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NEW Swim Program Introduced at South Palm Beach County YMCA

Summer is here mamas…despite the recent *bonus* cool front we received last weekend. That means swimming pools and splash pads galore to cool your kids off during the next 6-8 months of sizzling weather in South Florida! We are so excited to partner with the YMCA of South Palm Beach County (basically, the Boynton and Boca locations) to talk about swim safety AND the new YMCA swim program they just introduced.

NEW Progressive YMCA Swim Program

NEW Progressive YMCA Swim Program

The YMCA’s NEW Progressive Swim Program will help local parents make sure their kiddos learn essential water safety skills. This can open up a world of possibilities for children to satisfy their curiosity safely.

Teaching children how to be safe around water is not a luxury. It is a necessity, especially in Florida.

The YMCA swim program is arranged by progressive stages and children are placed in lessons according to their skill and age. Within the levels, swimmers will learn skills such as personal safety, breath control and other fundamental swimming skills they will be able to use throughout their lifetime. Here’s how the classes are divided:

NEW Progressive YMCA swim program

What about the instructors?

YMCA swim program instructors are nationally certified and their training includes:

  • CPR
  • AED
  • First Aid
  • Oxygen Administration

You’ll never have to worry that your child’s instructor isn’t anything less than top notch and professional.

NEW Progressive YMCA Swim Program

Visit here for swim lessons information in Boynton Beach. For more information, please contact our Aquatics Director, Cindy Dube: 561-536-1406 or cdube@ymcaspbc.org.

Visit here for swim lessons information in Boca Raton. Contact Aquatics Director, Bryan Hunt: 561-237-0951 or bhunt@ymcaspbc.org.


NEW Progressive YMCA Swim Program

Sponsored: This post is sponsored by the YMCA Swim Program. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. They are not influenced in any way by the sponsor. Any statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with provider and please refer to this site’s Disclosure for more information. I have been compensated for this post, but that does not impact my views or opinions.

5 Fun Swimming Pool Activities for You and Your Family

Summer is here! And that means it’s time to enjoy the warm temperatures with some outdoor fun pool activities. Whether it’s in your backyard, a community center or resort, a pool is the perfect playground for you and your family to stay active during those lazy summer days.

To give you a head start in planning your perfect summer fun, AquaMobile Swim School brings you some of the most popular swimming pool activities the whole family can enjoy!

fun pool activities

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Marco Polo

What You Need: 3+ players

Safety Rules: This game should be played in shallow water, especially when it involves children. Safety comes first!

Game Rules: This classic favorite is like a game of hide and seek in the water. One player is ‘it’ or Marco, and he must close his eyes and find the other players. When the ‘it’ player yells ‘Marco!’ the other players must respond ‘Polo!’ giving the person who is ‘it’, an opportunity to try and locate them by sound. In the end, whoever is touched by Marco is the next person who is ‘it’.

fun pool activities

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Volleyball

What You Need: A volleyball net, a volleyball, and 2+ players

Safety Rules: Since this game is physically demanding, it is best played in the shallow end. Also, using a softer ball (like a beach ball) is recommended if you are playing with children 10 or under.

Game Rules: Each team can have up to 6 players, depending on the size of the pool. This is just like any volleyball game on dry land. Whether you play for points or not, keep in mind the most important thing is to have fun!

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Diving for Treasure

What You Need: Items that will sink in the water, but are not too heavy

Safety Rules: This game involves diving underwater so adult supervision is required at all times to ensure your children’s safety. This game is recommended for children that have a good swimming ability and can hold their breath under water.

Game Rules: This game can be played individually or in a team. Place several objects at the bottom of your pool.  Players are timed using a stopwatch as they each dive underwater to retrieve the items. Whichever player/team retrieves the most objects when time is up wins!

fun pool activities

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Water Races

What You Need: Water noodles, water wings, body board, or any other flotation device

Safety Rules: This game requires getting from one end of the pool to the other, crossing from shallow to deep water. Adult supervision is needed at all times.

Game Rules: Using any of the above flotation devices, have a race in your pool. You can pick any swimming style, and engage in a little friendly competition.

  1. Fun Pool Activities: Piranha Ball

What You Need: A beach ball

Safety Rules: Stay in shallow water to make moving around easier for your kids

Game Rules: All players stand in a circle holding hands. The beach ball will be released inside the circle. The goal of each player is to avoid getting touched by the ball. If one player comes in contact with the ball, he or she is out.

MBMtip: To encourage a safe and positive swim environment while playing fun pool activities, always have an adult watching from out of the water, allow everyone to have a chance to play, and incorporate proper swimming skills & techniques into the games.

