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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 2014 South Florida Edition

Father’s Day is less than a week away and Modern Boca Mom has been a little too BUSY with this blog to plan or shop for the upcoming weekend…I better get on it.

Luckily, I’ve found some fantastic (and last minute) gift-able options for the Dad in YOUR life!

So, without further ado, let’s celebrate the #modernbocadad!


Photo Credit: Dawn Renee Photography

Face it: we live in South Florida and it’s sunny most of the time. Cheap sunglasses just aren’t going to adequately protect your eyes, especially if your #modernbocadad likes to spend his time at the beach or play any water sports!

So, when I was introduced to Hobie Polarized and Under Armour sunglasses (for the whole family- Dad isn’t the only one who lucked out!), I sighed with happiness because these glasses are stylish, sturdy, very protective and will stand the test of time.

Plus, they make a FABULOUS gift!

Since 1950, Hobie® innovations have been changing the way we live, play and compete on the water. For Hobie Alter it all started with a big dream in a small garage. What followed was a new way of life in Southern California, and a new way of looking at our watery world. Hobie® Polarized sunglasses have become an integral part of connecting sport enthusiasts to the water by providing a better kind of vision: clearer, sharper and more precise. Since 1982, Hobie® Polarized is the only choice for active water sportsmen.

I was sent several Hobie Polarized glasses to test– for myself and they are fantastic and fashionable.  You may have even seen my fancy #haveahobieday  photo on MBMom’s Instagram (if not, you should follow us!  What are you waiting for?).

This style is the HP Bondi Shiny Crystal Purple Tortoise Fade Frame with Sunset Mirror Polarized PC Lens.

2014-06-06 17.18.01

#dailybabyavery was sent a youth pair of Under Armour shades, specifically the UA Dynamo Shiny White Frame/Charcoal Gray with Blue Mirror Lens.

UNDER ARMOUR® PERFORMANCE EYEWEAR delivers superior vision, strength, comfort and adjustability.  From lens technology that provides enhanced vision edge-to-edge to revolutionary frame material that is ultra-lightweight and strong, UNDER ARMOUR PERFORMANCE EYEWEAR is built for athletes.  Whatever the conditions, and whatever your sport, UNDER ARMOUR® PERFORMANCE EYEWEAR is doing something for you: it’s making you better.  

I think #dailybabyavery embodies the above description completely.  🙂

2014-06-10 09.46.24

But, this post is supposed to be about Dad, right?  OK…

So, here is one of my favorite Under Armour styles for men modeled by my own #modernbocadad.  It’s his favorite too, the UA Alloy Satin Silver Frame with Lime Green Rubber Temple & Nosepad with Multiflection Lens:




Looking sharp!

Check out the complete Hobie Polarized and Under Armour catalogs HERE.  

Rub a dub dub, time to send Dad to Fusion Chiropractic Spa, Delray’s Most Affordable Spa, for a full body massage!  

I sent #modernbocadad there late last month to give their NEW $35 One Hour Massage a test drive and HE LOVED IT.

I even plan to head back myself to try one of their European Facials…it’s a one stop “body” shop!  Chiropractic care, massage + beauty!




1836 S. Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL 33483

At the SW Corner of Linton

Stop by Fusion Chiro Spa to grab a gift card and make an appointment for Dad today!

Call: 561-243-0233;

After a relaxing massage, the next thing your #modernbocadad probably wants is an adult beverage.  Now, you and I both know that you’re supposed to drink a lot of WATER after a rubdown, but it is Dad’s Day after all!  A special occasion!  Shh!

How about selecting an option from Dad’s new 7 Bottle Bar?

