How Young is Too Young to Teach Kids About Business?


teach kids about business

There’s no doubt that Modern Boca Mom supports local business, especially women and moms in business. But when it comes to our kiddos, when should we start cultivating their entrepreneurial spirits? Teach kids about business?

I know lemonade stands were popular when I was a Boca kid. I also believe I dabbled in the ‘lanyard key-chain making trade’ once upon a time (football team colors were a bestseller if memory serves). 🙂

But, back to my original question: What is a good age range to teach kids about business? I reached out to Grandview Preparatory School, to find out why this subject is essential to education.

Teach Kids About Business: Advice #1

Take cues from your child! If he or she shows an interest at the grocery store check-out, begins to wonder about coins and paper money, or sets up a neighborhood lemonade stand, then he or she is ready to learn.

teach kids about business

Some children are interested in finances earlier than others. Children as young as 5 years of age can understand the basic concepts of entrepreneurship: saving money, supply and demand, and profit/expenses.

Teaching entrepreneurship is a very good way for kids to get a jump start toward their future. Entrepreneurship teaches children teamwork and financial literacy. It also addresses key skills in math, reading, writing, and even art. Through entrepreneurship education, students use critical thinking and creativity to solve real-world problems. They bring to life the skills they learn inside the walls of the classroom.

teach kids about business

Grandview Preparatory School, for example, embraces entrepreneurship across all school levels.

We have started a partnership with a new, innovative company called Makers Crate to encourage students to be creative, innovative, and to truly think outside the box. Makers Crate provides grade specific lessons and materials that incorporate STEM, business literacy, and art. It is the perfect educational tool to support business learning and entrepreneurship.

Students in lower school (Age 3 through Grade 5) participate in quarterly “Prideville” events. Prideville is best described as Grandview Prep’s “little town” that brings real-world learning to our young students.

teach kids about business

Modern Boca Mom Confession: I am fascinated by Prideville. Here’s what it’s about:

Prideville, Grandview’s small town in business, is an experiential learning activity that is designed to assist students with learning work readiness, entrepreneurship, and personal financial literacy. It provides students with a solid foundation of business, economics, and free enterprise education. Students develop a strong understanding of the relationship between what they learn in school and their successful participation in a local economy.

teach kids about business

teach kids about business

Throughout the school year, teachers deliver developmentally-appropriate curriculum to students in Grades 1 – 5, preparing them for roles as citizens and as workers in Prideville.

Students apply and interview for jobs (including bankers, doctors, city sanitation workers, reporters, servers, and the like) and learn about the roles businesses and government play in a town.

teach kids about business

On Prideville days, students actually move through a day of business. Each student takes on a role as citizen (they must open a bank account, pay taxes, go to the doctor, and buy groceries) and as a worker. To get an idea of how this looks, check out the video we made of highlight clips from our very first Prideville day last year.

Schools that allow students to practice real-world skills and solve real-world problems will best prepare children for the future. We are currently preparing our children for jobs that don’t even exist yet. It is essential that students are taught to think critically and creatively with an eye toward innovation.

Think about that MBMoms: We are preparing our kids for careers that DON’T EXIST YET.

On that note, if you need me, I’ll be sneaking into Prideville with #dailybocaavery…for educational purposes of course. 😉

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A ‘Berry’ Fun Pick for the Family at Bedner’s in Boynton Beach

From contributor, Modern Boca Mom of Multiples…

Bedner's in Boynton Beach

Pack your diaper bags folks, because Bedner’s in Boynton Beach is at it again! Slightly cooler than it was during Halloween season’s Pumpkin Patch, my family and I ventured out to Bedner’s Strawberry U-Pick on Saturday and had a great time…

Bedner's in Boynton Beach

You have the option to pick strawberries (light), peppers (great), tomatoes (good), or grape tomatoes.

My family and I opted for the strawberries and tomatoes. You head out to the area near the pavilion and tell the folks in the extra large booth what produce you will be seeking that day and then they hand you your respective buckets. Easy. The staff answers any questions you may have and then you are on your way!

There is a substantial amount of ‘strawberry picking area’, but you can tell those little red berries are popular as you seek the ripest ones to add to your collection.

