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Michelle Olson-Rogers

In my own words: I am a Boca Raton native who moved to NYC for almost ten years and then came back to Boca after having my first child– a Florida boomerang of sorts!  After spending my twenties in Manhattan, I still crave the culture, events, activities and businesses that were available to me and my family in the city…right here in South Florida…along with other Boca moms.

I’m so happy to be home. And my family and I are taking advantage of everything “SoFL” has to offer!

How to narrow it down?


Helping Boca moms up their lifestyle…

After living back here for several months, I could not find a comprehensive yet selective, organized, online source of information when it came to activities and businesses targeting the city-oriented “mom set.”  From word of mouth, mommy to mommy, Modern Boca Mom was born.  Here, you will find tried and true RECOMMENDED local activities, businesses, services and amenities for the modern and stylish South Florida Mommy, whether you live here or are simply visiting our paradise!

I’m a Boca mom to daughter #dailybocaavery, passionate about building this website and working as the Associate Director of Advancement at the site’s longtime client, Grandview Preparatory School.  Much of the information I share comes from speaking to my fellow Boca moms or from my fabulous MBMom contributors below!

Whether we have large or small family budgets, I realized that we’re all searching for the latest and greatest for ourselves and our families within the Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach and surrounding South Florida areas.

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Modern Boca Mom Contributors: 

Jennifer Gene, the Modern Boca Real Estate Mom

Jennifer Gene Family 2

Jennifer thinks that “Work” should be fun…trust her, she used to drive the Wienermobile, worked for ESPN College GameDay and was a professional poker player!  NOTHING compares to owning her own real estate business and being one of us Boca moms, though!

In her own words: I traded in wiener whistles for binkies and use my poker skills to negotiate deals for my real estate clients. I can relate to the young family looking to buy their first house and to the parents looking to sell a home they raised their family in. I know what out of state grandparents want in a 2nd home and understand that rental properties can be both necessities and investment opportunities! I’ve sold over $10 Million dollars of real estate in South Palm Beach County while having 2 kids under two and haven’t missed a bedtime story yet!

Margaret Schaffer, the Modern Boca Design Mom

Margaret Schaffer Boca moms

I’m excited to announce that we have our first Bravo-lebrity contributing to Modern Boca Mom!  But, Margaret is so much more than that, Boca moms…

In her own words: I’m a full-time home stager at my company ReStyle Home, wife and mom of two little ones living, working and playing in beautiful Boca Raton!

As the “Modern Boca Design Mom,” I share my passion for all things home, while keeping it real.

Work/life balance isn’t always so neat. Life gets messy sometimes- and I get that.  I understand what families need, want and dream about in the place they call “home”.  I’m your one-stop-shop for real estate advice, kid-friendly home staging tips and easy DIY ideas to spruce your space.

Essentially Erika, the Modern Boca Crunchy Mom

Essentially Erika Boca moms

Erika is a self-proclaimed city slicker turned “stay at home crunchy, granola, tree hugging conscious parent” which is why she’s our “Modern Boca Crunchy Mom.”  She’s also a former New Yorker and avid Instagrammer!  

In her own words:  I’m a recovering “Type A” New Yorker now turned Boca Raton resident.  Always a Queens girl at heart, in search of  the culture and love of music and the arts I grew up with in my beloved city.  Happily married to “Prom King” for nine years (redemption for the former chorus geek), lucky mother of two awesome boys Evan 3, Nathaniel 2.  Yup!  Only fifteen months apart, makes daily life interesting!

Former lover of all things high in sugar, saturated in fat, and probably chock full of GMO’s.  On this road to awareness and discovering the inner hippie at heart, while learning how to live in the moment.  In love with all things nature driven, organic and essential!

She also has her own blog that you should totally follow…that’s where the really crunchy stuff lives!

Samara Hantman, the Modern Boca Stay-at-Home Mom

Samara Hantman Boca moms

Samara may have been an Engineering major in college, but Calculus 4 seems like a distant memory now that she’s our “Modern Boca SAHM!”

