The Essential Check-Up Checklist for Boca Raton Parents

Us parents tend to have a love/hate relationship with check-ups for our kids, am I right? Sure, they’re an important milestone for our Boca kids. They need that yearly physical! It’s the best way to track progress as our little ones grow with their trusted pediatrician. Whether you do a well check-up with your pediatrician before the start of summer camp or when the school year begins, or right around your child’s birthday, it’s important to get a baseline check-up to keep your Boca child the healthiest.

But what should a pediatric check-up consist of, anyway? We all know we need those updated school/camp forms, but how can we make sure our kids are staying on target in terms of wellness, exercise, nutrition, sleep, behavior, study habits, etc.?!

I asked the experts at Boca VIPediatrics and Boca’s favorite pediatricians, Dr. Rudnick, Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Fisch, and Dr. Alex just how a well child check-up should go in a perfect world. What questions should we moms (and dads) be asking? What information should we be receiving from our pediatrician? Are we doing everything we can to keep our child the happiest and healthiest?

Pediatric Checkup Checklist

Here’s what they had to say:

The Essential Pediatric Checkup Checklist for Boca Raton Parents

  1. A Check-Up Is So Much More Than Height/Weight/Shots

If you’re only seeing your pediatrician for 5-10 minutes at a well check-up, it’s quite simply…not enough. “You need to establish a relationship where your pediatrician really knows your child. If you’re seeing a different pediatrician each time you go to the doctor, you’re not really getting someone who sees the full picture,” says Chad Rudnick, MD FAAP & founder of Boca VIPediatrics. “Our well check ups often last an hour or more with your child’s doctor. We need to be able to talk about their development in detail without rushing. Knowing the family throughout the entire year, every illness, every treatment plan, etc. helps us to make a well-check even more thorough, so issues and concerns don’t fall through the cracks year after year.”

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Pediatric Checkup Checklist

  1. The Whole Child Approach

The big difference between pediatrics and adult medicine is that the parents play the biggest role in a child’s wellness. We’re the ones doing the grocery shopping, driving them to and from activities, choosing schools, and feeling that parental instinct 24/7. We’re the ones calling the doctor when something isn’t quite right.

“The way to best care for a child is to understand the social, cultural, and family dynamics that child is a part of. More than reading off developmental checklists, we seek to know about the entire family. This is why we want to know about the parent(s), the grandparents, the dog, the cat, and even the goldfish,” says Dr. Rudnick.

Okay then! I’m adding this to my pediatric checkup checklist!

Pediatric Checkup Checklist

  1. Ask The Right Questions

For all those parental moments where you go, “Aww man, I should have asked the pediatrician about that!” You should always have questions prepared on your pediatric checkup checklist.

Even though parents of VIPediatrics essentially have their ‘pediatrician in their pocket’ and can send a text or email to their doctor whenever they want, it’s important to plan ahead for a well check-up. Bring a list of questions with you to ask your child’s pediatrician.

Pro-parenting tip from Dr. Rudnick: “Don’t wait to make a list of questions a day or two before the well-check. Keep a running list in the notes section on your phone so that we can go over each and every one of your concerns at the check-up. We’ve asked dozens of parents and know through personal experience that sometimes the clearest thoughts about parenting tend to occur during that 3 am feeding [in between shopping on Amazon].

  1. Don’t Compare Your Child To Other Children

One more time for the people in the back…dont compare your child to other children! We know that every parent does it, but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. Bold this statement in your checkup checklist! It happens from the first mommy and me class when little Johnny starts crawling before anyone else. And, it happens again when little Susie starts peeing on the potty, speaking Mandarin, and coding before her 2nd birthday. The VIPediatrics pediatricians were passionate about sharing their biggest philosophy with me: “Children are all unique, individual, special, and develop in their own time.”

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“Child development is a fluid process,” continues Dr. Rudnick. “There is a wide range of normal development, be it communication skills, motor skills, problem solving, or personal-social interaction. We discuss all facets of development starting shortly after birth. A little secret that parents of babies and toddlers in our practice will tell you is that we assign homework! Parents are asked to complete specific developmental questionnaire packets for us to review about what their child can do and aren’t able to do yet. This allows us to obtain a complete picture of a child’s development and intervene with specific therapy referrals at an early age to yield the best benefits for the child if necessary.”

Such an important reminder for your pediatric checkup checklist, mamas!

Pediatric Checkup Checklist

  1. Set Goals

As parents, the goals we set for and with our children set them up for the rest of their lives. “Whether it’s better sleep habits, less screen time, or a more nutritious diet, you’re in this with your child. So, setting goals and sticking to them are just as much a parental responsibility as the child’s,” explains Dr. Rudnick.

“Take, for example, an often discussed goal of having a child eat a healthy diet and get more exercise. The best way for this to become part of a routine is to have the ENTIRE family participate. When the whole family gets out and walks around the block together in the evenings or goes on a weekend bike ride, it helps to reinforce a healthy lifestyle and increases quality family time! Start with small, easily attainable goals… i.e. drinking more water (fewer juices/soft drinks) or walking outside for 5-10 minutes. Setting a health goal with your children can actually be a fun bonding experience for the whole family.”

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I speak from personal experience when I say that I’m often unprepared when it comes to planning for #dailybocaaverys well-visits. It’s time to take my own advice (from one of my blog posts) before I take her in for her next visit. But like my friends at Boca VIPediatrics said: we parents play the biggest role in our child’s wellness. So this year, I’ll be channeling my man Santa and making a pediatric checkup checklist and checking it twice.

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Pediatric Checkup Checklist