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The Boca Business That Became Hurricane Superheroes

During times of crisis is when people’s true colors really show. Although Boca Raton families dodged a bullet with Hurricane Irma, many are still dealing with major issues. The aftermath of damage to property, zero power, limited access to businesses and of course, the thousands upon thousands of evacuees who are trying to make their way back home.

And what a crazy week it has been for all of us! The hurricane preparations alone were enough to drive this Boca mom insane. Not to mention the anxiety of going through the storm. Luckily in our community of Boca Raton, we’ve seen an outpouring of kindness and strength like never before.

One particular business took home the award (in my opinion) for being Boca Hurricane Superheroes by proving that having a “pediatrician in your pocket” is now more necessary than ever. A normal day for Pediatricians Chad Rudnick, MD and Paul Gilbert, MD includes texting or emailing with patients, making house calls and being available on their personal cell phones 24/7 for parents with questions or concerns.

Boca hurricane superheroes

But throughout our Irma ordeal, the Boca VIPediatrics team proved that their services are more than just a pediatric smart office. They’re an absolute necessity for parents! That’s why they decided to open their services to the ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA during the storm.

“It’s a scary time for everyone right now, and we want to help in any way that we can,” says Dr. Rudnick, founder of Boca VIPediatrics.

5 Reasons Why this Business Became Boca Hurricane Superheroes

  1. They opened their services for FREE to the entire state of Florida during the Hurricane

Many children and parents were {literally} left in the dark this weekend with no access to their pediatrician at the start of cold/flu season. That’s why they decided to offer their services to the entire state of Florida during the storm. They offered FREE virtual visits for sick children who couldn’t access their pediatrician during Hurricane Irma. Parents were able to connect via video messaging completely free of charge if they had an urgent question or concern about their child. This makes my heart swell!

Boca hurricane superheroes

  1. Their pediatric smart office never closed

While many medical offices had to close during the storm, the pediatricians at Boca VIPediatrics never lost their most important resource: their cell phones. Because each patient has their doctor’s personal number, members of Boca VIPediatrics were always connected. They could be in touch whether they were evacuating or riding out the storm at home. 

Boca hurricane superheroes

  1. They made house calls

In the days following the hurricane, while most offices had no power and remained closed, Boca VIPediatrics Pediatricians were able to make house calls to see sick kids. This is another hallmark service they provide for their VIP families. 

Boca hurricane superheroes

  1. They utilized telemedicine that saved families from having to go to the ER

Boca VIPediatrics offers two life-changing telemedicine products to their VIP families that no other pediatric office in Florida does.

  • A digital otoscope device that clips onto a parent’s iPhone and sends secure video of the inner ear to the doctor via email. If you suspect an ear infection, you can send a video to Dr. Rudnick or Dr. Gilbert using the iPhone otoscope from anywhere in the world. Your child can be diagnosed and treated within minutes.
  • A digital stethoscope that also clips to a parent’s iPhone. It sends heart/lung sounds to the the doctors from any location. They personally saved two separate families trips to the ER by diagnosing pneumonia via the iPhone stethoscope during Hurricane Irma.

Boca hurricane superheroes

  1. They managed/treated illnesses remotely for families who evacuated

With families in over 14 different states during the largest evacuation in U.S. History, the Boca VIPediatrics team was able to arrange for prescriptions, answer urgent questions and make sure their VIP families were healthy no matter which state they evacuated to. Whether it was requesting a prescription from a pharmacy in Georgia or diagnosing an ear infection in New York, Dr. Rudnick and Dr. Gilbert worked tirelessly to provide care during this stressful time for parents.

Bottom line, whether it’s a time of crisis or not (let’s hope for NOT for the rest of the year…), Boca VIPediatrics has once again proven that their team and doctors are more than just an average medical office. They are Boca hurricane superheroes!

Boca hurricane superheroes

Their level of commitment to their VIP patients and the community is one that you just don’t find easily anymore. When your kids get sick, there is absolutely NOTHING better than knowing you have a personal pediatrician for your family who is on call for you 24/7/365…rain, shine, OR hurricane.

For information about becoming a member of Boca VIPediatrics, visit or call (561) 923-9635.

Sponsored: This Boca hurricane superheroes post was sponsored by Boca VIPediatrics. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor.  Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider. Please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are mine.

