Importance of Mental Health as a Mom | What I Learned from Simone Biles

What a summer this has been! Between crazy pandemic variants and the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, the topic of health has dominated the news cycle. What’s really news though is the topic of mental health–it’s making headlines on a global scale for the first time…well, EVER. The big story: Team USA gymnast Simone Biles stepped down from the Olympic Team Finals, not because she hurt herself physically, but because of stress after she didn’t land a vault. The GOAT gymnast put her mental health first. What a novel idea!

Importance of Mental Health as a Mom | What I Learned from Simone Biles
Lori Lundin-Fish, PhD, LMFT

Lori Lundin-Fish, PhD, LMFT, owner of Palm Beach Therapy Center and a licensed marriage & family therapist, is impressed by Biles and her decision. I am too!

Plus, being a parent herself, Dr. Lori has been an advocate for mental health as a mom for some time.

The Importance of Mental Health as a Mom

As the summer is coming to an end, many parents are working hard to gather school supplies and scheduling activities for the year. Though everyone’s intention can be positive and supportive, all of this planning can create some stress–even for the most organized of Boca Raton households!

Remember to be mindful of your own mental health, your personal goals, your boundaries, and your limitations. It’s okay to simply not get it all done. It’s okay to take a step back to focus attention on personal needs. As Simone Biles beautifully demonstrated: mental health matters. (Especially mental health as a mom!)

In fact, it matters tremendously! She had been brave enough to use her voice and set boundaries that were right for her. Her decision had not only inspired many but helped to empower them.

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The Importance of Mental Health as a Mom

How to MAKE Mental Health Matter…

Acknowledging the things that bring us discomfort is the very first step in resolving them and discovering solutions. It allows you to begin to set new goals, new boundaries, and to prioritize things that matter at this point in your life.

All too often, people tend to push themselves beyond their limits despite their own knowledge and intuition directing them otherwise. This may even be due to the possibility of unrealistic expectations and personal fears of “letting others down”.

Simply put, people tend to be too hard on themselves. For parents especially, this can become an all too familiar feeling. The weight of “pleasing everyone” IS JUST TOO HEAVY.

6 Reasons Why You MUST Prioritize Your Own Mental Health


What can you check off this list? Spoiler alert: it should be everything! Download, print it out and hang it on the fridge if you feel like you’ll need a reminder during the school year.


Final Advice from Dr. Lori?

Allow yourself the freedom to “let some things fall”. Allow yourself to truly enjoy time off of work as well as time away from the kids. I promise, the beautiful chaos of life will still be there upon your return. But you will be different…and that’s the difference that makes a difference in your mental health as a mom.

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