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MBMom’s 2014 Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide!

The time leading up to Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas is like the perfect storm for me.

Every. Single. Year. And now I have a little one to add additional (cute, though) chaos.

DBA 2013

A very tired #dailybabyavery in 2013

#modernbocadad and I usually prepare for a trip to Maine somewhere in the November/December time frame to visit the in-laws, which means early holiday presents for all of our family (and extended family) up north. (Oh yes- Delta gives us 4 FREE bags with every trip, so MBMom takes advantage to save on shipping!) Continue reading MBMom’s 2014 Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide!

How to Avoid the Back-to-School EWWs…

back to school illnesses

With school now back in full swing, I have a sneaking suspicion something annoying may come home with your child this fall semester…besides homework.

My guess? Back to school illnesses i.e. a cold or the stomach flu.


So, having the mindset that the best defense is a good offense, Modern Boca Mom reached out to Boca Raton pediatrician, Norina Ocampo, M.D. of Rainbow Pediatrics of South Florida, for some advice on how to best avoid these back to school illnesses… Continue reading How to Avoid the Back-to-School EWWs…

17 Necessities for Back-to-School


How to choose vitamins for kids to go back to school

And I’m not talking about backpacks and notebooks…

How to choose vitamins for kids to go back to school

Congratulations MBMoms! You’ve made it to the midway point of the first week of school OR it might be the first day for your older kiddos (you old pros!). I just love seeing everyone’s sweet pictures on Facebook! It makes me feel equally excited and terrified for #dailybabyavery’s first day of school down the road…

I used to love back-to-school time as a kid…crisp school supplies, new clothes, a fresh lunchbox and backpack. But, I was definitely forgetting about the 17 REAL back-to-school necessities. Also, how to choose vitamins for kids to go back to school. Continue reading 17 Necessities for Back-to-School

At the Boca Resort, Sit Back & Say Spa-ahh…


Waldorf Astoria Spa WM

Remember all of the glorious free time you used to have BEFORE you became a Modern Boca Mom?

Ha- me neither!

And that’s why (when I do manage to schedule some valuable ‘me-time’) I try to maximize it accordingly.

Before motherhood, I rarely spent my free time doing things like “taking a day at the spa,” but by God if I haven’t earned that day (or precious few hours) by the time I’m able to nail it on the iPhone calendar now!

At that point, sometimes I feel like I’ve earned an actual vacation…or a day at the Boca Resort Spa! Continue reading At the Boca Resort, Sit Back & Say Spa-ahh…