7 Modern Ways To Banish Stress From Our Daily Lives

There’s so much going on in our lives these days, it’s easy to get stressed out.

Stress is a feeling that affects each and every one of us in different ways. My friend from California buys alternative medicine from an oc dispensary and has found that it helps her to relax after a long day.

It’s all about finding what works for you and taking time out for self care.

Looking to try something new? Then take a deep breath in, a deep breath out and let those daily worries drift away as we take you through some simple ideas to make life seem a little less hectic.

Here are seven modern ways to banish stress from our daily lives:

  1. Color your worries away

Seven Modern Ways To Banish Stress From Our Daily Lives Colored Pencils
Who said coloring was just for kids? (Image source: Maxime De Ruyck via Flickr Creative Commons)

If you’re not aware of the coloring craze that has been taking over the nation recently, then where have you been hiding? Grown up coloring is ‘in’ and it’s a great way to calm your mind after a stressful day. According to certified art therapist Marygrace Berberian in this CNN article, “Coloring definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring [about] more mindfulness.” So let your creative side out while your troubles fade away! You can find a range of coloring books filled with inspiring patterns here.

  1. Get some Headspace

Headspace (Image source: Titanas via Flickr Creative Commons)
Headspace (Image source: Titanas via Flickr Creative Commons)

Everyone deserves a bit of ‘me time’, so when you’re next feeling super stressed, why not introduce Headspace into your life. This handy app makes meditation simple, and takes up just 10 minutes of your day – perfect for that train ride home or just before bed. Download this easy to use guide onto your phone or tablet and you can learn to meditate whenever the moment takes you.

  1. Protect your phone

For a lot of us, we carry our whole lives on our phones these days. We’d be lost without them, so there’s nothing more stressful than that heart-wrenching moment when they accidentally drop on the floor. Never fear though, the masterminds at tech21 have developed a range of cases that provide the ultimate in impact protection for your phone. Using their unique FlexShock™ material, your device will be safe and sound from drops of up at 6.6ft! Check out their latest range of Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6 cases.

  1. Listen To The Rain

Let your worries wash away with Rainy Mood (Image source: Pexels)
Let your worries wash away with Rainy Mood (Image source: Pexels)

There’s something about the sound of rain when you’re tucked up inside that has a calming effect on the mind. Well now you can take that feeling with you wherever you go with the Rainy Mood app. Let the soothing sounds of raindrops drone out that office background noise when work or stress gets a little too much. Their Twitter feed is also full of inspirational quotes to help you through the day.

  1. Wake Up On The Right Side Of Bed

This mood altering light is designed to make your wake up as peaceful and easy as possible in the mornings. The Bodyclock gently increases in natural light as it’s time for you to get up, helping to banish your sleep hormones and stimulate your awake ones! It’s the perfect gadget for boosting your mood and energy throughout the day. Find the Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30 here and start your day right.

  1. Send Your Stress Into Space

Banish those stressful thoughts from your mind with the help of Pixel Thoughts and the night’s sky. This website lets you fire your worries off into a star (not literally of course), then helps you to meditate and let your cares drift away as you watch the virtual star and your stressful thought fade into the distance. Visit the website and have a go for yourself.

  1. Never Lose Your Keys Again

Trackr promises no more stress over lost keys (Image source: Pexel)
Trackr promises no more stress over lost keys (Image source: Pexel)

When you’re in a rush, you’re bound to lose your keys as you’re trying to leave the house. Eliminate this stress by getting yourself a Trackr, a coin-sized device that attaches to any item and will notify you when you’re about to leave your keys behind. Use the app to ring your lost keys and it will lead you straight to them! You can find out more about Trackr here. And if all else fails, there are local locksmiths in every state, like Clarks Locksmith Solutions Portland Oregon who can change your locks for you the same day and give you a fresh set of keys.

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Feeling chilled out yet? Try to add a few of these ways to banish stress into your everyday life and you will be worry-free in no time.