What You Should Do When Your Kid Breaks a Tooth

When #dailybocaavery was 3, she thought it would be a great idea to climb atop her bathroom counter to get her toothbrush by herself. Of course, that little stunt didn’t go as planned and she slipped and hit her mouth right on the sink faucet. I inspected my child for damage and boom: chipped tooth. I was upset…but also relieved. There was no blood. Minimal tears. It could have been so much worse. At the time, I didn’t have Dr. Drew Popper, my handy Junior Smiles dentist in my life! Luckily, he’s now my go to resource in Boca Raton for pediatric dental emergencies. (And hint hint, he should be YOURS too!) This month’s touchy topic? OMG, what to do when your kid breaks a tooth!

Learn about your toddler’s first dental checkup

Toddlers are always stumbling, slipping, and falling – every parent is bound to see a broken tooth making their kid shed a few tears at least once.

Hence, every smart parent should be prepared for such a situation than be confused when the toddler is screaming or crying with pain!

So, What’s the First Thing You Should Do?

Of course, the first thought you’d get after seeing your child with a broken tooth will be to run to a pediatric dentist!

But first, make sure you’re not hyperventilating! Take a deep breath and calm down – you wouldn’t want to scare your child now, would you?

Check if they’re okay apart from the damage in their oral cavity. If they feel dizzy, the emergency room should be your first destination! Once you’re sure your kid is stable, try retrieving the broken tooth and head over to a pediatrician for evaluation.

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How Quickly Should You Get to a Pediatric Dentist?

Should you run, jog, or walk to the pediatrician’s office if your kid breaks a tooth? Well, of course not literally, but you got our point!

Well, it depends on the severity of damage.

  • If you see a chipped baby tooth, a filling might just be what it needs to look and feel normal again
  • It’s not a true emergency unless your kid’s tooth is bleeding, mobile, or sensitive
  • If a large part of a permanent tooth is broken or worse, the entire tooth has fallen, that’s when you’d want to hurry to the dentist’s office

Pro tip: Place the broken piece of a tooth or the knocked off tooth in milk immediately!

kid breaks a tooth

What Will the Dentist Do?

You can expect the dentist to first examine your kid’s oral cavity to determine the extent of damage done. They’ll look for any damage caused to the soft tissues of the lips and gums.

Then, they’ll evaluate the tooth’s root and the surrounding bone to see what kind of treatment may be necessary.

Whatever follows, make sure you’re calm enough to comfort and reassure your child that it’ll be a smooth procedure – because when you’re dealing with an expert, it surely will be!

Introduce Your Kid to the Dentist Early

Children are usually likely to cause damage to their teeth when they’re around 2-3 years old. Ideally, they shouldn’t be meeting with their dentist only after they’ve had a traumatic experience.

Introducing your kid to the dentist as early as age one will help them build a good rapport so if you come in when your kid breaks a tooth, they’re comfortable and relaxed. Regular dental visits in the early years will also teach them the importance of oral care.

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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children to be seen by the dentist as early as six months of age and no later than 12 months of age.  This establishes their dental home.  A dental home is the ongoing relationship between the dentist and patient, inclusive of all aspects of oral health care delivery, in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way.

kid breaks a tooth

Dr. Drew Popper of Junior Smiles Pediatric Dentistry would love to meet you and your child(ren)!  Schedule an appointment today for a family oriented, kid-friendly visit!

Your kid breaking a tooth doesn’t have to be such a frightening experience! The key is to be proactive and have a dental first aid kit at home to deal with dental emergencies. When you’re already prepared, no trauma will be big enough to break your calm mom aura!

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kid breaks a tooth

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