5 Things I Learned Sending My 2 Year-Old to Summer Camp

NOTE: This is a throwback blog post for me that I wrote back in 2015. Enjoy! | This week was an emotional one. #modernbocadad and I sent #dailybocaavery to baby summer camp for the first time.

#dailybocaavery at Summer Camp

Baby Summer Camp.

We made the decision a little over a month ago because our 2-year-old (on the verge of being a teenager some days, I swear) is quite social and independent and seemed to be acting out more when she was home with me. She was bored. Our kid needed other kids. She needed constant projects and activities. Our kid needed BABY SUMMER CAMP.

I won’t disclose where we’re sending her to summer camp for privacy purposes, but this #MBMom has learned a few things during this first week.


My Sharpie is my new best friend. I’ve labeled a lunch bag, diapers, food containers, a water bottle, sunscreen and even put multiple business cards in the bub’s backpack to make sure these things return home with her each day.

2. Ask Questions.

#dailybocaavery is only going to baby summer camp for a few hours in the morning, three days per week. That means, I have the whole afternoon to find out about her day! I always make sure to ask the teachers how she did and what they did each afternoon at pickup time.

#dailybocaavery at Summer Camp

3. Pack a lunch with finger-friendly foods. 

Since I know our daughter is not eating in a high chair and is prone to being distracted, I knew to pack easy to eat foods in her camp lunch each day. A smoothie pack (with Sesame Street licensing), cut up fruit, goldfish crackers, pretzels and cheese seem to be the big winners so far.

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4. Prep the night before. 

Each night, I pack #dailybocaavery’s lunch, backpack and lay out her clothes and sneakers. I also make sure to read any handouts that apply to that week’s camp theme. Since I am a reluctant morning person, this ensures that I only have to get the bubs (and myself) dressed and do her hair. It’s either pigtails or braids, so she doesn’t get too hot on the playground.

#dailybocaavery at Summer Camp6

5. Trust that your child will be OK. 

I spent the first morning of summer camp staring at my computer and biting my nails instead of working (like I should have been). I put my phone on the loudest ringer and waited for the other shoe to drop and texted my mom friends tons of ‘sad face’ emojis. Then 12:30 came and I went to pick my child up, convinced I would arrive to a tear stained face and a lunch not touched.


My daughter didn’t want to leave! She had a great day and despite a few tears when I left (per the teacher- she is still a little girl after all), she played, participated and ate. All signs that point to a happy camper!

I knew she could do it.

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