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South Florida moms, it’s time to listen up! If taking care of your own health on a more regular basis is on your fall ‘to do’ list (and it really should be), this post is for you…and me. I got a physical at MD Now earlier this summer and pretty much everything looked good, except for one thing: My cholesterol. No matter how much I exercise and try to eat right, those numbers keep on rising.

It’s frustrating. It’s hereditary.

But, I’m glad that MD Now brought it to my attention. Plus, it reminded me that I need to keep better tabs on my own health and not focus only on my family’s. That’s why I’m excited that MD Now has once again launched something that is changing the game for urgent care. Introducing Direct Care by MD Now, an affordable subscription-based health plan that makes it easy to see a provider at one of 50+ clinics for illnesses, injuries, preventive care, and routine healthcare needs–even if you don’t have insurance! Continue reading Subscribe to Better Health with Direct Care by MD Now

A City-Wide VIRTUAL Scavenger Hunt in Boca Raton for Kids

Children ages 5-12 are invited to engage in our fair city’s month-long, VIRTUAL scavenger hunt in Boca Raton! Through the STEAM through September initiative, a collaboration between the Children’s Science Explorium at Sugar Sand Park, the Boca Raton Public Library, Team Terry Story – Keller Williams Realty of Boca Raton and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center will provide FREE “STEAM through September” activity tote bags, created for students and their families, to engage in STEAM (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering, (A)rt and (M)ath at-home and outdoor activities throughout the month.

What a fun thing to do with the kids this month in our area! And it’s free!

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The COVID-19 Must-Have: A Pediatrician In Your Pocket

Mom-ming in the digital (and pandemic) age definitely has both its perks and drawbacks. We’ve all seen the crowd-sourcing posts in social media moms’ groups. You know the ones… One mom takes a picture of a nasty rash on her baby, then crowd-sources the answers as to what it is. (They usually contain a range of diagnoses from hand, foot and mouth, to poison ivy, and now to COVID-19). Or even the health questions your mother-in-law thinks she has all the answers to. Even though they’re from raising a baby 30+ years ago. While it’s definitely useful to have “a village” helping you raise your child, health is far too important a topic right now to crowd-source or seek answers from non-experts. That’s when a pediatrician in your pocket comes in really handy…

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