Meet Dr. Marc Goldenberg: Boca Raton Orthodontist & Braces Expert

I don’t own a crystal ball, but I know one thing: my kid is going to need braces. I had them myself…twice. First as a child in Boca and the second time as an adult in New York. It is our daughter’s future whether we like it or not. (And trust me, I see the crowding already.) Luckily, the one thing I DO like is the Boca Raton orthodontist we have partnered with for the next few months, Dr. Marc Goldenberg of Goldenberg Orthodontics!

Boca Raton orthodontist Goldenberg Orthodontics

Dr. Goldenberg is smart, charming and a bonafide braces expert! So, I wanted to introduce you to him because we will be ‘talking teeth’ quite a bit on this blog and Facebook. And if you’re shopping around for a Boca Raton orthodontist for your child, you’ll definitely want to add Dr. G to your list!

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I was born in New York and for the past 10 years, I lived all over the country. I attended college in Baltimore, MD and went to the University of Maryland Dental School where I met my wife and had our first two children, Daniella and Aiden.

After, I went on to specialize at Saint Louis University. It was there that I received my orthodontic certificate and also completed a Masters in Science. I was also chosen to work at the world famous Cardinal Glennons Childrens Hospital where I became the orthodontic fellow for their Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic. And in Saint Louis, we welcomed our third child, Ariel.

Boca Raton orthodontist Goldenberg Orthodontics

My wife Allie is a 3rd generation Floridian and her dream has been to come back ever since she left for college. I promised her when we first got married that I would eventually bring her home. I kept my promise in 2016 when we moved to her hometown, Boca Raton, and one month later, Goldenberg Orthodontics opened its doors!

Did you always want to open your own practice?

As a child, I would always tag along with my grandfather who was a dentist in Montreal. I would run around his waiting room making jokes and hanging out with his patients. I loved the way he was almost best friends with them! And, they loved seeing him…especially if it was through a chance encounter such as the supermarket or park.

Boca Raton orthodontist Goldenberg Orthodontics

Since then, I’ve wanted to open a practice where children and adults alike would be excited to visit. A place where they could come in knowing they will walk out with a smile on their face from their treatment progress or from a funny joke. And like my grandfather, I like nothing better than running into my patients in “real life” outside my office.

Tell us about Goldenberg Orthodontics…

Our office is an a newly renovated building in West Boca, right near the intersection of Glades and Lyons Road. This makes it really easy for my patients who can basically come from any direction. 

Boca Raton orthodontist Goldenberg Orthodontics

My wife is a high school teacher, but has a secondary degree in interior design. She wanted to create an office that felt cool, modern…basically anything but a dental office. And she succeeded!

Boca Raton orthodontist Goldenberg Orthodontics

Boca Raton orthodontist Goldenberg Orthodontics

Patients always come in and comment on how comfortable they feel. And Boca being Boca, they also ask us where we got the furniture and tile because they want it in their house!

What should parents look for as they shop for a Boca Raton orthodontist for their child?

More important than anything is for you and your child to feel comfortable with your Boca Raton orthodontist. You’re essentially about to enter a two year relationship and you want to make sure that your personalities match up.

Now of course, clinical skill is extremely important and you want to try and find a board-certified orthodontist who went above and beyond their normal training and degree to attain excellence. Board certification is a rigorous process that tests every detail of your clinical skill. You also want an orthodontist who is comfortable using all forms of tooth moving techniques–specifically braces and Invisalign. 

Boca Raton orthodontist Goldenberg Orthodontics

What makes Goldenberg Orthodontics different?

A few things set us apart:

  • We are the only Boca Raton orthodontist office open on Sundays. If you’d prefer not to miss work or school, you can see me then!
  • You will be seeing me, Dr. G., every single appointment. There is no round table of doctors for you to guess who you’re going to see that day. One doctor, one practice.
  • We strive to make sure that every patient is seen within 5 minutes of their appointment time. I’m a dad and hate having to wait in doctors’ offices. We’re all busy, so I believe that appointments should be short and efficient.
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THIS. IS. GREAT! Okay, now I may be a little too excited for #dailybocaavery to start her treatment. But we’re going talk about the best age and time frame for your child to start orthodontic treatment next month. So stay tuned!

Boca Raton orthodontist Goldenberg Orthodontics