Bedner's Farm Fresh Market
Once picked, strawberries won’t do much more ripening, so you don’t want to pick them when they are too green. My 2 1/2 year-old had a ball!! She LOVES strawberries and was so excited to help pick them! The twins, on the other hand at 12 months old, weren’t too thrilled with this outing as they were anxious to shove every berry in their mouth.

When met with the subsequent “No,” well, I’ll let you imagine how that went…

Bedner's in Boynton Beach
  • Start further from the areas that are easiest to access, and get ready to get down and get those plants moving to find the best produce. I think I hit my squat quota for the day while wearing a kid.
  • Go early before the crowd and try a cooler day. They are open 7 days a week, and weekends are much busier as you can imagine.

We went on a cooler day so we weren’t in any big rush to leave. We captured our family moments, and quickly collected our tomatoes and headed to pay. Everything is paid for by the pound and they accept cash and credit card.

Bedner's in Boynton Beach

Bedner’s in Boynton Beach doesn’t have as many activities as they do during the Pumpkin Patch, but they still have a BBQ vendor, the petting zoo, and other farm-like activities that excite the kids while mommy heads into the farmers market store to pick up more local produce (and wine). Bedner’s Market has a large selection of local produce, including the items available out at the U-Pick, if you don’t want to hike around the fields.

Once again, another successful Bedner’s in Boynton Beach trip, worth sharing with all of you fellow MBMoms as we celebrate Strawberry Season! Have fun out there!

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Bedner's in Boynton Beach

MOMpreneur Monday: The Wine Box Creations

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Happy Monday Modern Boca Moms! Welcome to our next installment of MOMpreneur Monday on MBMom, highlighting Florida businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas.

We’re working to bring busi-moms across the state of Florida together to start a MOMpreneur Movement! Why don’t you join us?


Meet South Florida MOMpreneur Daniela Apablaza Sabia, founder of The Wine Box Creations, your one-stop-shop for personalized gift giving!

The Wine Box Creations Modern Boca Mom WM

Gifts. Creative gifts. They’re just not my forte. I wish I had the time and patience to put something original and fun together for every special occasion, be it baby or bridal shower, birthday, wedding or divorce (*wink*), but I usually hit Amazon and throw whatever I purchase in a gift bag. With love, obviously.

But I stink.

Luckily, today’s Boca Raton MOMpreneur is going to start making me (and you) look a lot craftier and creative when it comes to gift-giving. Read on to see why…

So, be honest- do you miss corporate life (pre-MOMpreneurhood)?

People actually ask me all the time, “Don’t you miss traveling?” I simply say, “No.” with a smile and think about all the times I was racing to the airport, going in and out of meetings, and then dashing back to the airport to get stuck in a long security line and dealing with delayed flights. Don’t get me wrong– that wasn’t the case every time.

I loved the excitement of jet-setting before motherhood.

And, I still love the thought of it, but now I’m in a different state of mind. I have the pleasure of truly enjoying it with my family.


Besides all the travel, what is your business and family background? Tell us a little bit about you…

I’ve been living in Boca Raton for the past 5 years after growing up in Miami most of my life. I went to school at Florida State, where I double majored in Marketing and Multinational Business Operations. I now have a beautiful 2.5-year-old daughter and one on the way!

I worked at a prestigious luxury company for 12 years, where I managed different territories throughout my tenure. I was practically living out of my suitcase. When my daughter was born, I decided to devote 100% of my time to her and when I was ready to go back to work, I wanted something I could call my own.


So, you started a wine gifting company! A mom after my own heart…how did you get your business started and why?

After almost 3 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I launched The Wine Box Creations. While taking care of my baby girl, I juggled all the moving parts of starting a business. But, this was not just any wine gift basket business.


The idea of a photographic wine box had to be conceptualized before I could even start registering the business. After many hurdles, involving strict alcohol regulations, and continued determination, The Wine Box Creations was born.

My family and friends were instrumental in giving me the push I needed but my biggest supporter was my amazing husband. He gave me the green light to take the risk and the reassurance that we would be just fine on one income. 


To me it was the perfect marriage. Wine and Photos. I was tired of seeing the boring wicker basket and I was tired of getting “fillers” that I was never going to eat. Really, the only exciting thing about getting a gift basket was the wine itself. So, I began to research the market and saw the potential of product customization through personal photos.


