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The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Boca Family and 5 Reasons Why

From the moment you become a parent, you are faced with decisions every single day. Disposable diapers or cloth? Public school or private? Next come the extracurricular activities, endless birthday party invitations, and the decision day when they first ask to go to the mall with friends {minus a parent- WELP!} However big or small these decisions may seem, they tell the story of your Boca Raton family and shape the way your child will grow up.

But then there’s one decision every Boca Raton family is faced with that everyone can agree should be at the top of that laundry list of decisions: Healthcare. And there is one healthcare option that’s started somewhat of a movement for local families. Let’s just say the carpool lines, splash pads, and mommy & me classes echo often with buzz about the coolest concept for pediatric care in Boca: Boca VIPediatrics.

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

So what IS this magical concept? It’s a pediatric smart office that has built quite the fan base in Boca and beyond between new parents, veteran parents, and even celebrity parents. In fact, it’s much more than an office…it’s a lifestyle choice for your family that’s making major waves by keeping Boca kids the healthiest and Boca  parents the sanest {no easy feat!} It’s not an urgent care, it’s not an assembly line, it’s a concept that blends old-fashioned service and the most modern care with your Boca family’s own private board-certified pediatrician, and spots are hard to come by. Here’s why:

  1. Your Boca Raton Family’s Own Private Board-Certified Pediatrician 24/7

At Boca VIPediatrics, parents have 24/7 access to text, email, call, and virtual visit with their own board-certified pediatrician (the famous Dr. Rudnick & Dr. Gilbert!) for any questions or concerns that pop up either day or night. {You get your Pediatrician’s cell phone number and email, and it’s NOT just for emergencies.} This saves unnecessary trips to the E.R., countless hours spent in a waiting room, and even taking off days from work/school all just to see your doctor for simple questions that can be answered virtually. Record your child’s cough on video, email it over. Take a photo of that suspected pink eye or nasty rash, shoot a text. Your questions are answered, your child’s medication {if needed} is called into your pharmacy, and your mom-sanity meter is freakishly low.

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

  1. The Doctor Will See You NOW {Whether In Person or Virtually}

VIP members of Boca VIPediatrics are guaranteed same day appointments, no waits at the office, and even house calls for urgent care. It’s 2018 and parents shouldn’t have to wait hours, days, or even weeks to be seen by their doctor. Boca VIPediatrics has their patients covered with direct, priority access no matter where or when.

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

  1. All Care Is Delivered By Your Board-Certified Pediatrician

It’s important for parents to know that some providers that your child could see in South Florida are NOT Board-Certified Pediatricians or even doctors. Boca VIPediatrics has the secret ingredient for discerning Boca families that value the very best care; a board-certified pediatrician that knows your child’s history like the back of their hand and are truly accessible 24/7.

Unlike an urgent care that doesn’t know your child, a provider that’s not a board-certified pediatrician, or the surprise of seeing a different doctor at every sick visit, Boca VIPediatrics delivers top-notch pediatric care by your family’s board-certified pediatrician EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! With your doctor running the entire visit from beginning to end, you’ll feel like your being transported back to the days of old-school “Doc Hollywood” care with a real relationship with the pediatrician who knows your child best.

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

  1. Small, Personalized, and “Disney” Trained

Every visit is personalized and every staff member knows you, your child, and your family. “The Nicest Staff In Town Guarantee” is part of this family-owned and operated office, run by Dr. Rudnick’s wife and former Disney Princess, Ashley! School forms, camp forms, scheduling a same day appointment, or even using their concierge to help snag that “impossible-to-get” appointment with a specialist are all part of the magic this office team creates.

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

  1. Affordable Annual/Monthly Membership for Your Boca Raton Family

I know it SOUNDS too good to be true, but the town is a-buzz that this type of care is not only AWESOME, but ACCESSIBLE to all kinds of Boca Raton families. They work on a membership program, similar to a health club, where your care is all-inclusive with completely transparent pricing (no surprise bills), and less than a daily Starbucks latte.