Top Pediatricians in Boca Spill Must-Have Parenting Secrets

Top pediatricians in Boca Raton, Doctors Chad Rudnick and Paul Gilbert, are no strangers to answering the most commonly Googled questions for parenting healthy kids. Every day at their local office, they block out an entire hour for their patients to conduct wellness check-ups and answer parents’ questions the way docs did in the good ‘ole days. Thecarry black “house call bags” for actual house visits, keep their cell phones on them 24/7 in case parents have questions via text or email, and spend a TON of time focusing on wellness.

More wellness = healthier patients in their book!

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Learn All About the NEW Baby Trend Going Viral in Boca Raton

Soon-to-be parents, you’re in the right place for welcoming a new baby into the world! Boca Raton is booming and there is no shortage of baby-friendly places, businesses and professionals to be a part of your family’s “village” and help your Boca baby arrive in style! But there is one particular Boca baby trend for expectant parents that is causing a stir like no other.

No, it’s not a new baby swing or some futuristic diaper. It’s the ability to have your “pediatrician in your pocket” 24/7 with Boca VIPediatrics.

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$2 Printable Luvs Diapers Coupon!

This Printable Luvs coupon review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

South Florida mom coupon alert! Besides wine and coffee, do you know what I love saving money on most?

The answer is…DIAPERS.

Printable Luvs Coupon #ShareTheLuv

#dailybocaavery may be potty trained during the day, but we are still shelling out diaper money for overnight use. And those diapers need to WORK! The official diaper of experienced parents, Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ are softer and more absorbent than before*, with large stretch tabs for easy fastening, ultra-leakage protection and a money-back guarantee.

printable Luvs coupon
*Vs. product replaced, sz. 2-5

Luvs provide features babies and parents need for less cost than premium brands.

I have some great news! Luvs is sharing the LOVE and offering opportunities to save on diapers for the rest of this month with a $2 print-at-home coupon offer.

  • This week, visit THIS LINK to access a Luvs coupon of $2 off any one diaper pack.
  • Print the coupon at home and use it at any mass, discount or grocery stores where Luvs Diapers are sold.
  • All Luvs Diapers are included in this particular offer, except trial/travel size diaper packs.

Luvs diapers are available in sizes newborn through 6, feature fun designs in every pack, and can be found at mass, discount and grocery stores where baby care products are sold. And don’t forget about their money-back guarantee! They feel so strongly about our diapers that we’ve guaranteed them! If you aren’t satisfied with the leakage protection of Luvs, we’ll refund your money.  See our website,, for details.

Time to print and shop!

For more information on Luvs diapers, visit or the brand’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Choosing a Boca Raton Newborn Photographer for Your Family

If you follow MBMom’s Instagram account or read this Publix Aprons Baby Shower post, then you probably saw that my sister had a baby! A healthy, happy little boy: Aden Thomas. I am a proud Modern Boca AUNTIE! So proud, I even had a welcome home message installed in their front yard…twice…and hired an amazing Boca Raton newborn photographer to shoot my nephew about 10 days after he was born.

Thank you so much to local (mom-owned) business, Event YardCard!

I’d so been looking forward to torturing…er, I mean shooting my adorable nephew, so I called upon my go-to Boca Raton newborn photographer, Sweet Memories Photography, for the occasion!

Owner Naomi Phelps will come to your house at your convenience to take memorable photos of your baby and family a few days after birth. That way, you have time to rest, recover and gather the necessary (read: adorable) props to include in the photo shoot.

Clearly, my brother-in-law’s mind was on March Madness! 🙂

Can you BELIEVE my nephew has the same red hair as my sister? It’s actually harder to tell in person, but these photos make them look like twinsies. Cuteness overload!


I love these shots by the pool. Mr. Aden is even wearing the lobster swim shorts his Auntie purchased for him. I see many summer Maine trips in his future!

And, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get these first photos of the cousins #adenandavery! Of course, they already have their own hashtag…

Scheduling your Boca Raton newborn photographer, Sweet Memories Photography, is easy!
  1. Contact her by clicking HERE.
  2. Request the $299.00 newborn photo shoot package and mention “modernbocamom” for an additional 15% off! Package includes: One-hour of photography time at one location AND a minimum of 75 downloadable images through your own private password-protected online gallery. There’s no obligation to purchase prints (even though I often do), which  I kind of love. One price = all the photos
  3. Download your photos and enjoy them as much as my family loves these!

