5 Great Gifts to Reward Your Soon-To-Be College Grad

From kindergarten to college, it seems like your sweet baby girl or boy grows up in a flash. When they walk across the stage to accept their hard-earned diploma, you’ll be filled with an overwhelming sense of pride at their accomplishments. Whether their alma mater will be the University of Miami or Florida State, treat your soon-to-be-grad to a special present this spring. Not sure what to get? Take a look at these 5 great gifts for a college grad that will help usher in his or her transition to a fully-fledged adult.

Gifts For A College Grad

5 Great Gifts for a College Grad to Reward Their Success

Travel Tickets

If your grad doesn’t already have a job lined up straight out of school, buy them a ticket to travel to one of their bucket-list destinations! Chances are, your student was too busy studying during the semester to really explore the world. Now is the perfect opportunity for your student to broaden his or her horizons. While there are plenty of great spots for family vacations, Most young adults are looking for a trip where they’ll have relative freedom to try everything! Europe is teeming with foreign travelers and has accepted the backpacker culture with open arms. Why not sponsor a two-week trip to France and Spain? Meeting new people, seeing new places, and eating local food can make a major positive impact on young adults.

For one of the more adventuresome gifts for a college grad, hand them a one-way ticket and say, “See you in three months!” More and more Americans are hopping on a trend that’s popular in other developed countries. Young people take a few months off after school to explore new countries on their own. Solo traveling can be a wonderful character-building experience. Plus, you never know what kind of new passions their journey may inspire.

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Professional Shopping Spree

For the grad who gets to start an amazing job right after finals are over, a professional shopping spree might be in order. Show them the ropes of office attire and how to dress for success. It’s likely that they spent their college years in sweatpants and T-shirts, so it’s time to get cleaned up. They might  roll their eyes at your parent fashion, but they’re also at a point where they may appreciate it. Entering the workforce with a brand new wardrobe will give them a sense of confidence they may have been lacking.

New Wheels

While a car might be a cliché gift, it’s never unappreciated. As a true adult, your soon-to-be-grad is going to need a pair of wheels to get to work. But don’t just settle for any old car—go all in with a luxury vehicle that he or she can be proud of! This is Boca after all. 😉 Plenty of top-notch brands offer loaner cars for sale that will be much cheaper than a brand new model. Any Mercedes-Benz dealership or Audi lot should be able to offer enticing deals to put a ritzy car in the hands of your grad for a somewhat reasonable cost.

A Playful Companion

Adult life can be stressful (as your grad will soon find out). Keeping track of bills, cooking your own food, and getting enough sleep to function can be difficult to juggle as a 20-something. You know what helps thousands of people around the world cope with stress? A furry friend! While a dog is probably too much responsibility for a straight-out-of-college kid, a cat or hamster may bring lots of joy to your new grad. Having a pet to come home to will teach your student about accountability and provide him or her with a true companion. One thing college grads don’t expect is how difficult it gets to regularly see friends. This is why a four-legged companion could help soothe any loneliness in those early years.

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Gifts For A College Grad

Family Heirloom

Don’t have a huge budget to spend on gifts for a college grad? That’s no problem! The best gifts always come from the heart, so find a family heirloom to pass down to them on this special day. Whether that’s a necklace, a watch, a book, or a piece of clothing, being responsible for a treasured trinket will make your student feel like his or her transition into adulthood is complete. Pair the gift with a lovely homemade meal and a champagne toast to truly make their college graduation an event to remember.

Completing a Bachelor’s degree is no small task. Four years of sleepless nights—spent studying and filling dozens of journals with notes—pays off on one special day. When your student graduates this spring, be sure to celebrate their success with gifts for a college grad they’ll remember for the rest of their life!