! He also sprayed all of our existing wicker furniture with dark brown Rustoleum spray paint. Instant “new” accent furniture!

We purchased this mount on Amazon.com and hung the TV, so you can watch it from anywhere on the Boca Raton patio.

The indoor/outdoor area rug and runners are Safavieh from Overstock.com. Hey- I had to find creative ways to hide as much chattahoochee deck as possible. 😉

2016-05-22 12.49.17

I really wanted wood/teak patio furniture, so we found this fabulous set on a website I hadn’t heard of before: Hayneedle.com. It has so many cute things! The sectional can easily be moved in pieces for many different seating layout options.

Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

Target has apparently dubbed this, “the summer of lobster”, so I was able to grab so many cute pillows and doormats with lobster prints on them to decorate (#modernbocadad is from Maine, so I have become a little obsessed with the tasty crustacean). 

Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

The table lanterns are also from Target and I found some river rocks and electric candles to accent them at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

And who could forget Mr. Swan? He’s from Amazon.com.

Boca Raton Patio and Pool Makeover

Now it’s onto our next project…the living room. I hope you enjoyed our Boca Raton patio and pool makeover. We certainly plan on spending our summer this year OUTDOORS!


This post contains affiliate links. If you click and purchase some of these items, I may be compensated. Please see this site’s Disclosure for details.

CLIVE DANIEL Boca Raton: Your Total Home Showroom

Luxury home furnishings retailer Clive Daniel Boca Raton is now OPEN for all of your home needs at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Glades Road (1351 Boca Raton Boulevard, Boca Raton). And it’s a beaut.

Clive Daniel Boca Raton (2)

Like me, you probably saw their huge building go up in a flash. And it made me think: Why can’t my own home renovations finish up that quickly?

Clive Daniel Boca Raton (10)

Clive Daniel Boca Raton

Clive Daniel Home was established in 2011, and is based in Naples, Florida. The 70,000 square foot, two-story showroom features a total home concept, serving as a full-service destination for interior designers and homeowners alike.

Clive Daniel Boca Raton (14)

Customers can work with a certified design professional to manage a home remodel or décor project without the inconvenience of having to contract multiple entities.

Clive Daniel Boca Raton (12)

According to Daniel Lubner, President + CEO (who gave me an awesome private tour of the store and made me a “friend of Daniel”), “In addition to luxury furnishings and accessories, Clive Daniel Home will offer area rugs, cabinetry, custom window treatments, flooring, re-upholstery, home automation, gift boutique, art shop and lighting.”

Clive Daniel Boca Raton (15)

For novice designers, navigating the Clive Daniel Boca Raton showroom is made easy, as home furnishings are organized by lifestyle concepts, showcasing individual pieces from various designers and arranging them to make any homeowner’s vision a reality.

Clive Daniel Boca Raton (6)

The Clive Daniel Boca Raton showroom also highlights a live demonstration kitchen (awesome), an accessory shop, a design studio, a resource room and The Chat Room, which I’m very excited about. The Chat Room, a community room which can hold up to 60 people, will be available as a space for local businesses and organizations to hold seminars, social gatherings and fundraisers in a unique setting.  Do I smell a future “MBMom & Musikgarten” class at Clive Daniel Boca Raton, mommies?

Clive Daniel Boca Raton (16)

The neverending renovation project that is my home cannot wait til it’s at the point when new furniture can be purchased. I know where I’m going to shop now! I’m a friend of Daniel after all…

Clive Daniel Boca Raton (20)

About Clive Daniel Home

Since 1977, three generations of our family have been part of this community and we continue to be committed to local American ownership and operation. Since opening our doors in Naples, Florida, Clive Daniel Home has been dedicated to being the driving force behind the very best style, quality and service for your home. Among 125 awards from local, regional and national publications, we received Emmy® nomination for a television commercial and have consistently been named the Best Furniture Showroom in various competitions and selection as one of the top 50 furniture business in the United States, one of only four from Florida.