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MBMom’s ‘Girls Night Out’ Ideas: Food Edition

From contributor Modern Boca Stay at Home Mom

MBMoms Night Out Ideas Food Edition WM

Welcome to our last installment of MBMom Night Out Ideas for 2014!
I hope you’ve enjoyed our series thus far – and just in case you missed it, check out our other ideas for Drink-, Staying In– & Fitness-themed girls nights!
A great meal makes for a great night, especially when you already have great company by your side! And, NEWS FLASH, an excellent meal does not have to sabotage your diet with thousands of unnecessary calories and foods that are just plain unhealthy!  There are plenty of options out there that can satisfy your taste buds and allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle!


So we’ve come up with a few options (all in Boca either at or around the Town Center) that we think you’ll love on your next night on the town!
  • Seasons 52: Seasons 52 is casual but upscale and sophisticated.  Their rustic cooking techniques bring out natural flavors and, you may need to sit down for this one, NOTHING on the menu has more than 475 calories! Awesome, right? Talk about a meal you can feel good about eating!  They use ingredients that are in-season and at their peak of freshness to ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice on taste while eating healthy!  Sounds like the perfect MBMom Night Out!

  • Pinon Grill: Pinon Grill is conveniently located right at the Terrace at Town Center, but you’ll never know you’re at the mall once you walk through their doors.  The ambiance is hip without being stuffy and the bar is very chic! Their seasonal menu contains delicious “New American” cuisine options prepared with a premier selection of fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients! And there are plenty of specialty drinks to choose from – you and your girlfriends will not be disappointed!

  • Farmer’s Table: This restaurant is a real winner in terms of both taste & quality! Everything that they serve in their “farm to table” cuisine is made in-house. They don’t use cream or butter (EVER!) but don’t let that scare you….because you’ll soon realize that their fresh, natural ingredients don’t even need it! They have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.  Talk about a healthy dining experience! Sit with your girls in the bar area, in the main dining room or even outside on the patio – either way the warm, earthy vibe will have you feeling as comfortable as if you were eating at home (minus the dirty dishes and clean up!).


Where will you and your girls go for dinner on your next MBMoms Night Out?

Samara is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for health, fitness, and social media. In her “downtime” from mommy-ing two boys, she is an account executive for a boutique social media marketing firm and the founder of healthy living blog, Peace, Love and Ice Cream!

MBMom’s ‘Girl’s Night Out’ Ideas: Fitness Edition

Welcome to another edition of Girl’s Night Out, MBMom-style! We’ve covered Drinks….we’ve covered Staying In….so this time we decided to get moving!

MBMoms Night Out- Fitness Edition WM

Who says a Girl’s Night can’t get the heart pumping…literally!
‘Fit’ is the new skinny (it’s true!)! More and more of us include fitness and activity into our daily lives – and if you don’t, you REALLY should! One big incentive is that you casn post your fitness activities on instagram! If you are looking to get started with Instagram then you may be interested to know that with Buzzoid buying Instagram followers is super easy! So we compiled a list of fun workouts and activities that you can do with your friends on your next MBMom’s Night Out!
And hey, you can always go grab a drink with your girls AFTER the workout…you’ll have earned it!
Psst…you can buy the cute sign from our featured image on Etsy here.

Races: Running as a group is fun – chatting helps to pass the time and your friends may give you that extra motivation that you need to just keep going! If your gal pals like to Run, Forrest, Run – build a team and go for it! There are “fun runs” happening all over the country all the time – and who says a Girl’s Night Out can’t be switched to a Girl’s Day Out?!
The Color Run is coming to Sun Life Stadium in Miami in November. Their slogan is “The Happiest 5k on the Planet”…who would want to miss that? Remember to wear white and, after a few short miles, you’ll leave with a smile and covered in paint from head-to-toe! Good times!

Pole Fitness: This sounds VERY intimidating, I know, but if it’s not taken too seriously it can be a HUGE amount of fun! It’s a great workout and, when paired with some “liquid courage”, it could be the great time you and your friends have been looking for!
Most studios offer private classes if you want to keep it “for your eyes” only – POLESTARS in Hollywood and Boca Brickhouse in Boca are 2 of the dozens of local studios where you can get your pole dance on! Give it a try…you never know, you may learn a thing or two! 🙂

Boca Brickhouse Pole Fitness

Tennis: ANYONE can hold a racquet and swing it – whether you make contact with the ball is another story! Tennis is fast and fun – perfect for a girl’s night out! A “round robin”-style tennis tourney is a great way to sweat it out and get in a ton of laughs! Keep it light, make up your own rules and relax – it’s all in good fun!