What’s your favorite game to play in the pool with your kids? Comment below!

About the Author: Diana Goodwin is the Founder of AquaMobile, a swim school that provides at home private swim lessons throughout North America, including Boca Raton and all surrounding areas.

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

TRUTH TIME: I have been 50% excited and 50% dreading this swim lesson debate post.

It’s summer in South Florida and water safety is certainly an important topic, but I didn’t realize until #dailybabyavery and I started researching and trying out different local swim schools and teaching methods, how polarizing and scary this subject can really be among parents. The swim lesson debate is real!

You’ve been living under a social media rock if you haven’t seen the latest news about Turtle Power for James Edwards. Several of my featured businesses have either held or attended local fundraisers for James, who experienced a near-drowning in a pool and is currently recovering. Sadly, his story is probably more common than we realize.

So, I am willing to push forward and share my recent “swim lesson experiences” with you, Modern Boca Moms, in an effort to help you make more informed decisions about how you choose to teach your kids about water safety. Just as long as you choose SOMEONE (preferably a professional) to teach your kids about water safety.

However, I’m adding a disclaimer to this great swim lesson debate post: The following is my personal experience only. I am not a swim instruction expert and furthermore, not professionally endorsing any single method of swim lessons or water survival as they can all add value. It depends on your child.  

MBMom was given two complimentary lessons at each South Florida swim school featured below in exchange for editorial consideration in this swim lesson debate feature. This is with the exception of Itty Bitty Swimmers, where I personally observed 3 lessons because of the method utilized (ISR).

Annette’s Swim School 

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

What You Need to Know:

  • No pressure swimming lessons focused on fun
  • Ages 6 months & up
  • Adapted Aquatics certification for special needs
  • American Red Cross CPR & First Aid classes available
  • American Red Cross Authorized Provider
  • Private & group lessons available at your pool or ours
  • Serving Boca Raton & surrounding area

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

Located in West Boca, #dailybabyavery took two private swim lessons with Annette’s Swim School owner Annette Fuller. A mommy herself, she was very patient with us (it was our first lesson EVER) and held Avery’s attention with a combination of songs and interesting toys while teaching us various swim techniques.  

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

The pool where she instructs is outside, but beautiful and very quiet with a changing room/bathroom for Mom or Dad available approximately 25 feet from the pool.  I appreciated that since I was in the water with #dailybabyavery and had to ditch my wet suit before even attempting to get in my car post-lesson.

One of the most important things I learned from Annette was to count to three before starting each swim technique. It signals to the child to get prepared or hold his or her breath. It’s also important to repeat each technique three times for consistency’s sake. I knew her swim lessons had some impact when I found myself singing the Annette “songs” at home when practicing in our own pool!  

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

Since it was Avery’s first set of lessons (and she cried most of the time as you can see below; which luckily I found to be pretty common among kids her age, phew!  I’m not a bad mom!), I stuck around to watch some of Annette’s other students. She calls them her “little fishes” and that’s a pretty accurate description!  

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

The MBMom assessment?  

If you want private lessons at her pool OR yours, Annette’s your girl. She has a devoted base of parents and kids and there’s a reason. I really enjoyed working with her.  

She also provides all new parents/students with an informational packet, beach ball and “Water Watcher” whistle from the USA Swimming Foundation because Annette’s Swim School stands behind water safety and fully believes drowning is preventable. Amen.  

Annette’s Swim School


Quality Swimming

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

What You Need to Know:

  • Swim Lessons for all ages- Private & Group
  • Lifeguard and CPR Certified Teachers
  • 3 South Florida locations
  • Mission is to teach water safety and instill in all students a love for the water

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

For the purpose of this post, #dailybabyavery and I attended two classes at Quality Swimming’s West Boca location (even though they have three), at a great pool attached a local preschool. During this round of testing, we attended one group class and one private lesson.

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

The instructor, Michelle, was so friendly and welcoming. I really liked working with her in both the group and private settings.

But, I’ll be totally honest (and this has nothing to do with the swim school): Avery’s crying was basically cut in half when we attended the group class. It must be because she sees the other kids succeeding (or not), but I think group classes are the route we personally need to take going forward.  

Back to Quality Swimming

Who knew an “obstacle course” could help with swim instruction?  As you can see in the photos, there is a tunnel and specially built platforms so students can stand unassisted in the middle of the pool.  It totally resonated with #dailybabyavery#modernbocadad is even considering building one for our home pool!  

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

Again, this class used song and repetition to reinforce swim techniques, but it relied more on props to help teach…which was a good thing, especially for kids needing distraction, like Avery.  

