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Florida Renaissance Festival 2017 is in Full Swing

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Between Myth, Magic and Mayhem (in the best way possible) the Florida Renaissance Festival 2017, more commonly referred to as Ren-Fest by enthusiasts (which I am, now), is at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach every weekend through March 26th (2017). Check out our story below!

South Florida Ren-fest
One of many colorful characters at the Florida Ren-fest

This was our first Ren-Fest and while it has been on my bucket list for a while, I wasn’t sure how my young kids would fair. Well, they fared awesome of course, because IT IS awesome!

This is an event for the entire family, no matter how spirited you are when it comes to dressing up or playing make-believe.

Costume South Florida Ren-Fest
Stunning and elaborate costuming from the Florida Ren-Fest

Every little one has a big imagination and what better way to encourage it than by surrounding them with people in elaborate costumes who are talented actors, musicians and dancers in a hands-on and immersive world of make-believe?

Princesses, Fairies, Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, Knights, Irishmen and the Swashbuckling kind are just a few of the characters you will find in this grand land of fascination.

The Renaissance Festival is about theatre. The talent that takes the stage and the streets creates a world that possibly once was, but they create a world that is now. You can’t help but be transported from a typical street fair, to The Faire.

Folkteller extraordinaire, guiding the Pub Crawl.
Folk-teller extraordinaire, guiding the Pub Crawl.

There is a tremendous amount to do that will interest the adult set and one event that I would participate in, if I was going without kids, would be the  Pub Crawl.

For an additional $25, you have your own character, guided tour and 5 stops along the Festival route to see the sites and cut the queue for an adult beverage.

We ran into the Pub Crawl at one of our last stops of the day, the joust. Our friends happened to be with them and in full costume. They raved about the day. Now, it could have been the alcohol talking, but based on my own experience, I think not.

For us, it was all about the kids:

Kids' Kingdom Florida Ren-fest
Kids’ Kingdom

Upon entrance, you arrive at the Kids’ Kingdom which consists of several bounce houses. They offer an all day pass, or for a few dollars you can have a go at it.

I somehow managed to sneak in for a quick photo, but kept my group moving for fear that we would not ever make it past bouncing. If you are content spending your day here, by all means. Or, bypass it on first round and plan to stop back on the way out. It does look fun though.

Kids' Kingdom at Florida Ren-fest
Bounce House Village in The Kids’ Kingdom

What impressed me the most were the Human-Powered rides. The Hurlinator is a medieval tilt-a-whirl/tea cups of sorts, where you pump a bar to spin yourself and 3 others around and around.

The Carousel, which were woven seats with leg-rests and two men turning a giant gear to make the apparatus spin. And not to mention the Dragon Joust, a roller-coaster type ride where you get into a wooden horse car atop a tower and ride the zip line down to the bottom, trying to slay a dragon. These rides are short and sweet and each cost about $3, so bring some cash, the little ones love them.

Giant Rocking Horse at Florida Ren-Fest
Giant Rocking Horse at Florida Ren-Fest

The Once Upon A Stage for children performances is worth checking out. See a crowd-participated play of Tales of Robin Hood, get Knighted, go to the Princess Academy or even a Flea Circus.

While my daughter did not get picked to be Maid Marion, I was shocked she raised her hand at 3.5 years old and “tried out”.

Could acting be in her blood?

Once Upon A Stage at Florida Ren-fest
Knighting Ceremony at the Once Upon a Stage

Across the way are free board games with bocce ball, giant blocks, and baccarat. We spent quite a bit of time here under the shade trees, building blocks and looking for treasure.


My stories do not not even begin to touch the magic of the Florida Renaissance Festival. There are many more stages with talented performances of comedy to storytelling, to dance and music.

Around every corner is a delicious treat or interested vendors, a booth of items from times of yore.

Blacksmith at the Ren-fest
Blacksmith at the Ren-fest

We danced, we sang, we were merry.

I encourage you to dress up, or at least have a little spirit. There are costumes and headpieces, jewelry and swords to buy (and sometimes rent). The internet is probably a good resource to find costumes if you plan in advance, but of course there are souvenirs of beauty for everyone to treasure.

Ren-Fest Modern Boca Mom Featured

There are more themed weekends at the Florida Renaissance Festival, open from 10am – Sunset, Saturday and Sunday until March 26, 2017.

Tickets are $21 a person, $9 for children ages 6-11, and children 5 and under are free.

The 2015 Florida Renaissance Festival Mappe
The 2015 Florida Renaissance Festival Map
Have you been to the Florida Renaissance Festival before? What are your favorite attractions? Comment below!

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