Your Perfect Boca Raton Roof Cleaning “Solution” is Pressure Perfection

This Boca Raton roof cleaning post was written by my sister and Modern Boca Mom contributor, Lauren Ricks. I am so happy she decided to share her experience with Pressure Perfection with all of us!

It’s fairly easy to find any old pressure cleaning company among all the Clipper ads and door hangers strewn about. But, I wanted to find the “right” company for my (much needed) roof cleaning project. After a ton of research and two cleanings later, here’s why we chose Pressure Perfection!

Pressure Perfection Boca Raton roof cleaning

The gentlemen behind Pressure Perfection

Owners Mike Arnone and Cory Terrell have over 30 years experience in the roof cleaning and maintenance field. They have been serving residents of Palm Beach County since 1997 with quality roof cleaning services at an affordable price. They’re fully licensed in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Plus, they’re really nice guys!

Boca Raton roof cleaning

Why did we choose them for our Boca Raton roof cleaning project?

First, Cory and Mike educated us on the importance of the service that they supply. Not only do they make your roof surface look good, they are also the only roof cleaning company in Palm Beach that uses high water volume with low pressure to clean any surface. In addition, they use an authorized Roof-A-Cide© Applicator which provides a clean roof for two years guaranteed.

This cleaning method was very important to me and honestly, it was the deciding factor in choosing Pressure Perfection because my tile roof is around 20+ years old. Their cleaning method doesn’t break tiles or kill vegetation around the house. Traditional pressure cleaning doesn’t kill mold spores, so they’ll continue to grow in the pores of your roof tiles or shingles. They’ll actually grow faster each year due to South Florida’s high heat, humidity and lack of direct sun.

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Pressure Perfection in progress…

What happens during your roof cleaning?

Pressure Perfection cleans roofs with High Water Volume and LOW Pressure. There is NO Chlorine or Bleach and NO High pressure. It’s also a faster clean than typical pressure cleaners.

After your roof is cleaned, your Pressure Perfection technician will carefully pull the hoses around your house and clean all walls, windows and ground areas from roof dirt. Bonus? They also freshened up my house from cobwebs and light mildew on the walls free of charge.

What’s Roof-A-Cide?

After your roof is dry, Pressure Perfection will apply Roof-A-Cide to kill all the mildew that is deep in the pores of the tile or asphalt shingle. Roof-A-Cide is EPA approved and non-toxic. It will not damage roof tiles, tar paper, metal flashing, metal ventilation, nails OR kill plants.

It stays on the roof and continues to kill any new mildew each time it rains. It’s also backed by a 2 year unconditional guarantee from Pressure Perfection and Roof-A-Cide. Woo hoo!

So, how did my roof turn out?


Pressure Perfection Roof Cleaning


Needless to say, the photos speak for themselves! WOW! Cory himself was onsite and a pleasure to work with. He was very trustworthy, knowledgeable about the whole process and open to educating me on maximizing the years I have left with my current roof.

After the Roof-A-Cide was applied, there was a strong rain a few days later. Believe it or not, my roof looked even brighter than before! It’s comforting to know we won’t have to clean it again for a long time. We highly recommend Pressure Perfection to anyone looking into cleaning their roof, driveway or special surfaces!

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Check out some more Before & After photos:

Pressure Perfection Roof Cleaning

Pressure Perfection Roof Cleaning

Pressure Perfection Roof Cleaning

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