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

The MBMom assessment? If Quality Swimming has been in business since 1986, then they’re doing something right. And, if you’ve noticed your child does better in a group setting vs. private, this is a good place to start. Plus, the lessons are a lot of fun! The only negative I could find is that there wasn’t easy access to a changing room for Mom or Dad. I noticed most of the other moms just throwing on a towel and shorts and heading out after class. It wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, but it’s worth mentioning.      

Quality Swimming


Itty Bitty Swimmers

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

What You Need to Know:

  • Infant Swimming Resource’s (ISR) Self-Rescue™ swimming program is a 4-6 week course, scheduled 5 days per week, Monday through Friday, for 10 minutes each day

  • With a focus on safe, customized, one-on-one lessons by certified Instructors, ISR’s survival swimming lessons emphasize health, ongoing program evaluations and parent education to deliver the most effective and safest results in the industry

  • The ISR program is for children 6 months to 6 years of age

  • Lessons taught by Liz Goldring at the Peter Blum YMCA in Boca Raton

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate


I’ve noticed that parents either embrace or are appalled by this method of swim instruction. After sending Liz Goldring, owner of Itty Bitty Swimmers, an introductory email telling her about what I was trying to accomplish with this post, she set me straight about ISR. And that’s a good thing!  

I was intrigued and went to observe three classes for myself. However, I won’t lie when I say her email intimidated me…just a bit…

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

Per Liz:

ISR was developed 47 years ago. We do not only teach children how to swim, we also teach them how to Self-Rescue (TM) should they find themselves in an aquatic emergency. ISR is much different than any traditional swim instruction for many reasons, but the biggest is safety. Becoming an ISR instructor is a very rigorous process. We are trained in many areas including precise behavioral observation, sensory-motor learning, anatomy, physiology, behavioral theory, proprioception, behavioral chaining, and many many more acute theories and practices. Of course all instructors are CPR and first-aid certified. 

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

The lessons are 100% tailored to each child and their pace of learning. Each day, the instructor will work with the child to progress through the program at their own pace.  

The lessons are held 5 days per week, Monday through Friday for a maximum of 10 minutes per day. Yes, 10 minutes!

Why 10 minutes? Well, surprisingly, children will fatigue at or before 10 minutes of sensory-motor learning. One of our safety protocols is a vasoconstriction check throughout the lesson to measure fatigue (pressing on the surface of the skin). Once the vasoconstriction check shows we are at our max for the day we get out of the water. This is the safest for the child. Not only is it dangerous to teach a fatigued child, it is non-productive as well.  

The program generally takes 30 consecutive lessons for children to master the skills of either Rollback to Float (children 6 months to 12 months and not yet walking) or Swim-Float-Swim (12 months and walking up to 6+ years old). A child is not considered skilled in either the FLOAT or the SWIM-FLOAT-SWIM until they are able to independently perform these skills both in swim attire and full clothing.  

Now you can see why I was a tad intimidated, right?  

However, reading all of that in an email versus seeing ISR in action (in person) was a totally different experience. It was pretty amazing and the kids were actively learning…in their first week even!  

I give the parents credit. I am kind of a sucker when it comes to my baby crying (although I hear that dissipates after the first week or so), but the parents I witnessed were full on cheerleaders despite their child’s resistance (hesitation?) to the lessons. And clearly, Liz’s sense of calm and capability were the reasons they were so confident.

By the way? This kid was my hero. He was laughing and enjoying his entire lesson. I hope his mom is reading this swim lesson debate post.

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

The MBMom assessment?

This is the most scientific of swim lessons if I’ve ever seen one. ISR is not for everyone…and I’m not referring to the crying, but the time commitment. You need to be able to get your child to his or her lesson 5 days per week for a month or more. That’s too much for many parents. But, the data is there. And HERE are some of the success stories.  

It’s important to note that this was the only set of lessons I attended at an indoor facility.  Rain or shine, 365, it’s swimming time!  

P.S. #dailybabyavery was happy to have a little break during this round of swim instruction. I’ve been working her hard for this swim lesson debate post! 🙂

The Great Boca Swim Lesson Debate

Itty Bitty Swimmers



I really hope that this swim lesson debate post has educated you a bit more about the various swim instruction options that are out there for you and your family. I wish this had been out there for me when I started doing my research!

But that’s the key: RESEARCH. Make sure you do some digging if you want to be a part of the swim lesson debate and ask other moms about their experiences! We’re all in this together and we all want our kids to be safe in and around pools in South Florida.

Now, I want to hear from you! Which local swim schools did I miss? Do you have a favorite? Sound off in the comments below on the great swim lesson debate!