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5 Ways to Help your Family Avoid the Flu in Boca Raton

I don’t know if y’all got the memo, but the flu is B-A-D this year. Like really bad. I’m now that crazy person that packs hand sanitizer in her kid’s backpack and makes her take a bath as soon as she gets home from school to “rinse the germs off.” (Disclaimer: I don’t know if that actually works, but I’m feeling good about it…and I get a really sweet smelling, snuggly baby afterwards…so bonus!) But, you’re probably looking for actual USEFUL advice from me on how to avoid flu in Boca Raton…or at least deal with it once you have it.

avoid flu in Boca Raton

I had so many colds before the holidays that I used up boxes and boxes of tissues! So, I’m super excited to partner with Scotties Facial Tissues, not only for the massive supply they sent me, but to also help me bring you these helpful tips and tricks on how to avoid flu in Boca Raton!

P.S. With their Winter Design Collection, Scotties will keep you ready for when colds or the flu  strike all winter long! How cute are these? There is currently a box in every room in my house. Not kidding.

avoid flu in Boca Raton

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How to avoid flu in Boca Raton

1. Get a flu shot, especially if you have a baby

Moms can’t afford to get sick, so it’s time to use every weapon in our flu arsenal including the flu shot. It may not work for every strain, but it can’t hurt considering the severity of the season.

And if you have a Boca baby, it’s a MUST! Children under 6 months old cannot receive flu shots, so it’s essential for parents/family members and caregivers to get vaccinated.

2. Tell everyone you know to STAY HOME if they are sick

If someone you know is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, hand them a box of Scotties and tell them to GO HOME. They’ll only spread what they have to others and no parent has time for that!

3. Avoid touching heavily trafficked public surfaces

If your child is anything like mine, they like to touch absolutely EVERYTHING. Public bathrooms are my kid’s absolute favorite. It’s so gross. Encourage a lot of hand washing for your little ones.

As for you, grab a Scotties tissue out of your purse to use as a barrier before you handle that doorknob. And think twice before using the coffee station at work. Everyone has touched it. Sanitize your own hands consistently and try to avoid them coming into contact with your nose and mouth.

4. Consistently disinfect your home

You don’t know what germs you or your kids are bringing home on any given day. Wipe any frequently touched surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms, doorknobs and TV remotes with disinfectant on the regular.

5. If you do get sick, try to avoid coming into contact with those who are at high risk for flu-related complications

We live in Boca. This means SENIOR CITIZENS. According to MD Now, you should also avoid kids under 5 and expectant mothers, so take note!

Good luck and please stay healthy everyone!

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Next Time, Unless It’s Life-Threatening, I’ll Head to My Local MD Now

Why is it that our kids always seem to get hurt or sick when your regular pediatrician’s office is closed? I, for one, am not particularly fond of unplanned and unscheduled emergency room visits—sick child in tow—during nights, weekends, and holidays. But sometimes, a mom has little choice.

Thankfully, I’ve found a great solution: My Local MD Now

After doing some research, I discovered that unless you think your child has a true life-threatening health issue, it simply makes sense to take them to a respected, neighborhood urgent care center like your local MD Now. I’ve waited for hours before in the ER and I don’t ever want to put #dailybocaavery through that. Especially if it’s for something like the flu, sprains or stitches. I know she (or I, for that matter) will get quality care for any immediate problem, but in less time and at a greatly reduced cost.

local MD Now

My homework shows that, at just $150-$200 per visit, the average cost for self-pay at an urgent care clinic is a grand less than the typical $1,233 price tag of an ER visit. That’s an incredible savings even before you factor in the wait time! I don’t know about you, but waiting around with a sick or injured kid in an ER setting is not something I consider fun.

Unless it’s a true life-threatening emergency, you’re not going to rank for priority status at an ER either. What does that mean? Your child will receive treatment only after any major trauma cases have been taken care of first. I came across research that shows that the average patient at an ER spends two hours waiting for treatment. Seriously? At my local MD Now, we can be in and out in under an hour in most cases. No appointment necessary, thank you very much.

local MD Now

There’s also the convenience factor to consider.

As the largest urgent care provider in South Florida, MD Now has 38 locations in our area. Several are located within a five-mile radius of our home in Boca. Thankfully, they’re also all open 12 hours a day including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Regarding the quality of care, I’ve found that my local MD Now offers as good or better care than what I personally received after a long ER wait. Designated Category 1 by the Urgent Care Association of America, MD Now has a doctor on site at all times. They also have the same convenient onsite EKGs, digital X-rays, ultrasounds, and lab testing as a typical ER.