For the Bourbon Drinker

Nothing says, “thank you, Pops” quite like a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon – awarded the 2012 Ultimate Recommendation, 95 Points, in the Ultimate Spirit Competition. With hints of ripe plum and cherry, spicy aromas, maple syrup and cocoa, this Kentucky born single barrel bourbon is both a thoughtful and delicious present.  [SRP:  750ml, $35.99]

Preference for Premium Vodka

With an edgy and eye-catching bottle and an award winning taste, Crystal Head Vodka is the perfect gift for the dad who appreciates ultra premium vodka that’s as much art as it is legend. Created by actor Dan Aykroyd, Crystal Head Vodka is an award winning “pure spirit” with no added glycerin, citrus oil or sugar.  [SRP: 750ml, $49.99]

Rye Wise Guys

Give a nod to the past and help your old man kick back with a glass of “The Good Stuff.”  Based on the original Prohibition era recipe and aged in charred new oak barrels, Templeton Rye provides a smooth finish and a clean getaway.  [SRP: 750ml, $35.99]

Taste of Ireland

Teeling Whiskey

Simply stated, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Small Batch Teeling Whiskey. Since 1782, The Teeling family has been notorious for their vision of doing things differently and with an entrepreneurial spirit. The influence of a Zacapa rum cask during the final aging  and a higher percentage of alcohol gives Teeling Small Batch a unique smooth, sweet, slightly woody flavor that dances on the tongue.  [SRP: 750ml, $39.99]

Rum Lover

Reserva Exclusiva

The finest gold rum today is Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum. Bold and complex flavors make it the ultimate gift for the father who’s a rum enthusiast. The rum is first distilled in column stills and then again in copper pot stills and is aged in re-used bourbon and whiskey casks for eight years – giving it that inimitable rum character and making it a favorite for anyone who tries it. [SRP:  750ml, $35.99]

Tequila Enthusiast- for the #modernbocadad Wish List!

The new Casa Noble Santana Barrel is the perfect score for dads, uncles and brothers this Father’s Day. Aged for five years in Taransaud French Oak Barrels, the tequila achieves a golden amber color and an elegant taste with notes of vanilla, orange peel, flowers and spices. Carefully selected by Carlos Santana himself, there are just 500 handcrafted bottles being offered worldwide. Proceeds received from this exclusive experience go to support The Milagro Foundation.  [SRP: $500.00]

Taste for Excellence- for the #modernbocadad Wish List!

NEW last drop

This year, award your father with an extraordinary experience that is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.  The Last Drop’s 50 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky is not just any blend.  More than 82 whiskies went into the original marrying vat, 50 years ago, many from distilleries long ago closed and forgotten.  The 50 Year Old is the smallest offering of The Last Drop Distillers with only 388 bottles produced.  Jim Murray, the world authority on whisky, awards it 96.5 – among the World’s top 20 whiskies.  [SRP: $4,000]

#modernbocadad had the opportunity to try the Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum and he described it as “beautifully crafted and full of flavor.”

I will also go on record that when it arrived in the mail, it was all he could talk about: OPENING THE RUM.



Definitely an early Father’s Day gift WIN for Modern Boca Mom!  

Purchase any of these bottles to make a 7 Bottle Bar for Dad at:  Total Wine & More

Now, let’s say that #modernbocadad accidentally spills one of his cocktails…how about a beach towel to clean it up?  

Just kidding.

You wouldn’t want to use one of THESE for anything but the beach or pool!

Introducing Vertty, a completely new brand of designer beach towels. With a unique zigzag design and a rainbow of options to choose from, Vertty reinvented the beach towel, transporting the city’s sophistication to the casual environment of the beach.

Kind of sounds like my mission at Modern Boca Mom!  🙂

Towel 2

P.S. Doesn’t this guy look like Prince Oberyn from Game of Thrones?

Vertty towels are 4 inches larger and 30% lighter weight than most other towels on the market. Because of the towel’s innovative fabric, Ketten (90% cotton and 10% polyester) they dry faster, while also having a brilliant waterproof pocket to hold your smart phone.

Towel 1

Vertty towels are handmade with its production meeting the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Translation? All materials (chemical and textile) used to make them are eco-friendly.

 Towel 4

You can purchase them online at; SRP $89.90.

Vertty towels are offered in nine hue-drenched color choices: Classic Orange, Classic Blue, Classic Green, Classic Yellow, Midnight Blue, Coral, Enigma, Savvy, and Jade.

Now, we wouldn’t want to forget the ‘Dad-to-be,’ would we?  

