MOMpreneur Monday: Registry Finder

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Happy MOMpreneur Monday Modern Boca Moms, where each week we highlight Florida businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas!


Today’s featured MOMpreneur is the founder of Registry Finder Online, a handy registry search tool that donates 10% of its profits to charities that benefit children in need.  Meet Cheryl Seidel!

Registry Finder Online

Wedding registries, baby registries…dorm registries?  That’s a new one for me, but indeed, college kids are creating online registries for dorm supplies.  That stuff adds up after all!

How to find out if your favorite college-bound kid has created a gift list?  Check out Registry Finder.

I was introduced to the concept this back-to-school season and was thrilled to learn that it’s now easy (and way less awkward) to find out where that out-of-state friend or family member is registered for their special occasion– whatever and wherever it may be!

I love a fellow internet-based business!  Tell us a little bit about your background and how being a mom shaped your business idea?

While my background is in marketing and new product development, being a mom taught me how to juggle numerous things at once and prepared me for the fast paced world of an internet business.

As President and founder of, I’m responsible for product development, sales, marketing and product management. We have added employees as the company has grown, but when it started I wore all the hats, kind of like being a mom! I didn’t have the idea to start until after my son left for college. It turned out to be perfect timing for me.

Running my own business challenged me, yet gave me the flexibility to visit my kids in college and be there for them when they needed me.

Registry Finder Online 

My kids were actually very instrumental in helping start my business. They were my first consultants!

When I first had the idea, I wanted to create an app. It was my son Hogan who told me I needed a website first. My daughter Haley created the first design of the home page. They continue to be my go to consultants for all things new and hip, keeping me up to date on the latest trends.

How did get started?

I created after I received a wedding invitation from the son of a high school friend. I wanted to send a gift, but had no idea where this out-of-state couple was registered. After lengthy research, I thought to myself, there must be an easier way.

I did some additional research and found there were no simple search engines, like Google, for gift registries. I have a background as a marketing executive and in new product development, so I decided to draw upon my 22 years of experience and create my website.

Registry Finder Online founder

What is truly unique about

Registry Finder online is the only product of its kind and saves time by offering a quick, simple search engine for visitors to instantly pull up every location a couple is registered.

No other registry site has this capability. 

Additionally, you can search all gift registries: bridal, baby, graduation, and all special occasions. It’s a one stop search engine for gifting and we even provide education about the do’s and don’ts of gift giving and answer visitor questions on all things etiquette through my Ask Cheryl  blog!  We also donate 10% of our profits to charities that benefit children in need (Toys for Tots, Orphan’s Hope and CityHouse Delray Beach).

Registry Finder Online 

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Wow!  This does sound like a major time-saver!  Why else should MBMom readers become users?

First and foremost like you said, is a huge time saver, which I think every busy mom can appreciate!

Think of it as the “Google of gift giving.”

The concept was born for the purpose of making people’s lives easier, both for the gift-giver and the recipient. It also takes the awkwardness out of gift giving. You no longer have to ask a friend or family member where they are registered. Now, with Registry Finder online, you can find out with the simple click of a button. We also have a mobile site, so visitors can view registries and purchase gifts on the go.

What do you love about living and working in South Florida?

The sunshine! When I talk to people around the country, they always wish they were here, especially in wintertime. I think it makes me more productive to have mostly sunshine and very few gray cloudy days.

Registry Finder Online

I couldn’t agree more.  There’s nothing like Florida sunshine and a major online time-saver to make this MBMom’s day!

Learn more about on their website at:

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Now tell us, how did you register for your last social occasion? Is online your preferred way?  Comment below!

Here’s the perfect occasion to register for: A Baby Shower! Here is some inspiration from an adorable one I attended recently for a little boy.

Baby Boy shower inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration

Baby Boy Shower Inspiration