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Young Engineers has the Best LEGO Birthday Party in Boca Raton & Delray Beach

Looking for a unique birthday party idea for your somewhat *impossible to please* son or daughter? I feel like at this point my daughter has seen it all in terms of birthday parties. All I got as a kid was a pool party with ice cream cake! *END RANT* You know that we do our birthday party research here at Modern Boca Mom. And now we’re happy to report we’ve found the best LEGO birthday party in Boca Raton and Delray Beach! Welcome to South Florida Young Engineers!

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Axe Throwing Near Boca Raton at Game of Axes

Overhand or tomahawk? Stark or Targaryen? Beer or wine? These are the terms that are commonplace at a sweet new venue dedicated to the art of axe throwing near Boca Raton. If you’re looking for a really fun group or family bonding activity to do this season, then this blog post is for you!

Since Modern Boca Dad and I are obsessed with Game of Thrones (like the rest of the world), I stumbled across Game of Axes in Boynton Beach on Instagram. I sent them a direct message with some questions and the owner got back to me personally about this fascinating sport that I knew very little about. He also invited me (and a group of 11 of my closest friends) for a friendly, Friday night axe-throwing competition complete with polite beverages and plenty of GOT-style photo opps. Spoiler alert: we had a BLAST! Continue reading Axe Throwing Near Boca Raton at Game of Axes

6th Birthday Party at Little Princess Spa Boca Raton

I don’t know about you, but to me there feels like such a huge gap between ages 5 and 6. When your child is 5, they’re reaching the end of the “baby stage.” But age 6 is the start of something else…my baby is now more than halfway to the double-digits. Wow. We decided to spring for a party at Little Princess Spa Boca Raton this year to celebrate (instead of me crying into my coffee on the big day). 

#dailybocaavery hasn’t had a traditional birthday party since she turned 4. We like to mix things up, alternating celebrations each year with a trip instead. Luckily, she’s agreed to that strategy so far!

But I have to say (and this post is totally NOT an ad, but it does contain affiliate links. If you decide to purchase party items through these links, Modern Boca Mom will get a little kickback. Thank you for supporting this blog!), that spa party experience was worth every penny. Bring on the hardworking Spa Fairies!!!

P.S. All party photos in this post are by our go-to family and event photographer, Naomi Phelps of Sweet Memories Photography. 🙂 Continue reading 6th Birthday Party at Little Princess Spa Boca Raton

The Essential Check-Up Checklist for Boca Raton Parents

Us parents tend to have a love/hate relationship with check-ups for our kids, am I right? Sure, they’re an important milestone for our Boca kids. They need that yearly physical! It’s the best way to track progress as our little ones grow with their trusted pediatrician. Whether you do a well check-up with your pediatrician before the start of summer camp or when the school year begins, or right around your child’s birthday, it’s important to get a baseline check-up to keep your Boca child the healthiest.

But what should a check-up consist of, anyway? We all know we need those updated school/camp forms, but how can we make sure our kids are staying on target in terms of wellness, exercise, nutrition, sleep, behavior, study habits, etc.?!

checkup checklist

I asked the experts at Boca VIPediatrics and Boca’s favorite pediatricians, Dr. Rudnick & Dr. Gilbert, just how a well child check-up should go in a perfect world. What questions should we moms (and dads) be asking? What information should we be receiving from our pediatrician? Are we doing everything we can to keep our child the happiest and healthiest? Continue reading The Essential Check-Up Checklist for Boca Raton Parents