MOMpreneur Monday: Brilliant Dermatology & Aesthetics in Delray Beach

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Welcome to our latest installment of MOMpreneur Monday, highlighting businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas!

Modern Boca Mom MOMpreneur Monday

Today’s featured Modern Boca MOMpreneur is Elissa Schwartzfarb Norton, MD board certified dermatologist and founder of Brilliant Dermatology & Aesthetics in Delray Beach!
Brilliant Dermatology Delray
Tell us a little about your background and mom life…

I was born and raised in Boca Raton, graduating as Valedictorian from Spanish River High School. I completed my undergraduate education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then, I performed graduate research at Harvard University and returned to South Florida on a scholarship to pursue all of my medical training at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

Being a mom and starting my career has been completely intertwined.  I took the Dermatology Board Certification exam when I was 35 weeks pregnant. My baby was kicking away during the entire exam! I have two sons who are now 3 and 5 years old.

“Prior to opening my own practice, I had many doubts. Would I be able to launch a medical practice while still being a hands-on mom?”

Although it was initially terrifying, inspired by all the other MOMpreneurs out there, I took the leap. I am now proud to say I have a thriving medical and aesthetic dermatology practice in Delray, two beautiful happy sons and a bun in the oven!

Brilliant Dermatology Delray

Why did you decide to open your own dermatology practice?

Medicine has changed immensely in recent years, with trends toward larger groups and hospital-based care. While there are benefits to those models, it was important to me to retain the individual approach to patient care. I love the practice of dermatology and wanted to give personal time and attention to my patients.

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Rather than being an assembly line of medicine, we provide modern dermatologic care with an “old-fashioned” emphasis on relationships. Just like I want my pediatrician to know and remember my two boys, we believe it’s important to treat our patients as individuals.

What is unique about Brilliant Dermatology Delray?

We have really been able to capture the “boutique” dermatology feel at Brilliant Dermatology Delray. Our office is high-end yet cozy. Our patients feel very comfortable there. They know all of our staff by name and are always treated in a kind and courteous manner. In the less than two years since our office opened, we have quickly flourished. I attribute this growth to the top quality and skilled dermatology care we provide in combination with our one-on-one approach.

Why should our readers become your patients?

As a busy mom of two energetic boys, I understand that one doesn’t want to wait for an hour in the waiting room – especially if your baby and children are along for the ride!  We pride ourselves on running on time, so you can expect to be seen very close to your appointment time.

Brilliant Dermatology Delray

We welcome kids! Brilliant Dermatology Delray is a one stop answer for your family’s dermatology needs. We see children of all ages for conditions such as eczema, warts, acne, molluscum, mole checks and more. We also take care of skin cancer exams for moms and dads, not to mention our entire suite of cosmetic dermatology procedures. I mean, why not get some Botox for yourself while the kids are there for their yearly skin check!?

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What exciting things are coming up for Brilliant Dermatology & Aesthetics?

It’s an exciting time for dermatology, and Brilliant Dermatology Delray is in the middle of it all.  In the aesthetics arena, we are proud to provide all of the cutting edge procedures. This includes VISIA skin analysis, wrinkle relaxers, fillers, lasers for red and brown spots, microneedling, PRP and more.

On the medical side, we are experienced with the newest biologic treatments for psoriasis and eczema. We also utilize dermoscopy during all of our exams. The most exciting recent addition to our practice is the arrival of Soraya Bowen, PA-C, a physician assistant with sixteen years experience in providing top medical and cosmetic dermatology services. Soraya is also a ‘Modern Boca Mom’, helping at her three daughters’ school and being a middle school basketball coach!

Brilliant Dermatology
What do you love about living and working in South Florida?

As a MOMpreneur in South Florida, practicing dermatology is the best of all worlds. With the extreme sun we receive here, I am able to use my highly skilled training to diagnose and treat skin cancer every day. While the emphasis on aesthetics allows me to tap into my artistic side, I can provide beautiful natural results to my patients. The warm weather also means that, when I’m not at work, I can enjoy the outdoors with my husband and children year round.

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Brilliant Dermatology Delray

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