Hosted: This Boca Raton newborn photographer post was hosted by Sweet Memories Photography. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor.  Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider and please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was compensated for this post, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

Meet One of Our Nation’s Top Pediatricians & Find out WHY he’s Making Boca Home

Paul Gilbert, M.D. may look like a modern-day Doogie Howser (at least for us 80s kids who tuned in to see Neil Patrick Harris in his breakout role), but don’t be fooled. He’s ACTUALLY one of the top doctors in the nation, not just a guy who plays one on TV. Currently at Johns Hopkins, the top hospital in the nation, (!!!) Gilbert is bringing another level of expertise and experience with him as the newest South Florida pediatrician.

South Florida pediatrician: Boca VIPediatrics

That’s right, Modern Boca Mom has the EXCLUSIVE that Dr. Gilbert is making Boca Raton his new home. Keep reading to find out why…

Dr. Gilbert’s experience and expertise doesn’t end at Johns Hopkins, although those are some pretty fabulous bragging rights if you have him as your pediatrician.

South Florida pediatrician: Boca VIPediatrics

He’s also spent seven summers working as Camp Physician at one of the most exclusive sleepaway camps in the country, KenMont/KenWood. “Dr. Paul,” as he is lovingly referred to at camp, is described as a “legend” with the camp’s kids.

South Florida pediatrician: Boca VIPediatrics

We also found out that Dr. Gilbert is a novice waterskier, worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), has a Disney annual pass, and knows how to juggle! What more could you want from your pediatrician?!?

Well…it gets even better…Dr. Gilbert will be joining forces with Boca Raton’s own “Patch Adams,” Dr. Rudnick at Boca VIPediatrics, winner of “Best Pediatrician” in Boca 2016 by Sun-Sentinel!

South Florida pediatrician: Boca VIPediatrics

For those who read this blog regularly, you know that Boca VIPediatrics is the new parent frenzy that recently opened their nearly year-long wait list.

Spots are extremely limited because they take a very small number of patients to provide 24/7 access via email/text/phone to your South Florida pediatrician, house calls, no waits/longer appointments at their pediatric smart office, and virtual visits so you don’t have to go to the office for every little thing.

They’ve received rave reviews and lots of love boasting their extremely personalized level of care from South Florida parents, including a slew of 5-star Facebook and Google reviews.

South Florida pediatrician: Boca VIPediatrics

Boca VIPediatrics has VIPs (Very Important Patients) who travel to see them in Boca from West Palm Beach, Wellington, Weston, Ft. Lauderdale and beyond for their 5-star level of pediatric care and maximum convenience for busy parents. Because parents are able to text/email/call their South Florida pediatrician 24/7, they’re able to diagnose virtually when possible.

So, why Boca VIPediatrics? Because there is truly nothing else like it for parents who value the MOST personalized care, time, and relationship with their pediatrician. Boca VIPediatrics VIPs have the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Access to Text/Email/Call Your Pediatrician Directly to Their Cell Phone (You can also send photos/videos of rashes, coughs, bumps, bruises, etc. for super fast diagnosis and treatment plan to save an office visit)
  • No Waits at their office located in Central Boca Raton, next to the Town Center Mall
  • House Calls for the first newborn exam and after-hours urgent care
  • Virtual Visits using their awesome telemedicine devices that clip into your iPhone (like the virtual stethoscope and otoscope, which sends the doctor video of the inner ear to screen for ear infections or heart/lung sounds to evaluate a cough)
  • Same day appointments and longer, unhurried visits with your pediatrician
  • Affordable, transparent pricing…you’ll likely pay more for your daily latte or cable bill than a membership to VIPediatrics.
It’s truly like having a South Florida pediatrician in your pocket.

Dr. Rudnick and Dr. Gilbert will be working together as a team, so Boca VIPediatrics families will have TWO top pediatricians who know their child’s health history like the back of their hands. After filling their practice within a year, Boca VIPediatrics scoured the country to find the best and brightest pediatrician to join their family.

South Florida pediatrician: Boca VIPediatrics

I’m told spots are already going very quickly, as Boca VIPediatrics caps the number of “VIPs” in each age category in order to provide the most personalized care.

So, how can you lock down a VIP spot for your child? That’s super easy, as long as you act quickly. You can schedule a complimentary “meet the doc” appointment with Dr. Gilbert now!

  1. Step One: Fill out the online contact form or call the Boca VIPediatrics office at 561-923-9635 and speak to a member of their family owned and operated team.
  2. Step Two: Set up a complimentary “backstage tour” and “meet the doc” visit with Dr. Gilbert/Dr. Rudnick.
  3. Step Three: Breathe a sigh of relief that your child’s care is now on another level because you now have “your pediatrician in your pocket!”

