Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in the Coming School Year

Moms tend to be the ones who are responsible for all the preparation for the entire family. Whether that’s ensuring you’re stocked up on Band-Aids and everyone’s favorite snacks or preparing for the busy school year ahead, I know it can be a lot. Fortunately, I’ve learned a few things along the way that may help you transition into the new school year more smoothly…

1. Master the Morning Routine

The morning routine is a beast to conquer but makes life smoother once it is finalized. It doesn’t need to be complex or completely jam-packed. There is no one-size fits all plan. Everyone has a different routine that works for their family.

A helpful tip is to practice before the first school day hits. Even starting a week out to get your family back in the swing of things can help strengthen the routine and see what works.

2. Start the Family Calendar

We all have one: THE FAMILY CALENDAR. My family and I pretty much live and breathe through our shared calendar. Every summer, I begin to organize our fall semester appointments—dentist, orthodontist, haircuts, eye exams, etc.

Now is the ideal time for parents to start scheduling annual physicals and wellness visits and to ensure their children are up to date on all immunizations before school starts. You know your school will be requesting that paperwork. Why not get it done early?

A helpful tip is to try to digitalize the family calendar. There are different apps available that allows you to share the family calendar with other members. With more family members having access, they can share their plans easier, be updated about events quicker and stay up to date on the latest celebrations – Plus they’ll always have it with them!

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3. Ensure Your Kids are Covered

Health and dental coverage is incredibly important for kids to have a healthy and happy childhood. Insured children have a higher success rate in school than uninured students. With access to wellness appointments, immunizations and more – students are healthier which means fewer sick days and more opportunities to learn and excel at school!

Florida KidCare insurance plans are designed specifically with children in mind. With coverage that provides access to the services your child will need at each stage of growth and development, you can #CountOnKidCare to be there for every step along the way.  Florida KidCare offers health, dental, vision, and preventive care, and more!

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I know all my research and planning allows me to give me daughter all the tools she’ll need to take advantage of the opportunities that come her way and be the success I can already see she is! And stay healthy, of course…

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