In her own words: In 9 short years I graduated, married my high school sweetheart, worked for 4 years as a research scientist and then made the transition to stay-at-home mom.  We have 2 energetic, rambunctious boys, ages 2 and 4, who have made it the best and most exhausting decision I have ever made!

Among MANY things, my days consist of refereeing, dodging flying objects, kissing boo-boos (there are a lot of them!) and playing “Mommy Splinter” when we act out the Ninja Turtles – and I couldn’t be happier!  I also schedule time for myself, mainly to workout and study, as I’m currently pursuing my personal training certification!

Since having kids, I’ve developed a serious passion for health and fitness, as well as a love for writing for Boca moms!

Check out Samara’s own healthy living blog, Peace, Love & Ice Cream!

Marjorie Calvert, the Modern Boca Social Mom

Marjorie Calvert Boca moms

Marjorie is a mother of two learning how to parent by “trial and error.”  She also loves going to local events with her children, Ella and Bailey and all forms of social media which is why she’s now our “Modern Boca Social Mom!”

In her own words: I have been married to my husband, Brad, for 13 years. He runs marathons and he will no doubt try to work that into any conversation you have with him.

I grew up in North Florida which means I am a rare native Floridian. South Florida is definitely a different environment than N. Florida. There are some good and some not so great differences. One big difference; I call the grocery cart at the supermarket a buggy. The people here call it a wagon. It is clearly a buggy!

My hobbies include couponing, instant wins (biggest win so far has been a trip to L.A.), and Twitter parties! I am also a social media junkie, sometimes checking Facebook every 5 minutes. I might need an intervention, Boca moms.

Kellie Michelsen, the Modern Boca Mom of Multiples 

Kellie Zavada Michelsen Boca moms

Kellie is a “self-diagnosed over-achiever” and in her former, pre-children life, teaching, running, travelling and cooking were her only self-proclaimed over-achievements.

And then she got married…

In her own words: Fast forward 3 years, add 3 kids and subtract teaching and running and what does that equal? A perfectionist seeking a new identity. Born, raised, and educated in Florida, Kellie has a few new goals in life that every mom shares:

  • Be the best mom to 2 year old Piper and 6 month old twins, Parker and Kendall.
  • Be the best director of domestic responsibilities, aka cleaning house.
  • Be the best gluten free cook she can be.
  • And somehow reinstate her identity as an excellent runner. 

Kristine Keshishian, the Modern Boca Teaching Mom
Kristine Keshishian Boca moms 

Kristine Keshishian, M. Ed. founder of Embracing Education, has been in the education field since the age of fourteen. She has taught a vast range of Palm Beach County’s students from early childhood, to a teacher of special needs students, was Reading Coach and has facilitated professional development in early literacy.   

In her own words: As a mother, I truly believe that education begins at birth and parents are a child’s teacher for life. No matter what educational philosophy one identifies with, we can all “embrace our children’s education” from early on to grow life-long learners! 

Casey Stone Philbrick, the Modern Boca Disney/Travel Mom

Casey Philbrick Boca moms

Casey has traveled to 47 out of the 50 States, and Disney World probably as many times. This is why she is our Modern Boca Disney Mom!

In her own words: I have worn a lot of hats and lived in a lot of places, like working for the cruise industry in Alaska’s Denali National Park one summer, working at one of Hollywood’s oldest movie studios, and then planning weddings and events for a boutique hotel and restaurant in Coastal Maine. Being a mom has been my most challenging job yet, but it also has been the most fun! Having Irish Twins, Hunter (2) and Ruby (3), who are just 10 months apart keeps me super busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love music, driving with the windows down, traveling, exploring new places, planning and then leaving all caution to the wind, just to turn around and tell everyone what I found out. This is why I started the Family,Travel, and Adventure blog, Hunting for Rubies, as a destination to share our experiences and tips for traveling and exploring with family.

We do more than Disney, but we do Disney a lot. #modernbocadisneyDAD even has a Mickey Mouse tattoo on his leg. Call that Disney obsessed if you want, but we can’t get enough!!!!

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