Pound: You’ve seen it on MBMom’s Instagram, but if you haven’t experienced Pound Rockout Workout on a Friday night at Organic Movements in east Boca, you are missing out on a FUN TIME. Pound is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming with drumsticks called Ripstix™!

2014-05-02 19.05.18 WM

You can burn between 600-900 calories per class…which will make up for the bottle of wine you bring in your gym bag to drink with your girlfriends after in the OM kitchen. 🙂


What are some of your ideas for a MBMom Night Out, fitness-style?? Comment below!

Samara is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for health, fitness, and social media. In her “downtime” from mommy-ing two boys, she is an account executive for a boutique social media marketing firm and the founder of healthy living blog, Peace, Love and Ice Cream!

Mompreneur Monday: Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Happy Monday Modern Boca Moms!  Welcome to our next installment of MOMpreneur Monday on MBMom, highlighting Florida businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas.

Today’s MOMpreneur is Susan Mussaffi, the lady behind Boca’s newest health-conscious cafe (opening in October 2014), Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse!
Apura Juicery

Hi Susan! We obviously want to hear all about your cafe (we LOVE juice & coffee!), but tell us about yourself!

I worked in the finance world for many years in New York City, but it was challenging to have a Wall Street career and be a mom of 4!  I had always longed to be an entrepreneur a “mompreneur” and do something that I felt passionate about.  I fell in love with cooking and this became my passion for the last 20 years.

Apura Juicery

In March 2010, I lost my first husband in a tragic accident.  My life completely changed and I was responsible for caring for my 4 children alone. I felt a tremendous weight to take control of my health for my family.

They lost one parent and I wanted to do what I could to ensure that I am here to raise them.

Apura Juicery

Oh my. We are so sorry to hear about your husband.  You are an inspiration for being able to take your passion – and use it in a positive way – during that difficult time.  Can you tell us more about how you decided to turn your passion for health and cooking into a (new!) business?

I realized that many of the choices that I made for myself and my family were not healthy at all.  I wanted to share the knowledge of how plant based foods can help heal and transform your health.

The best way for me to do this was to open a cafe, and the idea for Apura was born!

Apura Juicery

More and more people are becoming aware of what they are eating or drinking and putting into their bodies– whether it’s organic, vegan, gluten-free or locally sourced.

I wanted to create a concept that featured plant-based cuisine, juices that are fresh and easy dishes that not only look and taste great but make my guests feel great. This is in addition to creating a community to share what I learned in my research and for people to understand the link between what they eat and how they feel.

Food is the foundation of our health; what we put in is what we get out.

We believe that if we live our lives with intention and incorporate simple, daily practices we can transform how we look and feel. We are offering a healthy gourmet experience that will help you feel your best to help live with vitality and radiance.

Tell us more about your new outlook on raw foods and health…

I was first introduced to plant-based cuisine in 2013 during a process of personal growth and discovery.  I gave up meat and animal products “cold turkey” and immediately noticed the benefits of this healthy new lifestyle. So I jumped headfirst into learning all I could about plant-based cuisine, doing extensive research and preparing new recipes at home.

Apura Juicery

Preparing raw vegan food is so completely different from anything I had known. I collaborated with vegan chefs, traveled and bought every book I could get my hands on. I completely immersed myself into this for 10 months.

What are some of the things that you will serve at Apura?

At Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse we serve nutritious cold-pressed juices, cold-brewed coffees, handmade nut “mylks” and whole, plant-based food, all “made with intention” on site daily.

While the cuisine and juices are plant-based, made true to the principles of raw veganism, I hope to appeal to all types of guests by translating popular, recognizable dishes into raw iterations that make the experience an enjoyable, culinary discovery for all.

Apura Juicery

Apura also offers juice cleanses which assist in detoxification and give your digestive system a well-deserved break. It can also help you transition into more mindful eating and can even help you lose weight by increasing your raw food consumption and eliminating processed foods.

What’s great about Apura’s offerings is that even though they are all plant-based, you will never lose out on flavor!

Apura Juicery

Opening up a business is hard enough, but what have been some of the challenges you’ve faced in the process of starting Apura while raising your kids?

The most challenging piece has been learning how to cook the food and build a restaurant from the ground up. It has been very stressful at times. The other challenge is not letting the stress affect my family. It is important to me that I am present and happy when they walk through the door.