I LOVE THIS! So, the photo boxes are what make your wine “baskets” so different?

With Facebook and Instagram very present in today’s society, people have become great photographers! I decided to introduce an age-old gifting tradition with the modern digital era that we live in today. 

It’s an era where all of our photos live on our mobile devices, desktops and tablets. So, why not find a neat way to use them, to expose them, to make them real and tangible and better yet, “show” them to someone who would really love and appreciate them?


You can literally make a one-of-a-king gift in minutes. What types of items or features can I include?

You begin with the design process of uploading a personal photo and message (or a company logo) on our website, which is featured on the front of your wine box. The Wine Box Creation gives you the power to customize a gift specifically for the person receiving it.  You choose your wine, champagne or nonalcoholic wine and stylish, yet functional accessories.

We carry a variety of accessories, like the cooling pour spout, cheese knife sets, aprons, wine preservers, wine glass charms…. and many more! 


This seems like a great idea for fellow MOMpreneurs as well- for events and employee or client gifts. Why didn’t I know about you before the holidays?!

Yes, we also specialize in corporate gifting with company logos, strategic gifting to help promote events and customized gifting for momentous occasions like wedding parties.

For these larger quantity orders, we offer special pricing and we have an in-house design team that can make the design process easier for you. All of our Wine Box orders come with FREE ground shipping and FREE local delivery, too!


And I always ask…what do you love about living and working in South Florida?

South Florida has so many great things to offer and I want to be a part of that offering. I want to share with others something special that is very unique and like no other in the market. A very important part of my venture is to give back to our community in a charitable way through our wines. Stay connected through our Facebook page for the up and up on The Wine Box Creation’s first year!

It’s all about capturing, creating and celebrating the magical moments. 


Connect with The Wine Box Creations on Facebook!


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Lovin’ Lion Country Safari – West Palm Beach

LCS Modern Boca MomWM

This South Florida winter weather is GORGEOUS and my urge to be outside is stronger than ever! What better place to spend the day than Lion Country Safari? Lion Country Safari (LCS) offers a unique and affordable opportunity for visitors to take a wild African safari without having to leave the country.

LCS Modern Boca Mom Sign WM

In addition to one of my other favorite West Palm attractions the Palm Beach Zoo, Lion Country Safari (LCS) is a prime location to see exotic animals and enjoy some family fun.

Aside from your drive-thru tour of the preserve (+ audio guide) when you arrive, there’s a fun park on property called SafariWorld for after your tour with amusements for all ages.

LCS Splash Park Modern Boca Mom WM

SafariWorld has an awesome splash pad and water slide (bring your suits and towels!) with lunch options right nearby. I highly recommend pushing calories aside for the day and going for a slice of pizza…or two.

LCS Splash Park Modern Boca Mom WM 2

There’s plenty more wildlife to see in SafariWorld plus miniature golf, paddle boats and even a Giraffe Encounter, my favorite part of the whole day! Spend $5 on lettuce and get up close and personal with these amazing mammals while you feed them.

LCS Modern Boca MomWM 2

In fact, as 2014 came to an end, LCS welcomed its fifth giraffe birth of the year! On December 30th, a 70-inch, 165-pound baby boy was born on safari. The baby, named Hakuna, is located in the maternity pen with his mom and fellow newborn, Matata (born on Dec. 16). They are visible til March in the drive-through preserve (section 7, Hwange National Park) or from the giraffe feeding exhibit at Lion Country Safari.

 LCS Modern Boca Mom Koi WM

If you’re looking for a fun, outdoorsy day with the kids, LCS is the place to be! Don’t miss out this season.

Print a money-saving coupon HERE.

Open Every Day of the Year! We recommend 4-5 hours to see everything.



  • Open Daily at 9:30am
  • Admission Gate Closes at 4:30pm
  • Park Closes at 5:30pm

Admission (per person plus tax):
Regular (ages 10-64): $31.50
Seniors (ages 65 and over): $28.50
Children (ages 3-9): $23.00
Toddlers (ages 0-2): FREE
Parking: $7 per vehicle

Buy online and save $2, plus get FREE parking (online sales only).

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