My Baby Got her Ears Pierced!

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with the fact that my baby is really growing up…and quickly. Those feelings were further cemented earlier this month when #dailybocaavery decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. I had told her for awhile now that we would allow her to get them pierced whenever SHE decided to. I missed the window for ear piercing in Boca Raton when she was a baby (nor was it a priority at the time, honestly). So I figured she’d ask when it became popular in her class at school or she entered the pre-teen fashion idol phase.

Little did I know that would happen at age 4.

Are you familiar with the phenomenon known as High School Musical? I personally remember it coming out because Zac Efron became a (hot) thing right afterwards. My NYC roommate at the time also had an uncanny resemblance to Corbin Bleu, another of the film’s young actors. So, I queued it up on Netflix one day and boom: Sharpay Evans (aka Ashley Tisdale) became Avery’s new style icon.

She wore pink. Sharpay danced. She sang. Sharpay wore earrings. It was true love. Avery has since watched EVERY High School Musical cinematic masterpiece along with Sharpay’s Big Adventure. Thanks Netflix.

So, after the annual meeting of the Easter Bunny with her cousin in front of Nordstrom at Town Center, Avery requested to walk over to Claire’s to simply look at the earrings. I knew she was curious and agreed. Before I knew it, my 4 year-old force of a daughter had informed the closest employee that she would like her ears pierced…today.

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I consented to this ear piercing in Boca Raton, but shiz has changed big time, mamas. Remember when it cost $19.99 to adorn your lobes? Now, if you want white gold studs in your “ear piercing starter kit,” plan to fork over close to $70 bucks at Claire’s. That was a fun revelation. Ouch for me and her.

So, my baby climbed into my lap and braced herself. I even thought she might back out as the stealth Claire’s ear piercing specialists loaded their guns and attempted to hide them from sight. They approached my kid on both sides and did the deed– both ears at the same time. (Both ears is key, by the way.)

There was shock. There was crying. And that was just me! Okay, Avery too…but she was fine in about 90 seconds and so, so proud of herself.

ear piercing in Boca Raton
If you zoom in…you can see the single tear in the corner of her eye. <3

It made my heart hurt and swell at the same time. But that’s being a mom, right?

P.S. This post is not an advertisement. However, I highly recommend Claire’s at Town Center at Boca Raton! They did a fantastic job and have always been my go-to for ear piercing in Boca Raton.