Meet Our Newest Resident! Family Matters Nannies Boca


Family Matters Nannies Boca Raton

Welcome to the neighborhood, Family Matters Nannies Boca!

Meet Tova Rich, MOMpreneur, President and Founder of Family Matters Nannies, a new feature of East Boca Raton’s Mizner Park.

Family Matters Nannies Boca Raton

She’s guest blogging for us today to tell us a little bit about her handy and helpful business for busy MBMoms and Dads.

We’re so glad you decided to base your business in Boca Raton, Tova!

Hello Modern Boca Moms! As a mother of two, I know personally that even MBMoms can face some major challenges when trying to balance it all.

Family Matters Nannies Boca Raton

From being the “Director of Household Duties” to “Social Coordinator” there are a ton of responsibilities that are being juggled, which is one of the reasons I founded Family Matters Nannies.

At Family Matters Nannies, we can definitely relate to trying to manage these duties, a thriving career and somehow attempting to keep the romance alive.  We believe that every mom deserves some help. By hiring a nanny, you are able to delegate a lot of household responsibilities and it is a great solution for busy families.

Family Matters Nannies Boca Raton

Here are a few tips to follow when you are on your journey to finding the right nanny for your family: 
  1. Determine child care needs: When looking for a nanny, begin by taking into consideration the ages and number of children you have. Some nannies are great with infants or younger kids and others with older children.  If you have a larger family, it is important to find someone who is experienced with handling multiple children.
  2. Determine what qualities you want: Once you’ve assessed your situation, the next step is to decide what personality will work best for your children and family. Are you looking for a fun nanny who will happily take your kids to the park on a daily basis? Or for a busy family with a hectic and ever-changing schedule, finding someone who can “go with the flow” will be important. Other families may need someone who can provide more discipline and be an authoritative figure. It’s important to find a nanny who has the personality and skills required for the make-up of your family.
  3. Determine additional needs: At this point you have figured out what qualities you are looking for in a nanny, so now you must determine what you are looking for in terms of additional responsibilities and duties. Driving? Housekeeping? Pet Care? Cooking? Laundry? Before a nanny can be hired, you should determine what it is you actually need, that way you’ll know what skills are required.
  4. Be honest: By this point you should be prepared with all of the important details to start interviewing candidates. You will need to eliminate applicants that might look great on a resume but may not necessarily match your requirements. Also, you will be able to effectively inform the potential nanny of the duties and responsibilities that are required and what the home situation will be like. It is imperative that both parties are on board and desire this to be a long term relationship.
  5. Verify the details: If you think you have found “the one”, make sure to slow down. Did you properly screen your nanny? Did you conduct a thorough background check? Speak to all of the nanny’s references? Verify former places of employment? This individual is about to be responsible for your most precious treasures and it is vital that you cross all of your t’s and dot all of your i’s!
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Family Matters Nannies Boca Raton

At Family Matters Nannies, we’re able to satisfy all of these components and take the stress out of the hiring process. It is our goal to provide families with highly qualified, trustworthy and experienced, full-time and part-time nannies.

For more information about Family Matters Nannies, please visit or call 561.706.7161.

You can also find Family Matters Nannies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Family Matters Nannies Boca Raton

Family Matters Caregivers Inc. is based in Toronto, Canada and Family Matters Caregivers (HK) Ltd. in Hong Kong. Tova Rich handles the business operations for all three locations and has a prominent role throughout the entire placement process. 

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