South Florida pediatrician: Boca VIPediatrics

So parents, this is a win/win for all. When a top pediatrician decides to make our fair city their home, it means a healthier Boca Raton for everybody.

Please join Modern Boca Mom in giving a warm South Florida welcome to Dr. Gilbert! We look forward to many, many years of you keeping our children the happiest & healthiest with Boca VIPediatrics!

South Florida pediatrician

For more information on Boca VIPediatrics, visit:

Sponsored: This South Florida Pediatrician post announcing Dr. Gilbert was sponsored by Boca VIPediatrics. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor.  Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider. Please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are mine.

Publix Aprons Cooking School Baby Shower

You probably know Publix Aprons from their awesome cooking classes in the Polo Shoppes in Boca Raton. I hear some people take them every single weekend! However, I was introduced to them for the first time because we decided to give my sister a Publix Aprons Cooking School baby shower!

Publix Aprons Cooking School baby shower

No this is not an advertisement, LOL. I just LOVED the experience so much I had to write about it! By the way, my sister had her baby on March 3rd (2017)! A bouncing baby boy: Aden Thomas. My family, especially #dailybocaavery, is so excited!

But back to the Publix Aprons Cooking School Baby Shower…

One of the aspects I loved most when it came to planning my sister’s Publix Aprons Cooking School baby shower is that they pretty much handle EVERYTHING.

All I did in terms of decor was create centerpieces. For this party, I chose to display china plates of Sydney’s Sweet Soaps, one of our recently featured MOMpreneurs located in the Town Center Mall. They looked so real, a guest even accidentally bit into one! These also served as the party favors.

I also asked my best friend Rose, an awesome local art teacher, to create the invitations and a matching banner to display. She did a beautiful job and everything was one of a kind!

Add a few chefs hats and rubber ducks from Oriental Trading Company and you have yourself a cooking themed baby shower at Publix Aprons Cooking School!

To welcome our guests, we had a “social hour” filled with appetizers and champagne/sparkling cider. This is an extra charge- FYI.

If you have 15 guests or less, you can put on a full scale cooking class at your party. If you have more than 15 (up to 44), then Publix Aprons will put on an entertaining yet educational cooking demo according to your theme. You pay per person and can choose to have wine pairings…or not. We chose YES. 🙂

Our theme was BABY, of course! That meant our menu looked something like this:

Pre-Course: Mixed Baby Greens with Toasted Almond Slivers, Blueberries, Goat Cheese Crumbles, and Lemon Poppy seed Vinaigrette

Entrée: Charred Baby Vegetable Ramen with Glazed Pork Belly (Baby Bok Choy, Baby Carrots, Baby Corn)

Dessert: Baby Cream Cheese and Nutella Phyllo Cups

YUM! And that wasn’t the only dessert! We put together the design of our “Bébé” dessert table, but all of the sweet treats came from the Publix attached to the Cooking School, which you pay for a la carte. They just give you a grocery bill at the end and they even bring it over to the party room from the store- amazing!

All in all, it was a shower to remember– a theme and venue many of our guests had never even thought of!

For more information about planning your own Publix Aprons Cooking School Baby Shower:
Publix Aprons Event Planning Store #339
Rolene | Stephanie| Michelle
5050 Champion Blvd.
Boca Raton, Florida 33496

Direct: 561.994.4461

14 Reasons Why Boca Moms Really LOVE this Pediatrician

If you’re a new, semi-new, or even a veteran Boca Raton mom, there’s one essential thing you need…a membership to Boca VIPediatrics! This Boca pediatrician phenomenon taking local parents by storm launched in 2014 as a new wave in personalized, pediatric care.

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out why Boca moms are loving on this new pediatric experience that makes life oh-so-much easier.

This Boca Pediatrician is LOVED: 14 Reasons WHY!

  1. It’s Like a Real-Life 24/7 “Doctor-In-Your-Pocket”

The mind-blowing fact is you essentially have “your pediatrician in your pocket.” If you have a question or concern, you don’t have to Google or go down the WebMD rabbit hole thinking your child has some rare form of the flu. Instead, you simply send an email or text directly to your Boca pediatrician, anytime day or night, and you get an answer back in minutes!

  1. You Don’t Have to Wait…EVER

Believe it or not, when you walk into Boca VIPediatrics, the staff is waiting for YOU and you head straight back to see the doctor. You will save HOURS (maybe even days?) by not waiting on your Boca pediatrician.

