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Would You Be Ready for a Pediatric Dental Emergency?

Parents sometimes need to bring their children to the dentist in between regular checkups. Sometimes, it’s for a planned treatment. Then, there are those…more urgent scenarios. Crash. Boom. OUCH! A pediatric dental emergency in Boca Raton can happen at any time, anywhere. Hence, Dr. Drew Popper of Junior Smiles advises parents to recognize when one is underway.


pediatric dental emergency in Boca Raton - Junior Smiles

Pediatric Dental Trauma

Childhood is a never-ending adventure. Over the years, most kids manage to chip or crack their teeth. They get their teeth knocked loose or knocked out. Things get stuck between them. In fact, Dr. Popper occasionally sees a patient with a tooth knocked in. Knocked into the jawbone. Whoa.


Any blow to a child’s face or head that’s strong enough to damage a tooth (or knock one out) is certainly cause for concern. The top priority is looking for injuries serious enough to require emergency medical attention via 911 and the ER. Absent any, it’s time to seek emergency pediatric dental care. Be familiar with the steps to take at the scene before reaching the dentist.

pediatric dental emergency in Boca Raton - Junior Smiles

Pediatric Dental Emergency in Boca Raton?

A loose baby tooth that just won’t let go usually isn’t an emergency. In fact, there are many DIY methods for parents to finish the job when one’s (literally) hanging by a thread. However, parents who prefer a pediatric dentist to perform this duty instead are always welcome!


A baby tooth, which seems past its expiration date but isn’t loose, should be monitored at home. If the permanent tooth starts erupting behind or in front of a baby tooth that’s still not loose (referred to as “shark teeth”), it’s time to call your pediatric dentist in Boca Raton!


Sneak Attacks

Sometimes a pediatric dental emergency makes itself felt after some time has passed. They often announce themselves painfully. For example, as toothaches or sensitive teeth. The cause frequently requires prompt treatment. Decay and infection are common culprits. By the time these conditions cause significant pain, one or more teeth are very likely at risk.

pediatric dental emergency in Boca Raton - Junior Smiles

Why Worry About Baby Teeth?

It’s important for parents to understand the urgency of dental emergencies involving baby teeth. Until they fall out on their own, baby teeth serve as placeholders and guides for permanent teeth. Injured baby teeth, if not treated promptly, put a child’s future jaw growth and oral health at risk. No parent wants that.


Why a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are the best resource for a kid or teen’s dental emergency in Boca Raton. Dentists like Dr. Popper spend an additional two years (after four years of dental school) in resident training with patients from infants to teenagers, including special needs kids. Thus, at Junior Smiles, they’re familiar with the special issues in children’s oral health. Finally, they’re trained to educate parents and children on hygiene and positive habits. Boca Raton families come first!


And we should know…#dailybocaavery is a patient!

pediatric dental emergency in Boca Raton - Junior Smiles

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