So, the next time your child is sick or injured, ask yourself, “What am I waiting for?” If someone in your family has an unscheduled minor emergency, I suggest you check out a local urgent care center like MD Now. Save those ER visits for true life-threatening emergencies.

local MD Now

Here are a few more facts to consider when weighing your options:
  • Urgent care insurance co-pays are generally 20–25% less than an ER’s.
  • With more than 124 million visits annually, or 222 visits per minute, ERs are already operating at capacity.
  • ER wait times are expected to get even worse. By 2020, there will be 45,000 fewer primary care physicians in the U.S.
  • Urgent care centers in the U.S. have been around for more than 30 years. They now handle 160MM patient visits a year, and their locations continue to grow in number.

The numbers don’t lie. Visit MD Now’s website by clicking here:

Sponsored: This post was sponsored by MD Now. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider and please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I have been compensated, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

Facial Mania Boca Raton is Your One-Stop Spa for Affordable Beauty

A dream is a wish your skin makes… Oh wait, that’s not correct, is it? Well, it is at the NEW Facial Mania Boca Raton, where your skin can now receive quality services at an affordable price. The founders of this spa and wellness center have coined it “affordable beauty.” And, that certainly sounds like a wish come true for my wallet and complexion!

Facial Mania Boca Raton Now Open

Modern Boca Mom was invited to check out Facial Mania Boca Raton at a little pre-opening media party. I got a massage + salt therapy, noshed on some delicious treats and had some professional TLC on a giant forehead blemish. Thanks stress!

Facial Mania Boca Raton

I left with the promise that I would come back to try one of their signature medical grade facials in partnership with the ENVIRON and OXYNERGY skin care lines. With the craziness that is the holidays, I haven’t had the time yet. BUT, I’ll certainly post all about it on my Instagram stories once I go in the New Year!

Facial Mania Boca Raton

But how will I choose which service to get?

That is the question! In addition to medical grade facials, Facial Mania Spa and Wellness Center has:

Facial Mania Boca Raton

Luckily, their team of experts, doctors and technicians are here to assist you and me in finding the right services. I can’t wait to let Facial Mania Spa restore the beautiful and youthful glow I know is in there!

Get 20% off your next service using the code: ModernBocaMom20!

Facial Mania Boca Raton

Facial Mania Spa & Wellness Center
16950 Jog Rd. #111
Delray Beach, FL 33446

Hosted: This post was hosted by Facial Mania Boca Raton. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor and any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider. Please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I have been offered complimentary spa services and product samples for review consideration in this post, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

When It Comes to Our Boca Kids, Private Doesn’t Always Equal “Better”

We live in Boca Raton, the land of private neighborhoods, clubs, resorts and schools. Whatever type of lifestyle you have in Boca, private is usually considered “best.” As a proud card-carrying member of the middle class, my family’s lifestyle choices are mixed. We may not live in a gated community or belong to the Boca Resort, but we do attend private school (and occasionally book a room at the Resort). However when it comes to insuring our kids, I know from personal experience that private insurance somehow having a ‘higher quality of care’ than an option like Florida KidCare is totally false. Read on for some more myth busting while we’re at it!

When it Comes to Insuring Our Kids, Private Doesn't Always Equal Better
Photo by Sweet Memories Photography
Myth #1: You Can Only See Certain Doctors

Not true! Those who switch their insurance are usually able to keep their local and current pediatrician. Florida KidCare is simply a partnership for insuring our kids. It was created to help match them with high quality, child centered, affordable health insurance coverage and dental offerings.

Myth #2: There’s Only One Time of Year for Enrollment

Nope. Florida KidCare has year-­round enrollment, so the time to apply for is always now. It’s also extremely uncomplicated and low-stress for parents. Simply fill out one free application and Florida KidCare will match you with the right insurance option. It will be based on your children’s ages, household size and family income.

When it Comes to Insuring Our Kids, Private Doesn't Always Equal Better
Photo by Sweet Memories Photography
Myth #3: Only Low-Income Families are Eligible

Florida KidCare offers free and affordable health and dental insurance coverage for children from birth through 18 years of age. There is no application fee. However, Florida families who are not eligible for subsidized coverage may instead purchase insurance at the full-­pay premium rate. It is competitively priced and child-centered.

Myth #4: The Coverage for Insuring Our Kids is Limited 

All Florida KidCare program benefits include doctor visits, check­ups, hospital stays, surgeries, immunizations, prescriptions, emergencies, vision and hearing, dental, mental health services and more. What else do you need in terms of coverage?

You can apply for Florida KidCare online, speak to a representative at 1-888-540-KIDS (5437) anytime between 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. or connect with an in-person application specialist. The choice is yours!

Apply for Florida KidCare HERE
When it Comes to Insuring Our Kids, Private Doesn't Always Equal Better
Photo by Sweet Memories Photography

Sponsored: This post was sponsored by Florida KidCare. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the provider. Please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was compensated for this post, but that does not impact my views or opinions.