A Day in the Life of a Boca Concierge Pediatrician

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It’s no secret that I dig Boca VIPediatrics. The business is run by a Boca MOMpreneur, and they’re a family owned & operated pediatric practice that’s been changing the game for Boca Raton families since 2013. By having your pediatrician in your pocket, VIP members have 24/7 access to reach their doc by email, text, and phone for maximum parenthood “chill.”

YES. 24/7.

So, that got me thinking, what exactly does a typical “work day” look like for a Boca concierge pediatrician? Does they eat? Sleep? Have time to sit by the pool or read a magazine?

I decided to ask the awesome VIPediatricians just what a “day in the life” looks like.

Boca VIPediatrics, your Boca concierge pediatrician

“We believe that keeping elements of ‘small town service’ mixed in with our modern medicine is what enables us to really form trusting relationships with our VIP families,” says VIPediatrics CEO & Board-Certified Pediatrician, Chad Rudnick, M.D. “We’re bringing small town service back with house calls, docs that know the whole family, and bringing in our own dose of “pediatrician in your pocket care” with 24/7 access to email, text, or call your doctor!”

So our day typically goes a little something like this…
Early Morning

I get a text asking if I can see Emily in the office before school starts, her allergies are acting up and mom wants to bring her in for me to take a look at what’s going on.

My reply reads, “You got it! See you at the office in 30 minutes.” {We always have same day sick visits for our VIP families, and scheduling an appointment is always personalized and ultra convenient…I was never a fan of hold times or phone trees, just good old-fashioned direct communication with my VIP families!}

Our docs will typically see a couple sick visits in the early morning, so no one has to miss any school or work. Since we have an ultra limited patient base, we schedule just one VIP family for an extended appointment with a Boca concierge pediatrician, so the office is typically just your family and my staff for your visit. That means no wait times, and no other sick kids around for a personalized and private office visit. For extra infection control, we also schedule drive-thru visits for certain testing.

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Late Morning

I’m off to a house call in Delray Beach (black bag in tow!) for Baby Summer, who is just 5 days new. As a Boca concierge pediatrician, our docs always do the first newborn visit as a house call to be able to spend the time needed with the parents and baby. I also know what a pain it can be to put a newborn in the car, days after giving birth, on no sleep and wait in a waiting room with exposure to germs…so the first newborn exam is done in the comfort of their home.

It’s an amazing way to get to know families in their “natural habitat” and we love spending the time with new parents to get them set up for success!

We typically block out 1-2 hours to do our exams, and answer questions/give tips on everything from sleeping to breastfeeding to bath-time and everything in between. We love newborn house calls!


In between visits, our docs are answering emails & texts for our VIP families. Between cold/flu season and COVID, we stay pretty busy answering questions in addition to our in-office exams. I get a text from a mom who notices a rash on her 10 year old when she picked him up from school. She Facetimes with me right from the school parking lot for a “virtual visit.” Diagnosis and treatment plan were made right over the phone, saving mom the hassle of driving to the office when an in-person visit wasn’t needed. Our docs are constantly in contact with our VIP families, as a real member of your “village!” When a question or concern arises, they know they can reach their Boca concierge pediatrician directly.

More Afternoon Fun

We love well-checks! Our well-check ups at VIPediatrics are a true 5 star experience, not only because there’s never a wait, but because we get to focus on prevention, milestones, development, and set the stage for healthy habits that can last a whole life long.

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First things first, we block out an hour with the doctor, because parents (and kids) need that precious time to be able to ask their questions in a non-judgmental, safe space. The national average of 7 minutes with your doctor is no where near enough time to devote to your child’s health. We want to empower kids and families by teaching them that a healthy lifestyle is about starting healthy habits early and focusing on prevention and wellness, rather than a reactive approach to medical care.

We get to spend the time with our patients and their families to learn the family dynamic, watch kids interact and play, focus on all aspects of physical, emotional, and behavioral health, and address questions and concerns in a non-rushed manner. We believe that this style of wellness truly sets families up for success, and it’s a win/win because building relationships with these families is our WHY! It’s why we’re passionate about providing the most personalized pediatric care.


Our docs are home spending time with their own families, but also available for urgent matters as they arise. I get a call from a mom of a 2-year-old who is concerned because Liam’s cold has turned into a bad barking cough. I ask if she can send me a quick video and I hear that it’s croup (a virus that affects the tissues around the larynx, that can require an immediate steroid).

In most cases with a traditional pediatric practice, a parent would be sent to the E.R. to receive treatments at this time of night or need to wait until the next day to be seen. But because we’re able to connect with our patients anytime they need us as a Boca concierge pediatrician, no E.R. is needed in this case, and we can get Liam feeling better, faster!

So is it really 24/7? Does your phone ring all night long?

We have a saying here…”We cause chill parents.” Once a family establishes care with us, there is a whole new layer of confidence, peace-of-mind, and a whole lot more restful nights for parents. They know that if they’re concerned about something, we are too, and they can always reach us.

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By spending more time getting to know our VIP families, we develop a mutual trust and we become honorary members of the family. I can assure you that no one is calling me at 2am to pick my brain about the best way to work veggies into a child’s diet! 🙂 They know they can always reach us or schedule a “check-in” during office hours. But if and when an urgent situation arises, we pride ourselves on personally being there for our VIP families anytime they need us.

So how can South Florida families grab a spot for their kids? 

We never wanted our Boca concierge pediatrician practice to feel like an assembly line, so we cap the number of members in each age group. To learn more about becoming a member of VIPediatrics, call our concierge front desk team at (561) 923-9635 or contact us via our website at www.BocaVIPediatrics.com. Space is extremely limited.

At Boca VIPediatrics, we believe that all kids and families should be treated like V.I.P.s (Very Important Patients & Very Important Parents)! We take an individualized approach to your childs care, tailoring each visit and treatment plan that best benefits our patients, thus avoiding the all too familiar assembly line” approach in many pediatric practices. With a much smaller patient base, youll have 24/7 access to your pediatrician for maximum peace-of-mind.

Using our highly personalized membership plan, parents will have red carpet, front-of-the-line access to discuss their childs health at any time. This often leads to earlier diagnosis and interventions, putting your concerns at ease and getting your child better, faster.

At Boca VIPediatrics, its all about our V.I.P.s. We schedule fewer patients per day, with no long wait times, and highly personalized care. Each appointment lasts as long as necessary. We believe that time with your family should never be spent in a waiting room, preventing unnecessary exposure to other germs.

The dynamics of Boca VIPediatrics enables us to focus more on wellness and prevention than most pediatric practices. 

Call us at 561-923-9635 to schedule a complimentary Meet the Doc” appointment.