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How to Avoid the Back-to-School EWWs…

back to school illnesses

With school now back in full swing, I have a sneaking suspicion something annoying may come home with your child this fall semester…besides homework.

My guess? Back to school illnesses i.e. a cold or the stomach flu.


So, having the mindset that the best defense is a good offense, Modern Boca Mom reached out to Boca Raton pediatrician, Norina Ocampo, M.D. of Rainbow Pediatrics of South Florida, for some advice on how to best avoid these back to school illnesses… Continue reading How to Avoid the Back-to-School EWWs…

17 Necessities for Back-to-School


How to choose vitamins for kids to go back to school

And I’m not talking about backpacks and notebooks…

How to choose vitamins for kids to go back to school

Congratulations MBMoms! You’ve made it to the midway point of the first week of school OR it might be the first day for your older kiddos (you old pros!). I just love seeing everyone’s sweet pictures on Facebook! It makes me feel equally excited and terrified for #dailybabyavery’s first day of school down the road…

I used to love back-to-school time as a kid…crisp school supplies, new clothes, a fresh lunchbox and backpack. But, I was definitely forgetting about the 17 REAL back-to-school necessities. Also, how to choose vitamins for kids to go back to school. My friend suggested for me to check out Kids multivitamins since they really helped her kids. So I’ve done some research into them and found some fantastic options. Continue reading 17 Necessities for Back-to-School

At the Boca Resort, Sit Back & Say Spa-ahh…


Waldorf Astoria Spa WM

Remember all of the glorious free time you used to have BEFORE you became a Modern Boca Mom?

Ha- me neither!

And that’s why (when I do manage to schedule some valuable ‘me-time’) I try to maximize it accordingly.

Before motherhood, I rarely spent my free time doing things like “taking a day at the spa,” but by God if I haven’t earned that day (or precious few hours) by the time I’m able to nail it on the iPhone calendar now!

At that point, sometimes I feel like I’ve earned an actual vacation…or a day at the Boca Resort Spa! Continue reading At the Boca Resort, Sit Back & Say Spa-ahh…

5 Toning & Tightening Exercises You Can Do WITH Baby at Home

Exercises you can do with a baby

As a mom, especially a new mom, it can be difficult to find time for a workout.  Even when you have the motivation and you WANT to workout (for your sanity, well-being and your waistline!), there’s a new obstacle in your way: you have no one to watch your child.  It’s an all-too-common problem! There are exercises you can do with a baby!

But what if you could workout WITH your baby, without the need for child care, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home?  Problem solved!  You can get your sweat on, your workout in and some bonding time with your little bundle of joy!

Check out these 5 awesome and effective exercises to tighten and tone!  You can perform them with (or without!) your baby in tow!

Exercises you can do with a baby
Image shot at Organic Movements Inc. by Paulina Splechta Photography

1.  Plank.  The plank is a great total body exercise, especially for that core!  Place your baby on his or her back on the floor.  Position yourself over your baby, nose-to-nose, balancing yourself on your forearms and your toes.  Keep your core engaged, your back flat and your tush down – there should be a straight line from your shoulders all the way to your heels!

If you’re feeling unstable or you’re not comfortable balancing over your baby, place the baby lying or sitting directly in front of you.  You can gaze at your beauty as you’re struggling to hold that plank position.  Try to hold it for 30 seconds, and repeat 3 times if you can!
Exercises you can do with a baby

2.  Squats.  A weighted squat is a great lower body exercise and having the weight of your baby also really engages your core!  Hold your baby snugly against your chest, or if you have one, strap the baby in a carrier on your front or your back.  Remember to keep your head up and chest out, and with a flat back bend your knees and squat down.  Try to keep your knees behind your toes throughout the entire movement (tip: push your tush back as if you’re about to sit in a chair)!

Try for 10-15 reps, and repeat this 3 times if you can!
Exercises you can do with a baby

3.  Push-ups.  The push-up is a great upper body and core exercise!  You can put your baby in the same positions as discussed in the Plank section above. Start in an extended arm plank position.  Bend your elbows to lower your body down, then push with the chest and shoulders to extend the elbows and push your body back up!

You can also do this on your knees, rather than on your toes, to make the exercise a little easier. (Don’t forget to steal a kiss each time you lower down!)  Try for 10 reps, and repeat 3 times if you can!
Exercises you can do with a baby

4.  Lunges.  Walking lunges are another great lower body and core exercise! You can put your baby in the same positions as discussed in the Squats section above.  Remember to take nice long steps and don’t feel silly doing them in your living room or around your dining room table!  If you don’t have enough room, you can simply lunge forward and then bring that same leg back to the starting position, then lunge the other leg forward, and so on.

Both knees should be at 90 degree angles while in the lunge position and, again, keep the knees behind the toes!  Try for 6-10 lunges on each leg, alternating, and repeat 3 times if you can!
Exercises you can do with a baby

5.  Lying leg raises.  This is a great exercise to target those lower abs!!  Lie on your back and place your baby sitting on your stomach facing you or lie them down chest to chest.  Hinge at your hips to lift both legs straight in the air, then slowly lower them down to almost touching the floor (you can rest them on the floor if you need to!) and then bring them back up again!

Try for 10 reps, and repeat 3 times if you can!

Exercises you can do with a baby

Remember to have fun, do what you can and enjoy this special time with your baby!!

What are some exercises you can do with your baby, MBMoms?

(Disclaimer: Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program.)

Modern Boca Mom contributor Samara is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for health, fitness, and social media. In her “downtime” from mommy-ing two boys, she is an account executive for a boutique social media firm and the founder of healthy living blog, Peace, Love and Ice Cream!