5 Fun Swimming Pool Activities for You and Your Family

Summer is here! And that means it’s time to enjoy the warm temperatures with some outdoor fun pool activities. Whether it’s in your backyard, a community center or resort, a pool is the perfect playground for you and your family to stay active during those lazy summer days.

To give you a head start in planning your perfect summer fun, AquaMobile Swim School brings you some of the most popular swimming pool activities the whole family can enjoy!

fun pool activities

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Marco Polo

What You Need: 3+ players

Safety Rules: This game should be played in shallow water, especially when it involves children. Safety comes first!

Game Rules: This classic favorite is like a game of hide and seek in the water. One player is ‘it’ or Marco, and he must close his eyes and find the other players. When the ‘it’ player yells ‘Marco!’ the other players must respond ‘Polo!’ giving the person who is ‘it’, an opportunity to try and locate them by sound. In the end, whoever is touched by Marco is the next person who is ‘it’.

fun pool activities

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Volleyball

What You Need: A volleyball net, a volleyball, and 2+ players

Safety Rules: Since this game is physically demanding, it is best played in the shallow end. Also, using a softer ball (like a beach ball) is recommended if you are playing with children 10 or under.

Game Rules: Each team can have up to 6 players, depending on the size of the pool. This is just like any volleyball game on dry land. Whether you play for points or not, keep in mind the most important thing is to have fun!

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Diving for Treasure

What You Need: Items that will sink in the water, but are not too heavy

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Safety Rules: This game involves diving underwater so adult supervision is required at all times to ensure your children’s safety. This game is recommended for children that have a good swimming ability and can hold their breath under water.

Game Rules: This game can be played individually or in a team. Place several objects at the bottom of your pool.  Players are timed using a stopwatch as they each dive underwater to retrieve the items. Whichever player/team retrieves the most objects when time is up wins!

fun pool activities

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Water Races

What You Need: Water noodles, water wings, body board, or any other flotation device

Safety Rules: This game requires getting from one end of the pool to the other, crossing from shallow to deep water. Adult supervision is needed at all times.

Game Rules: Using any of the above flotation devices, have a race in your pool. You can pick any swimming style, and engage in a little friendly competition.

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Piranha Ball

What You Need: A beach ball

Safety Rules: Stay in shallow water to make moving around easier for your kids

Game Rules: All players stand in a circle holding hands. The beach ball will be released inside the circle. The goal of each player is to avoid getting touched by the ball. If one player comes in contact with the ball, he or she is out.

MBMtip: To encourage a safe and positive swim environment while playing fun pool activities, always have an adult watching from out of the water, allow everyone to have a chance to play, and incorporate proper swimming skills & techniques into the games.

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What’s your favorite game to play in the pool with your kids? Comment below!

About the Author: Diana Goodwin is the Founder of AquaMobile, a swim school that provides at home private swim lessons throughout North America, including Boca Raton and all surrounding areas.