Easy, Fun Rainy Day Activities with an Educational Twist

I fear monsoon season is upon us, MBMoms. Who needs some rainy day activities for their kiddos?

Rainy Day Activities

Besides the humidity & heat, unexpected seasonal downpours are the norm in Florida. I know I’m not alone in needing some fresh, new ideas and activities I can do with my children at home that will not only grab their attention, but also teach them something.

To the rescue? Here are some fun, rainy day activities with an educational twist courtesy of our friends a at Grandview Preparatory School.

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What can a parent do to educate and prepare their family for strong storms, like hurricanes?

Parents and kids can set up their own weather station at home and follow the path of any tropical storms or hurricanes during the season. They can also make their own weather vane out of materials you have at home. Click HERE to see directions on how to make one!

You can also add a writing component to this activity by having your child record the weather each day. If your child is older or able to write more fluently, you can encourage him/her to write a full weather forecast. Don’t forget to have your video camera handy to record your adorable weather forecaster! You’ll cover all areas of STEAM in this home school lesson and keep your child engaged in learning.

Rainy Day Activities: Cook Up Some Art

Did you know you can bring the ocean home on a cloudy and wet day by making an edible ocean treat? This is a simple cooking activity for you and your child to do. You will need:

  • Blue Jell-O
  • Swedish fish candy
  • Whipped cream
  • Clear plastic cups
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Rainy Day Activities
Courtesy: Nothing But Monkey Business

First, follow the directions for making the jello. Place a few Swedish fish candy in the clear cups and pour the liquid jello on top. Then, put them in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

While waiting for the jello to harden, begin your art activity. You’ll need:

  • White construction paper
  • Watercolor paints
  • A tray with edges
  • Ice cubes

Rainy Day Activities

Have your child paint a fun and sunny day picture. Your child will enjoy using ice cubes to wet the brush. You’ll appreciate not having to change the water cup multiple times and find the ice cubes are much easier to clean up. By the time you’re done painting with your child, your edible ocean treat will be ready!

Don’t forget to add whip cream to create ocean waves on top of the Jell-O (ocean). Your child will love to see their ocean in a cup and enjoy their tasty treat!

Rainy Day Activities: Turn Trash Into Treasure

One of my favorites activities to do at home and at school is to turn trash into treasure. Yup, you heard me right! I have an Innovation Station in my classroom where my students go to create whatever they imagine. At home, we recycle and there are always boxes and bottles for my kids to play with.

My son and daughter designed their own games and we turned our living room into a large arcade room. We used cardboard, paper, ribbons, bottle caps, fabric, and other materials that we found around the house. We had so much fun creating these games, deciding on the cost for each, making prizes, and playing for hours each day.

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Soon, we had friends coming over on rainy days that week to enjoy our arcade. The kids didn’t even realize that they were practicing math skills, using science concepts, and, writing skills.

Next time you go to your local wholesale club or grocery store, consider asking for some boxes to take home for your own arcade!

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