This one really is a no-brainer, but it’s a decision that puts your child’s healthcare on a completely new level. Aside from the access and convenience from a parent’s point-of-view, Boca VIPediatrics offers truly “the best of the best” for Boca Raton families (and the “Best of Boca – Best Pediatrician” award by Sun-Sentinel to prove it!)

Interested in hearing more about Boca VIPediatrics? You can schedule a complimentary “backstage tour” of their office and meet Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Rudnick. Spots are limited, and wait lists open when they “cap out” in a certain age category. Head on over to or call their office at 561-923-9635.

Boca Raton families call it “The best decision they ever made for their children!”

{See their 5 Star Facebook Reviews Here:}

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

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What You Need to Know About Your Toddler’s First Trip to the Dentist

We’re so glad to have pediatric dentist, Dr. Drew Popper of Junior Smiles back on the blog with a post on a very important topic: your toddler’s first trip to the dentist. I personally didn’t know what to expect, so let’s learn from the Boca Raton dental source himself!

Dr. Popper suggests that parents bring their children to their pediatric dentist at the onset of the first tooth. This way, you get to have counsel on that first visit and are made aware of what to look out for during the growing stages of your child’s initial baby teeth.

first trip to the dentist

Here’s what you can expect at your first trip to the dentist:

  1. It will be short and easy

Your child’s first trip to the dentist is a chance for your child to get to know their dentist so that he or she won’t be afraid of the regular dental visits. Your child will get to see the chair, perhaps sit in it and observe how it rotates. They can learn about tools, the mirror, and the dentist can talk to them about how they help check teeth. Think of it as quality time well invested.

  1. There will be a simple cleaning

I like to keep this first visit as easy and stress-free as possible. A cleaning will be done and I will inspect your child’s teeth and gums all while keeping your child entertained at the same time.

first trip to the dentist

  1. Ask any questions you have

This is a chance to review good oral-hygiene habits, and to get advice on any concerns. Perhaps your child is still sucking their thumb. Or maybe you want to know about the foods that are great for their oral health. Write down any questions you can think of beforehand, and prepare a list. This is your time to get as much input as necessary.

  1. Reduce anxiety beforehand

It helps if you prep your child for this initial visit. You can read stories or listen to songs about the dentist. But don’t make it a bigger deal than necessary. If your child has a sibling, he or she can accompany them to one dental visit, so that they know what to expect. They might even be encouraged by the toys and books in the waiting room and look forward to it!

first trip to the dentist

The most important thing to remember is to stay positive yourself. Remember, you are creating the experience for your child. Your actions and reactions will be mirrored and reflected in them.

I recommend preparing yourself for this visit as much as possible, and then relaxing once you are actually there. Oral care can be a positive bonding experience with your child!

Phone: 561-210-7788
9930 Clint Moore Rd
Sponsored: This toddler’s first trip to the dentist blog post was sponsored by Junior Smiles. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider. Please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information and I have been compensated, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

Have You Met Wafa? The Best Brow Services in Boca Have Arrived

When I was a fresh-faced 14 year old, a newly minted freshman at Boca High, I had scraggly (but virgin!) eyebrows. I struggle to remember them clearly, but they were just begging to be shaped. My new friend at the time, an expert in all things makeup, offered to tweeze them in true late nineties fashion: THIN. They were on trend for awhile, but now I think most of us late 90’s/early 2000’s teenagers regret our eyebrow grooming decisions back then. Luckily there are rehab centers…brow services in Boca that can help get our eyebrows back up to snuff through professional shaping or microblading. And I want to introduce you to the best! Wafa’s Brow Art & Skincare.

brow services in Boca

Have you met Wafa?

I first heard about Wafa Alsaid through my friends at Boca Raton magazine. There was a big write-up about her brow services in Boca in a recent print issue. The article talked about how Wafa would spend a meticulous 30 minutes making sure every hair in your brow(s) was tamed and trimmed until perfect. I had to give her a try.