BellyLove Maternity Boutique is offering a 20% off special on “DaddyScrubs” at their Parkland  store location.  How great are these?

Ideal hospital attire for when the new little one arrives…perfect for those first family photos.

Daddy Scrubs

Last but not least, how about a little culinary treat with a twist for Dad?

Have you ever heard of a DRUNCH???  The folks at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa have planned a day that will add a little “old spice” to a typical fathers day outing.


You’ve heard of Brunch?  Breakfast and Lunch combined into one meal.  Well, Drunch takes it one step further – Drinks plus Brunch combined into one meal.  Now that’s what I am talking about!

P.S. I think this was a regular Sunday for us back in our pre-baby NYC days…

Fathers will be treated to a Whiskey tasting featuring “High West” Whiskey, an award-winning whiskey line out of Ohio.  In addition, Fathers will be sampling our own “The Whisky Bull” a modern twist on the Bloody Bull using Campfire Rye Whiskey/Scotch Blend and our own house recipe of Mary.

Don’t worry, mom, kids and the rest of the family, there will be plenty of (non-alcoholic) treats for you to indulge in as well!

Contact restaurant reservations by calling 561-540-4924 to save your table today!

Happy Father’s Day everyone!!!

Disclaimer: Modern Boca Mom was given complimentary sunglasses, a massage and bottle of rum to review for this gift guide.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Beachfront Dining: It’s Why We Live in Florida, Right?

It has been awhile since I posted a kid-friendly dining review on Modern Boca Mom, so I have an authentic, South Florida beachy option for my fellow MBMoms this week: Beachfront dining in South Florida.

JB’s on the Beach in Deerfield Beach.

Between #dailybabyavery’s christening and 1st Birthday celebration this year and the unseasonably AWESOME May weather, we’ve had quite the number of visitors showing up from the Northeast.  We love it!  And, we especially love to take them to restaurants with an ocean view to give them a true SOFL experience.

There are limited options in Boca Raton aside from the Boca Raton Resort or the NEW Waterstone, so we usually head to Deerfield Beach to drink or dine.

JB’s on the Beach is a great option for our family because the restaurant is kid-friendly, the cocktails/drink options are original (and delicious) and the food is always solid…especially the coconut shrimp appetizer or dinner (to die for!!!).  We love the nautical atmosphere and how open the restaurant is as well.

Best of all, a meal there doesn’t cost a fortune (and valet is pretty cheap).  It’s reasonable for family dining, especially right on the beach. In Florida, these are always great spots to enjoy the indoor/outdoor dining with the whole family.  Especially if they dining location accommodates kids. Win win!

Check out my snaps from our most recent visit:

Beachfront dining in South Florida

Beachfront dining in South Florida

Beachfront dining in South Florida

Beachfront dining in South Florida

But is JB’s on the Beach truly Mommy AND child-friendly?
Here are your Modern Boca Mom stats:

Stroller Image

Stroller friendly: YES.  Inside and out. This way you can keep everything close by.

Changing Station

Family restroom: Changing table + large enough to bring a stroller inside. This is extremely helpful when you have all those extras that we need to cart around for the kiddos.

Kids Menu

Kids menu: YES.  Check it out HERE.

Enjoy the beachfront dining in South Florida!

Beachfront dining in South Florida


Have You Tasted Blue Apron?

Honesty time: I may be a Modern Boca Mom…but I am the furthest thing possible from a Modern Boca Chef. Why not Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery!

I don’t mind shopping or cleaning up (I’m quite good at both), but cooking absolutely stumps me.  NYC just enabled me even further the past few years by having the most amazing takeout and delivery options available (miss you so much Seamless!).  So, here we are in Boca-burbia having to find recipes and shop for 7 evening meals per week for our family of 2.5 people.

MBMoms, aren’t you tired?  I’m exhausted.

The last thing I want to do after working and taking care of #dailybabyavery all day is search through cookbooks and drive to Whole Foods or Publix.  That’s why I’m so glad a friend of mine introduced me (and #modernbocadad) to Blue Apron.

Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery is simply a better way to cook.  It’s a weekly recipe + ingredient delivery service that you subscribe to (yes, it’s national!  I thought it was just in NYC at first) for approximately $60 per week for two people ($9.99 per person per meal; quantities/prices go up from there).  They plan, shop, measure and deliver ingredients for 3 surprise recipes that get delivered to your door each Wednesday.

That means our delivery is arriving today- yay!  I love getting the menu emailed to me in advance of each week and looking forward to the unique dishes.

Each week is typically one beef, seafood and chicken dish-  FYI.  You can also get vegetarian meals if you like.  The reason I like it so much is because it takes the THINKING out of 3 dinners per week.  That’s a nice little break.  It also makes for a fun date night at home!

With Blue Apron, you receive:

Original Recipes from Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery

  • Complete meals with 500-700 calories per serving
  • 35 minutes to prepare on average
  • Pre-portioned ingredients to save time and reduce waste
  • Easy to follow beautifully printed recipe cards

Here are some photos of recent Blue Apron meals we [read: #modernbocadad] created!

Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery

A typical delivery box

Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery

Ingredient organization

Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery


Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery

Roasted Chicken with Jalapeno-Herb Salsa, Mixed Citrus & Cracked Wheat Berries- YUM!

Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery

3-Chile Beef Chili with Red Kidney Beans & Pepper Jack Cheese- SPICY & DELISH!

Blue Apron at home cooking and delivery

Chicken, Baby Artichoke & Spinach Casserole with Gouda Bechamel-


Everything is delivered fresh to your door and there is literally zero ingredient waste!  And, we’ve pretty much had extra portions with every meal which makes the price even more desirable.

Learn more about or sign up for Blue Apron HERE.

Bon appetit MBMoms!

NYY STEAK Coconut Creek Hits One Out of the Park

Yankee Stadium.  New York City.  Coconut Creek. What could these places possibly have in common? NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, of course!

Apparently, one of the best steakhouses in South Florida is at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek.  Who knew?  I dragged (read: he was willing) Mr. Red Sox fan a.k.a. #modernbocadad to the southernmost outpost of NYY STEAK on Saturday night.

Our date nights typically keep us in the Boca/Delray/Deerfield areas of SOFL (Ft. Lauderdale or Palm Beach if we’re feeling extra adventurous).

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

Around every corner, you’ll find signature Yankee touches like an autographed wall of past and present players. Even the memorabilia and baseball diamond-shaped dishes marked with retired Yankee numbers.  Even #modernbocadad had to admit they were clever…

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

(The delicious garlic mashed potatoes.)

The NYY Steak Coconut Creek ‘s award-winning, open kitchen (it’s made of glass– so is the butcher “shop” when you walk in), the finest dry aged USDA Prime steaks, seafood and desserts are presented to customers in top form.

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

We ordered a delicious bottle of Pinot Noir and Blue Point oysters (yum)! Not to mention the onion rings (which were as big as glazed donuts, I’m not kidding- see the photo below). The previously mentioned garlic mashed potatoes and split a 12 oz New York Strip (cooked medium rare and dry aged for 21 days).

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NYY STEAK Coconut Creek ‘s dinner menu which can be viewed HERE.

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

If you’re looking to dine al fresco, NYY STEAK also features an outdoor dining area and their indoor Legends Lounge offers a chic option to enjoy live entertainment and amazing drinks with friends if you’re not craving a huge meal.

NYY Steak Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

MBMom’s experience at NYY STEAK Restaurant Seminole Casino Coconut Creek was overwhelmingly positive and definitely quelled some of the NYC homesickness #modernbocadad and I been having lately (now that warm weather has arrived in the city, of course).

The only negative I would HAVE to point out is the restroom location for the restaurant.  It’s located in the main casino, which is fine, but I didn’t love that I had to leave the restaurant to use it.  A small price to pay for a great dining experience and date night…even if your husband is a Red Sox fan!

You can make reservations for NYY STEAK directly on Seminole Casino Coconut Creek’s Facebook page OR on their website:

Disclosure: MBMom was given a gift certificate to taste the restaurant cuisine.  As always, opinions and reviews are my own.