  1. You Get that Old-Fashioned Relationship with Your Doctor…

Because of their very small practice size, you get more time with your Boca pediatrician. Dr. Rudnick and their newest pediatrician, Dr. Gilbert, take the time to get to know your whole family. They know your child’s health history like the back of their hand. This helps parents to rest easy that should they need anything, they can always reach the doctor who knows their child best!

4. You Can Send a Quick Text or Email, and Get a Response Back in Minutes

Boca pediatrician VIPediatrics

When you have the ability to send a text or email right to your Boca pediatrician, you can oftentimes save yourself and your child from a trip to the office. Whether your little guy or gal wakes up with pink eye or goes to bed with a brutal cough, you’ll get a treatment plan immediately texted or emailed back to you from the doctor. That means no more having to take a half day waiting for, or wondering if you’ll even get an appointment at another office.

5. They’re Bringing House Calls Back!

Boca pediatrician VIPediatrics

One of the best parts of Boca VIPediatrics is that they perform house calls. For your first newborn visit after you leave the hospital with baby and for urgent after-hours care, they will make arrangements to come to your house. Wow.

6. You Will Be the Envy of All Your Mommy Friends

Imagine sitting with a group of friends at a park playdate when you notice a bug bite on your child’s arm. “OMG! Should you put something on it?”, your mommy friend asks. “No worries. I’ll just text a photo to my pediatrician and ask,” you reply.

Within minutes, you have an answer, the medication dosage, and have officially become the coolest mom on the playground. BAM!

  1. You Have a Quarterback for your Child’s Healthcare

Say your child needs a blood test, an x-ray, an MRI, or needs to see a specialist? When you are a VIP, the Boca VIPediatrics staff sets everything up for you. Whether it’s a same-day visit to see a specialist, an advocate to follow up on test results, or even top priority for lab/imaging, they have your back! Your Boca pediatrician will quarterback all care to make sure your little one is always getting the VIP treatment.

  1. There Are No Sick Kids in the Waiting Room

Boca pediatrician VIPediatrics

Because there are no wait times and office visits are private, you won’t see a waiting room full of sick kids when you arrive. You will never have to worry about your child getting sick from a visit TO the doctor.

9. The Absolute Coolest Telemedicine Products

VIPs have access to the latest & greatest health/tech gadgets. Boca VIPediatrics has even been featured on some of South Florida’s top news networks for utilizing a digital otoscope and stethoscope that clips onto your iPhone to send video/audio to the doctor securely for review.

10. Their Customer Service is Awesome

How much do you LOVE companies with great customer service? Boca VIPediatrics is family owned and operated and has Disney-level hospitality training. You’ll be greeted at each visit with a bottle of water or cup of coffee. They’ll even escort you down to your car to help with your stroller or carseat.

Because of the small practice size, every member of the staff will know you and your family by name. But, the experience is really about your kids. Let’s just say a bubble machine goes a long way with the little ones! And, older kids love experimenting with virtual reality while getting vaccines. These things help make the doctor’s office experience less scary and more fun!

11. They’ve Just Opened their Nearly Year-Long Wait List

After nearly a year of having a wait list in almost all age categories, Boca VIPediatrics opened up a few more spots, so South Florida parents can bring their child’s healthcare to another level. {Although I’m told spots are very limited!!!}

Boca pediatrician VIPediatrics

12. Very, Very, Very Personalized Care

Perhaps one of my favorite reasons why Boca moms LOVE VIPediatrics is their belief that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” healthcare. Every child and family is different and care this personalized actually keeps your children healthier with wellness plans and preventative care. They believe that a “parent’s intuition” plays a big role and take the time to listen and provide an individualized approach.

13. It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Just when you think everything sounds too good to be true and this type of care is going to break the bank, I’m here to tell you…it won’t. With monthly payment plans and insurance reimbursement, you’re going to pay more for your cable bill or daily latte than a membership to Boca VIPediatrics. The words “worth every penny” and “priceless” often come up in online reviews…impressive!

14. The Best Pediatricians (and the Sun-Sentinel “Best of” Award to Prove It!)

Boca pediatrician VIPediatrics

The backbone of Boca VIPediatrics is Dr. Chad Rudnick, who certainly has won the hearts of kids and parents alike in Boca and beyond. With a slew of 5 star reviews on Facebook, and a bedside manner that’s set the town abuzz, Dr. Rudnick has become Boca’s own “Patch Adams!” Joining the team is new Boca pediatrician Paul Gilbert, MD, who comes from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

With second-to-none training at the top hospital in the U.S. and years of experience as a physician at a premier sleep-away camp in the Berkshires, Dr. Gilbert brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Boca VIPediatrics family.

