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Vaccinated Boca Parents, Unvaccinated Kids: What’s Safe to Do as a Family?

COVID-19 vaccines are now available to everyone age 16+, so many Boca parents have done their part to help combat the spread of COVID in our community by getting their shot. But what happens when you’ve had your vaccine (yay vaccinated Boca parents!), but your kids aren’t eligible to get theirs yet? And how long until kids ARE eligible? When can we resume family travel? And the biggest question of all…WHEN CAN WE ALL JUST GO BACK TO NORMAL?!

Vaccinated Boca Parents, Unvaccinated Kids: What's Safe to Do?Local Pediatrician, Chad Rudnick M.D. FAAP of Boca VIPediatrics weighs in with some sound advice on keeping us all sane during this vaccine “limbo” time. “Clinical trials are underway and we expect kids ages 12 and up to be eligible in the next couple of months,” says Dr. Rudnick. “But the timeline for younger children may stretch out until closer to 2022.” Not exactly the news vaccinated Boca parents want to hear…

So…does this mean that those of us Boca moms with little ones at home are stuck isolating again like last summer?!

“Not necessarily,” says Dr. Rudnick. “As long as we continue to stress the importance of vaccines for those who are eligible, we’ll hopefully see the number of cases decrease and we can protect babies and young children who are not yet eligible.”

Okay…so no isolating, but no giant crowds either? Is there a happy medium? How can we best protect our Boca kids while still enjoying life events, time with family/friends and activities?

“Each family is going to have to determine their own comfort level with risk…while the long term effects of COVID are still unknown, there is also the balance of keeping kids completely isolated from social activities and the resemblance of a ‘normal’ life,” Dr. Rudnick says. “We’ve seen that schools and daycares can be run safely and kids can interact with other kids and learn, play and most important… just be kids.”

So we compiled a list of top tips for venturing out with young children this summer, with Dr. Rudnick weighing in on his best advice for each scenario. Whatever your family chooses, remember the most important rule of thumb: If you or your child is sick or were sick recently, please stay home!” Continue reading Vaccinated Boca Parents, Unvaccinated Kids: What’s Safe to Do as a Family?

How to Have the Most Relaxing Boca Raton Evenings

Relaxing during your Boca Raton evenings is a difficult goal for most of us. We live in a fast-paced, busy world! Your mommy to-do list and the voices in the back of your mind telling you to be MORE, and to do BETTER, don’t help either.

Thinking too much is an unfortunate consequence of spending too much time alone. We get it. This past year, isolation was necessary for safety. But, it has nevertheless been destructive to mental health. Let’s take back control, one Boca Raton evening at a time, using these tips to have the most relaxing nights ever! Continue reading How to Have the Most Relaxing Boca Raton Evenings

Pregnant In a Pandemic: A Survival Guide For Boca Moms-To-Be

Welcome to pregnancy! Who doesn’t love those body changes and aches, the constant urge to pee, food cravings and aversions, the beaming (searing?) South Florida sun… And now, it’s all in the midst of a pandemic! Let’s add in masks, social distancing and a very odd state of affairs to the mix…and here we are as budding Boca moms-to-be!

While your journey through pregnancy may not look exactly how you envisioned it, the reward at the end of this incredibly strange year(s) is pretty much the best gift you’ll ever receive! {There IS a light (and a cocktail) at the end of the tunnel!}

But that doesn’t stop the stress, the over-thinking, and the desperate need to plan every last detail in a world that currently allows for NO planning! (Thanks for nothing, C*VID!) Luckily, as a veteran Boca mom, I can prepare you along with the help of the experts prior to activating your membership to the best club you’ll ever join. I spoke to the baby whisperers over at Boca VIPediatrics and together, we compiled this list to help you keep calm and mama on…even in the midst of a pandemic.

Continue reading Pregnant In a Pandemic: A Survival Guide For Boca Moms-To-Be

3 Ways to Invest in Your Sleep as a Mom (When It Doesn’t Come Easily)

Looking to improve your sleep? You’d be wise to do so. Sleep has so many important effects on your mind and body. Good sleep can strengthen your immune system, improve your memory, boost your mood, and increase your concentration. Poor quality sleep, on the other hand, can lead to stress, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

If you want to take your sleep to the next level, it’s time to invest in your sleeping routine. Read on to learn our favorite ways to invest in your sleep and achieve the best sleep possible. Continue reading 3 Ways to Invest in Your Sleep as a Mom (When It Doesn’t Come Easily)