My family is very supportive of my business decisions. We are a team and they want me to be happy.

I have always worked.

I remember telling my 12-year-old daughter what I wanted to do and she told me I was an inspiration to her and that I have showed her that a person can live their dreams.

Some of the kids have been more open than others. I believe now they are very excited and want to know if all their friends can have free smoothies!

While we’re anxiously awaiting the opening of Apura, what can you leave us with?

We will be celebrating our official opening in October 2014. We are excited to finally be able to connect and get involved in the community.

We will be offering cooking classes and all types of education. Additionally, we have been working on a Vlog series where I can share some of my clean eating cooking tips, healthy habits for children, easy recipes for families, male-friendly cuisine and much more!

Apura Juicery


Apura Juicery

You can connect with Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

22191 Powerline Road, 20B | Boca Raton, FL 33433

Southwest corner of Powerline Road and Palmetto Park Road

MBMom’s ‘Girls Night Out’ Ideas: Staying In Edition

It sounds like an oxymoron, but sometimes a Girls Night “In” is the best kind of Girl’s Night Out!
 photo MBMomNightInCollage_zps038b6677.jpg

A night out is great – to get dressed up, throw on some heels & paint your face is definitely a good time! But aren’t we all a little more relaxed in our flannel pajama pants, a tank top and some slippers? That’s when we can really let loose!

For this month’s edition of Girl’s Night Out, we are bringing it home, ladies!! And I did my research for this one! I (casually) polled some of my fellow Modern Boca Moms to see what THEY want to do on their next night “IN” and I think you’re all going to really like their ideas!

It’s a mix and match list so you can do one or do all – either way I promise you a great time!

  • Cooking Class / Make Your Own Dinner

 photo MakeYourOwnPizza_zps836643bc.jpg

I know…it’s supposed to be a relaxing night – who wants to cook dinner?? But cooking can be a fun and relaxing experience, especially with a little wine and your girlfriends by your side.

You could get as fancy or as casual as you’d like here! You can hire a catering company to come in and teach you and your girls to cook a 5-course meal, how to roll sushi like a pro or throw up the dough to make personal pizzas. Or, skip the instruction all together and wing it!  Sometimes that’s more fun anyway!

As a bonus: set up a candy bar or ice cream sundae buffet. Dessert is the perfect end to a great dinner!

  • Exclusive Shopping Event

 photo TrendyTruck_zps7e0b324b.jpg

Shopping (online) is so much more relaxing in the comfort of your own home, but actually seeing and feeling the merchandise makes it even better!

See if your favorite boutique will do a “private experience” with a select number of pieces.

What about calling up the Trendy Truck, #SOFL’s first boutique on wheels? They will bring all kinds of fabulous clothes and accessories right to your doorstep, literally!

  • Wine Tasting


You can hire a professional to come in for the real deal! They bring everything, from the wine to the glasses, you just supply the thirsty tasters!

They’ll also tell you how to classify wine, what region it’s from, words to describe its taste and aroma and what foods you can pair with it.

Too much information?

You could also go super simple – have everyone bring their favorite bottle and set up your own tasting!! Get some grapes, crackers and mixed cheeses and you’re all set!!

  • Game Night

I’m not talking Monopoly or gin rummy (although those are 2 of my personal favorites!). We need fast-paced games that will make for lots of laughs!

Pictionary or charades – especially after the wine tasting – are oldies but goodies!  Cards Against Humanity is a simple card game that is sure to be a huge hit – you will literally be laughing out loud! Catch Phrase is another good one! A little friendly competition between girlfriends is healthy – and winner gets bragging rights until the next Girls Night! 😉

Want an expert’s advice for your next Girls Night? Our friend Miranda Murray, founder of Event & Design Services, has some tips for you:

 photo EventDesignandServices_zpsc2b771b5.png

Of course traditional wine tastings, spa nights or jewelry parties are always fun – and they’re at the top of our list!  But why don’t you try to incorporate a twist into your night…perhaps a ‘wine & painting’ party or even a ‘yoga & wine’ party!  

Feeling charitable? Make it a ‘girl’s night with a cause’ to raise money for your favorite charity!

What are some ideas that YOU have for your next MBMoms Night “In?” Comment below!

Samara is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for health, fitness, and social media. In her “downtime” from mommy-ing two boys, she is an account executive for a boutique social media marketing firm and the founder of healthy living blog, Peace, Love and Ice Cream!