Welcome Dr. Gilbert! I’m sure Boca will be happy to share the LOVE!

Interested in learning more about Boca VIPediatrics for your family?
Call Boca VIPediatrics (561-923-9635) or fill out their online contact form HERE.
You’ll speak with a friendly member of the family owned & operated pediatric smart office, and they’ll give you all the details, membership highlights and amenities for joining as a VIP family.

Sponsored: This Boca pediatrician is loved post was sponsored by Boca VIPediatrics. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor.  Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider. Please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are mine.

Timing is Everything When It Comes to Florida Prepaid

If I’ve learned anything after this weekend, it’s that TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Despite getting the shot, I came down with the flu right before my family and I are supposed to leave for a big conference in Orlando. I’m on the mend now (as I sit at my computer and type out this blog post– thank you Tamiflu), but it really got me thinking about how I need to live my life more in the present…in the now. And right now is your/my last chance for Florida Prepaid enrollment for 2017!

What is Florida Prepaid?

Florida Prepaid College Plans allow you to prepay the future cost of college or university. When your child is ready for college, the plan pays the tuition, tuition differential fee and other specified fees covered under the plan. Until I started working with Florida Prepaid, I had no idea how much misinformation was out there about the plan. Let’s discuss…

Florida Prepaid Enrollment: Myth vs. Fact

Could I lose my investment? NOPE.

Guaranteed – Every Prepaid Plan is guaranteed by the State of Florida, so you will never lose your investment.

I don’t know if my child will go to college in Florida. NO PROBLEM!

Nationwide – Even if your child attends an out-of-state or private college, the plan will pay the same amount as it would pay at a public college or university in Florida.

My child is smart and will probably get a scholarship or two. I don’t want to waste my savings. YOU WON’T!

Scholarships – If your child receives a scholarship, you can get a refund for the same amount as the plan would pay a public college or university in Florida.

This program is a win/win for Florida families!

Florida Prepaid enrollment is NOW!

Florida Prepaid’s Open Enrollment period is now through February 28 (2017). This is the only time each year you can purchase Prepaid Plans- FYI. There is no payment due until April 20, 2017.

It’s your last chance to head to and use my promo code: BLOG1617. You’ll get 50% off your application fee – a savings of $25!

Sponsored: This Florida Prepaid Enrollment Myths post was sponsored by Florida Prepaid via Bloggin Mamas. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider, so please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was compensated for this post, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

That Time I Cried at My Little Sister’s Maternity Photo Shoot…

I had no idea I’d be so emotional at my little sister’s Boca Raton maternity photo shoot. She’s pregnant with her first child, a baby boy, due at the end of February 2017. My first clue should have been when I started sniffling as we passed another couple taking their own maternity photos in front of a giant banyan tree. I guess Spanish River Beach/Park is the place to take photos of your pregnant belly? Who knows, but cue the waterworks!

It’s been awhile since I faced the decision of whether or not to take maternity photos. I lived in NYC at the time, it was the middle of winter and I just couldn’t visualize what I would do with said photos once I had my baby. Wouldn’t pictures of my kid take priority on my home’s photo wall?

The answer is, of course, yes, but there’s something really special about having a visual record of your changing body. Being pregnant, whether you feel good or bad, is a memory you’ll want to cherish. I’m really glad I took the few photos (cozy inside my warm apartment, ha ha) that I did!

Boca Raton maternity photo

Sweet Memories Photography shot my sister at sunset earlier this month and the pictures just turned out beautifully. Naomi Phelps, the company’s founder, is a joy to work with.

Let me know what you think of the shots by commenting below!

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo
Proud cousin/niece #dailybocaavery making a cameo!

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo

Scheduling your own Boca Raton maternity photo shoot with Sweet Memories Photography is easy!
  1. Contact her by clicking HERE.
  2. Request the $299.00 maternity photo shoot package and mention “modernbocamom” for an additional 15% off! Package includes: One-hour of photography time at one location AND a minimum of 75 downloadable images through your own private password-protected online gallery. There’s no obligation to purchase prints (even though I often do), which  I kind of love. One price = all the photos
  3. Download your photos and enjoy them as much as my sister loves hers!

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo

Boca Raton maternity photo

Sponsored: This Boca Raton maternity photo shoot post was sponsored by Sweet Memories Photography. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor.  Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider and please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I was compensated for this post, but that does not impact my views or opinions.