Top 4 Treatment Plans for Kids at West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center

No parent ever wants to hear that their baby or young child might require therapy. It’s not always easy to come to terms with the fact that you may not have “the perfect kid” and they might, in fact, need a little help.

Cue the mom guilt!

As a parent, I’ve definitely had anxiety about my daughter’s developmental milestones, especially when she was little. I became tethered to one of those apps (you know the ones…) that tells you what your baby and eventually toddler should be achieving week by week. (Spoiler alert: It’s never 100% accurate and this is a much better resource by the way…)

West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center

So, if your pediatrician has advised that you need help or you’re simply wondering what kind of help is out there, my friends at West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center are ready to assist your family!

Services at West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center

If you are concerned that your child is experiencing developmental delays, or has suffered an accident that requires therapy, it is crucial they be treated right away. Don’t delay, mamas! The first few years of life are so important because motor and verbal skills are still in their early stages.

West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center

The West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center offers 4 different treatment plans:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Feeding therapy
Physical Therapy

How do you know your child needs physical therapy? Well, physical therapy can help children who are experiencing a delay or difficulty with movement or gross motor skills. This may become more evident as your child develops or it may be the result of an injury or accident.

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West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is needed when delays or difficulties interfere with a child’s ability to perform daily activities. These include feeding, dressing and grooming, fine motor tasks (such as manipulating small toys, coloring, using scissors, handwriting) and eye-hand coordination tasks. Children with sensory integration issues may also benefit from this type of therapy.

West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center

Speech and Language Therapy

Children may require speech language therapy for a variety of reasons. The speech-language pathologist at West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center will evaluate a child’s verbal and nonverbal skills such as listening, pointing and following simple instructions. Articulation, voice, fluency, oral motor skills and attention span will also be assessed.

West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center

Feeding Therapy

Babies who have difficulty bottle or breast feeding, spoon feeding or adjusting to new textures in foods may benefit from feeding therapy. “Picky eaters” might also be a candidate for evaluation, especially if they frequently choke, cough or gag during eating and drinking.

How to Take the Next Steps…

If you think your child might fall into any of the above categories, first off: BREATHE. You can do this! And better yet, your child can do this. Simply start the process by talking to your doctor.

A written prescription from your pediatrician is required to begin therapy services. To find a therapist who’s right for your family, please call 561-470-KIDS or visit

West Boca Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Center

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