Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party Theme

We all know that in our fair city of Boca, there’s no shortage of creative birthday party venues or ideas. That’s why when my friend Claudia threw her 3 year-old a Boca Raton tennis birthday party, I had to have her write about it for us…


Each year, I seek out a unique birthday party theme that will encourage/support whatever sport/activity my daughter is currently into. Coming from an architecture/interior design pre-mommy career, I really enjoy creating one-of-a-kind themes and designs. This year, my “Boca Raton tennis birthday party” idea came about naturally.

Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party 03

Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party Theme

My daughter developed a big interest in tennis (from the age of 2) after watching tennis competition videos of her older cousins from Peru, who compete around the world. I started researching and found out that Patch Reef Tennis Center was the only academy in Boca that will teach a toddler as young as 3.

Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party 02

She started taking tennis classes in February of this year and absolutely loved it from the very first lesson! Ever since I knew she had an interest in this sport, I thought that she may also appreciate seeing it in real life. As going to Wimbledon is something that I’ve always wanted to do, I thought this would be a nice little trip for me and the family. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to read more about debentures and you could do the same too if you love tennis as much as we do too! That would be such a great memory to have and to look back on.

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I was recommended to look into tennis lessons for my kid after the party. If your child is into sports or just developed an interest like my daughter, you could look into Indianapolis tennis lessons, if you live in this area. Be sure to do your research as you only want the best for you and your kids. Lucky for me, Patch Reef offers a 2 hour tennis birthday party package which includes:

  • 1.5 hours with 3 tennis pros/teachers
  • Half hour food/cake cutting in their air conditioned party room

Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party 06

I decided to have all of the food and cake right on the courts so everyone stayed engaged and guests had the option to snack and drink at their leisure. Patch Reef provided a nice canopied area with tables/chairs for adults and 3 kids’ picnic tables, so all I had to bring was decorations, food and drinks!

Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party 10

The colors for the party were a combination of pink and lime green. The invitations featured adorable pink tennis balls.

Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party 01

Believe it or not, the food was from Costco and my daughter’s fondant cake with dulce de leche filling was from Whole Foods.

Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party 07

All 20+ kids were eager to play tennis and had a ton of fun! For most of the kids, it was their first introduction to tennis and they were very engaged.

Boca Raton Tennis Birthday Party 05

I am thrilled that our Boca Raton tennis birthday party ended up as a successful theme to celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday!

More information on how to plan your own HERE.