When I booked my session (they work by appointment only), I was one of the first lucky few customers to visit their new location at 7400 N Federal Hwy. in Boca Raton. It’s a big open space and there is art everywhere.

brow services in Boca

You see, Wafa began as an oil painting artist, but her love for eyebrows sprouted when she was only 16 years old. Her two passions, art and eyebrows, took over when she decided to combine her artistic eye with the science of permanent makeup. She believes every woman should be able to wake up confident. I believe in that too…even though my confidence is also boosted by coffee and under eye concealer. 😉

brow services in Boca

I prefer to get my eyebrows threaded, so I booked that service plus tinting. It’s amazing how many invisible blonde hairs make an appearance after tinting! My brows were already more full after only one brow services in Boca appointment.

Now, a few months have passed and I’m pretty happy with the brow progress we’ve made. But, I’ve made an appointment for microblading with Wafa’s daughter, Luna. Yep, Wafa’s Brow Art & Skincare is a family business! I have a few areas that I’d like to have filled out, so make sure you’re following Modern Boca Mom on Facebook and Instagram to see the video coming up soon!

For a full list of brow services in Boca at Wafa’s Brow Art, click here. Or call to book your appointment! 561-501-1068

Appointment: Tue. – Sat. 10AM – 5PM

brow services in Boca
Before & After threading at Wafa’s Brow Art
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Sponsored: This post was hosted by Wafa’s Brow Art & Skincare. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider and please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was offered complimentary brow services for review consideration, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

5 Ways to Help your Family Avoid the Flu in Boca Raton

I don’t know if y’all got the memo, but the flu is B-A-D this year. Like really bad. I’m now that crazy person that packs hand sanitizer in her kid’s backpack and makes her take a bath as soon as she gets home from school to “rinse the germs off.” (Disclaimer: I don’t know if that actually works, but I’m feeling good about it…and I get a really sweet smelling, snuggly baby afterwards…so bonus!) But, you’re probably looking for actual USEFUL advice from me on how to avoid flu in Boca Raton…or at least deal with it once you have it.

avoid flu in Boca Raton

I had so many colds before the holidays that I used up boxes and boxes of tissues! So, I’m super excited to partner with Scotties Facial Tissues, not only for the massive supply they sent me, but to also help me bring you these helpful tips and tricks on how to avoid flu in Boca Raton!

P.S. With their Winter Design Collection, Scotties will keep you ready for when colds or the flu  strike all winter long! How cute are these? There is currently a box in every room in my house. Not kidding.

avoid flu in Boca Raton

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How to avoid flu in Boca Raton

1. Get a flu shot, especially if you have a baby

Moms can’t afford to get sick, so it’s time to use every weapon in our flu arsenal including the flu shot. It may not work for every strain, but it can’t hurt considering the severity of the season.

And if you have a Boca baby, it’s a MUST! Children under 6 months old cannot receive flu shots, so it’s essential for parents/family members and caregivers to get vaccinated.

2. Tell everyone you know to STAY HOME if they are sick

If someone you know is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, hand them a box of Scotties and tell them to GO HOME. They’ll only spread what they have to others and no parent has time for that!

3. Avoid touching heavily trafficked public surfaces

If your child is anything like mine, they like to touch absolutely EVERYTHING. Public bathrooms are my kid’s absolute favorite. It’s so gross. Encourage a lot of hand washing for your little ones.

As for you, grab a Scotties tissue out of your purse to use as a barrier before you handle that doorknob. And think twice before using the coffee station at work. Everyone has touched it. Sanitize your own hands consistently and try to avoid them coming into contact with your nose and mouth.

4. Consistently disinfect your home

You don’t know what germs you or your kids are bringing home on any given day. Wipe any frequently touched surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms, doorknobs and TV remotes with disinfectant on the regular.

5. If you do get sick, try to avoid coming into contact with those who are at high risk for flu-related complications

We live in Boca. This means SENIOR CITIZENS. According to MD Now, you should also avoid kids under 5 and expectant mothers, so take note!

Good luck and please stay healthy everyone!

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Sponsored: This post is sponsored by the Scotties facial tissue. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and they are not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider and please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I have been compensated for this post, but that does not impact my views or opinions.