How Apartment Sized Sectional Sofas Help You Save Space

When I lived in New York City, I dreamed of having BIG furniture. Most of the apartments I lived in were TINY. I remember vividly barely being able to get my sleeper sofa up four flights of stairs when Modern Boca Dad and I lived in our first walk up apartment. It was a nail-biter of a move!

To clarify, a sofa by definition has three seats, though they can vary in overall length. This is in contrast to love seats that have seating for two. Even though some people buy love seats and call them a sofa when it is sitting in the living room…this was especially common in NYC.

However, I have found a better option when living in a small space: sectional sofas! Because it can be uncomfortable to try to crowd people together, even if you are short on space yourself.

What Are Sectional Sofas?

Sectional sofas are sofas that include two or more pieces you can rearrange into a variety of configurations. Each section can serve as a seat in and of itself. It can also be combined with other pieces to create several different seating arrangements. The only question is how many pieces the sectional sofa set has.

One of the best reasons to buy a sectional for your living room is to have the design flexibility it provides. This may or may not allow you to get rid of the folding chairs you might keep on hand for guests. 😉

What Are Apartment Sized Sofas?             

Apartment sized sofas are generally shorter versions of conventional sofas. For example, “apartment sofas” are anywhere between 68 and 82 inches, while conventional sofas are normally 84 inches wide. Conventional sofas could be longer, but seven feet is the default length.

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This is in contrast to love seats that are always short. The standard loveseat is 52 inches wide from arm to arm. More compact models have narrower arms or lack them altogether to cut a few lengths off the width. Armless or “apartment sized” love seats could be anywhere from 45 to 51 inches wide. But this narrower profile is why love seats are popular in apartments, though they don’t give you enough space to even lay down on it.

Are Sectional Sofas Apartment Sized?

A sectional sofa may or may not be “apartment sized”, though sectional sofas fit in the average apartment better than a traditional sofa of any size. That’s because they tend to be 84 inches wide at most when the main components are put together. But “apartment sized” sectionals do exist.

If a sectional sofa is advertised as apartment sized, then its assembled width is less than 80 inches once all the pieces are lined up. Note this will not include curved sections and side pieces that stretch along a second wall.

The sectional sofa has an advantage over other types of sofas regardless of its assembled length – you can get the smaller pieces into the apartment living room (versus the problem we faced trying to fit our bulky sofa up the stairs into our walk-up!). Since sectional couches are already in pieces, they’re smaller and lighter. You’ll still want help carrying them through the hall, but it won’t be such a challenge to get it into the apartment.

How Do Apartment Sized Sectionals Save You Space?

It is shorter, so it won’t block doors or hallways the way full-sized couches might. That alone makes it an improvement over conventional sofas. Apartment sectionals have the added benefit of allowing you to separate a foot cushion or divan and create a separate seat for someone without having to have yet another piece of furniture in the room. Hope this advice helps when you’re out shopping for furniture next!