MOMpreneur Monday: Billie and the Brilliant Bubble Children’s Book

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Modern Boca Mom MOMpreneur Monday

Today’s featured Modern Boca MOMpreneur is Tara Travieso, first-time author of Billie and the Brilliant Bubble!

Billie and the Brilliant Bubble Children's Book

Tell us about your background and why you decided to write your first children’s book…

Hi! I’m Tara Travieso and I have two young girls, ages 2 (Addison) and 3 (Alexandria). I wrote “Billie and the Brilliant Bubble” because as a Mom, I found it very important to talk with my children about the dramatic change in our lives due to COVID. I needed to help them understand our new normal. So, I used an imaginary bubble to help them visualize safe space. We used the bubble concept for weeks with our family and friends.

As I continued to hear from others that their children were having difficulty grasping social distancing, I knew I had to share my story. My children are the inspiration and motivation for my book, and now my company Bubble Books.

Billie and the Brilliant Bubble Children's Book

Did you face any challenges writing and publishing a children’s book?

I wrote the book in a couple of days. Then, less than 6 weeks later, I self-published. That means that in 6 weeks: I wrote a book, had it illustrated, secured an official ISBN number, selected a printing company, and completed many other tasks to publish it.

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The most interesting part is that I had absolutely no experience in writing or publishing before this. My career is in professional services (employee benefits consulting). So, becoming an author is a total departure from my day-to-day career!

The book’s illustrator, Bazma Ahmad, lives in India and is also a mom. She is a mother of two (boys, not girls like me). It’s been really fun to get to know her and work with someone on the other side of the world.

Billie and the Brilliant Bubble Children's Book
Book Illustrator Ahmad and her family
What’s truly unique about your story?

The “bubble” concept is simple for children to understand. It’s a fun book that kids enjoy reading while also learning about health and safety in today’s COVID-centric world. Perhaps most importantly, the book presents social distancing in a fun, positive way–NOT scary. We don’t need to overwhelm or create anxiety for our children right now. However, we do need to encourage a little more safe space than what they are likely used to.

Billie and the Brilliant Bubble Children's Book

Why should Modern Boca Mom readers purchase your book?

My hope is that all children are able to use the bubble concept when they leave their homes. The idea of an imaginary bubble that keeps us safe is fun and simple for families, friends, and schools around the world.

The book is now being sold online at retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Target, and local bookstores.  The eBook is also available at

Billie and the Brilliant Bubble Children's Book
Travieso’s two daughters
What exciting things are coming up for Billie and the Brilliant Bubble?

I am thrilled that my second book is now in production and will continue to focus on social distancing education for children.

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What do you love about being from South Florida?

While I no longer live in South Florida, I frequent it often! My parents and in-laws still live in the homes that we grew up in, and we have lots of family and friends there to this day.

Billie and the Brilliant Bubble Children's Book

I also work for a company with a large Miami office, which is where I lived and worked for the last 7 years. South Florida will always be close to my heart.

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Billie and the Brilliant Bubble Children's Book

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