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In Search of South Florida Pumpkin Patches this Fall?

Pumpkin Lattes. Spiced bread. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin beer.

T’is the season in South Florida for all things pumpkin and fall. Unfortunately the weather does not come close to even reflecting the change in season, so we South Floridians rely upon pumpkins to set the tone…and nothing says pumpkin more than a good ole South Florida PUMPKIN PATCH.

Today we shall focus on two can’t miss South Florida pumpkin patches for Fall; one in the west and one that is east. Continue reading In Search of South Florida Pumpkin Patches this Fall?

How to Survive a Day at Zoo Miami with 3 Kids

This Zoo Miami post is from Modern Boca Mom of Multiples…

Zoo Miami with kids

Having twins plus a daughter (all under the age of three) terrorizing our household makes me feel like I actually run a zoo these days. So why bother going to one? Just kidding of course…but that’s what led us to go on a field trip to…Zoo Miami!

Zoo Miami with kids

We loaded the little monkeys, I mean kiddos, into the car and hauled them the hour down to Miami. Our family spent the day at the zoo and what a fun trip it was!

Zoo Miami not only has an excellent collection of animals, reptiles and bugs large and small, but also plenty of areas whose sole purpose it to get all of that extra energy out of your wee ones before you get back into the car!

Zoo Miami with kids
Petting zoo, playground area, and a splash pad are the major attractions to wear the kids out, as well as a lot of walking!

Walking not your gig? You can either purchase a ticket to ride the monorail for a bird’s eye view of all the fun without navigating the crowds, or you can rent a Safari Cycle and ride around the park for a few hours. Zoo Miami has nice, wide walkways that make this surprisingly comfortable, even on a busy day.

Zoo Miami with kids

We chose to walk, pushing the kids in the stroller while wearing one in the Ergo and although tired at the end of the day, it was quite nice.

The kids enjoyed the animals, and mom and dad enjoyed a beer (or two) as we leisurely strolled on the cool day. Zoo Miami offered a good amount of food choices, as well as the aforementioned beer, but it would seem as though most people brought their food in that day, despite the signs advising you against it.

Zoo Miami with kids

We stayed at the zoo for 4+ hours and still didn’t manage to see everything! Our family did come upon a monkey feeding which left our 2 year old entranced for a few minutes, but skipped the giraffe, bird, and rhino feedings. For a nominal fee, you can perform them yourself.

Zoo Miami with kids

We received a zoo pass as a birthday present for the twins, so we will be going back again soon, before the summer heat oppresses us!

They have some great deals, packages, educational opportunities, camps and more.

Zoo Miami with kids
Now, back to my own zoo at home…

An easy day trip with family or friends, Zoo Miami is conveniently located off Florida Turnpike’s Exit 16, on the way to other great points of interest in south Florida, including the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

Zoo Miami
1 Zoo Boulevard 12400 SW 152 Street
Miami, FL 33177
Phone: 305-251-0400

Learn more:

What’s your favorite South Florida Zoo? Comment below!

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A ‘Berry’ Fun Pick for the Family at Bedner’s in Boynton Beach

From contributor, Modern Boca Mom of Multiples…

Bedner's in Boynton Beach

Pack your diaper bags folks, because Bedner’s in Boynton Beach is at it again! Slightly cooler than it was during Halloween season’s Pumpkin Patch, my family and I ventured out to Bedner’s Strawberry U-Pick on Saturday and had a great time…

Bedner's in Boynton Beach

You have the option to pick strawberries (light), peppers (great), tomatoes (good), or grape tomatoes.

My family and I opted for the strawberries and tomatoes. You head out to the area near the pavilion and tell the folks in the extra large booth what produce you will be seeking that day and then they hand you your respective buckets. Easy. The staff answers any questions you may have and then you are on your way!

There is a substantial amount of ‘strawberry picking area’, but you can tell those little red berries are popular as you seek the ripest ones to add to your collection.

Bedner's Farm Fresh Market
Once picked, strawberries won’t do much more ripening, so you don’t want to pick them when they are too green. My 2 1/2 year-old had a ball!! She LOVES strawberries and was so excited to help pick them! The twins, on the other hand at 12 months old, weren’t too thrilled with this outing as they were anxious to shove every berry in their mouth.

When met with the subsequent “No,” well, I’ll let you imagine how that went…

Bedner's in Boynton Beach
  • Start further from the areas that are easiest to access, and get ready to get down and get those plants moving to find the best produce. I think I hit my squat quota for the day while wearing a kid.
  • Go early before the crowd and try a cooler day. They are open 7 days a week, and weekends are much busier as you can imagine.

We went on a cooler day so we weren’t in any big rush to leave. We captured our family moments, and quickly collected our tomatoes and headed to pay. Everything is paid for by the pound and they accept cash and credit card.

Bedner's in Boynton Beach

Bedner’s in Boynton Beach doesn’t have as many activities as they do during the Pumpkin Patch, but they still have a BBQ vendor, the petting zoo, and other farm-like activities that excite the kids while mommy heads into the farmers market store to pick up more local produce (and wine). Bedner’s Market has a large selection of local produce, including the items available out at the U-Pick, if you don’t want to hike around the fields.

Once again, another successful Bedner’s in Boynton Beach trip, worth sharing with all of you fellow MBMoms as we celebrate Strawberry Season! Have fun out there!

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Bedner's in Boynton Beach