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Flu Shot Truth Bombs! What Every Boca Mom Needs To Know

Who knew the flu could actually be fun? Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but getting your flu SHOT actually happens to be a blast at local concierge pediatrician Boca VIPediatrics! I recently had the chance to check out their annual “Fall Flu Shot Festival.” With some fun crafts, carnival games, apple cider and even a visit from Doc McStuffins herself, Doctors Chad Rudnick and Paul Gilbert have turned the traditional flu shot into a fun celebration that their VIPs look forward to every year. Basically, your kids are having so much fun, they forget all about their shot phobias! Because no one needs to get the flu this season…

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Meet Dr. Drew Popper: the Kids’ Favorite Pediatric Dental Expert

Mommies, are you looking for a pediatric dental expert in Boca Raton?

Allow us to introduce you to Dr. Drew Popper!

But first, a short story of how we got to know about him:

Well, my husband once had an unpleasant experience at our 3-year-old daughter’s dental appointment. Although it was just a standard cleaning session, she got nervous and freaked out. Guess what suggestion the dentist had for my husband?

He said, ‘Maybe mommy should bring her in next time.’

My husband felt so insulted – and I don’t blame him for that! I’m sure he was trying his best to calm her down. Cut him some slack, Ms. Dentist! Geez!

Anyways, this awkward experience made us look for a new pediatric dental expert for our little girl. And just after a couple of days, we got to know about Dr. Drew Popper!

Mommies, you must know the feeling when you connect with an expert and it instantly dawns upon you that your child will be in safe, great hands. Well, it was exactly the same with Dr. Popper! Ever since, he is our go-to pediatrician.

And the good news is that he has his own dental clinic in Boca Raton called Junior Smiles.

Boca Raton pediatric dental expert

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What You Should Do When Your Kid Breaks a Tooth

When #dailybocaavery was 3, she thought it would be a great idea to climb atop her bathroom counter to get her toothbrush by herself. Of course, that little stunt didn’t go as planned and she slipped and hit her mouth right on the sink faucet. I inspected my child for damage and boom: chipped tooth. I was upset…but also relieved. There was no blood. Minimal tears. It could have been so much worse. At the time, I didn’t have Dr. Drew Popper, my handy Junior Smiles dentist in my life! Luckily, he’s now my go to resource in Boca Raton for pediatric dental emergencies. (And hint hint, he should be YOURS too!) This month’s touchy topic? OMG, what to do when your kid breaks a tooth!

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Teeth Banking: What Boca Parents Need to Know

Having a child is one of life’s biggest miracles…and for good reason! It’s a beautiful experience holding your baby in your arms for the first time and realizing that there is literally nothing you wouldn’t do for them. But, it’s also only after birth that you realize what a HUGE responsibility it is to be in charge of someone else’s life. One important decision that us parents need to consider when our kids are young is whether or not to preserve their teeth (once they start losing them). Did you know you can now choose to store your child’s teeth?

But Why?

It’s a concept that might sound strange to many, including me. However, teeth banking is a legitimate process that has various health benefits. You might have second thoughts because of the fees most services charge for storing your child’s teeth. However, it is most definitely something that you should discuss with your partner. Continue reading Teeth Banking: What Boca Parents Need to Know