Post-COVID in Boca Raton: Here’s What Will Change In 2021 and Beyond

As the year gets ready to come to a close (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!), we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While we’re still in the thick of COVID-19 cases in and around the country, better testing, contact tracing, and even a vaccine is here! It’s time to start planning for what life will look like in post-COVID Boca Raton after this crazy year. We’ve had almost 365 days of missed experiences and a crystal clear look at what happens when material things become useless. What emerged in 2020 was the realization that health, safety, wellness, and family are all we need.

I spoke with my trusty source for all things family health-related, Dr. Chad Rudnick of Boca VIPediatrics, about what we can expect to see less AND more of in 2021 in Boca and beyond.

post-COVID Boca Raton

Together, we compiled this list of the aftermath of a pandemic:

Prioritizing Healthcare And Wellness

In 2020, we learned that nothing is more important than your family’s health. Having a relationship with a doctor you trust is imperative. Families in Boca and beyond are sparing no expense as healthcare moves to the top of their list. “We’ve seen a huge rise in memberships at Boca VIPediatrics. With 24/7 access to call/text/email the doctor, house calls, no waits, and drive-thru/curbside care, families are thinking outside of the box with us in our membership model of care and understand that assembly-line pediatric care just isn’t going to cut it,” says Dr. Rudnick.

Gone are the days of parents putting up with crowded doctor’s office waiting rooms, waiting days or weeks to see their doctor, and having to go into an office for a visit that could have been done through telemedicine/virtual visit. In a post-COVID Boca Raton, health is #1. Getting back into the real world means having the very best healthcare and access to your doctor as possible.

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There is nothing, NOTHING like the concept of “Pediatrician-In-Your-Pocket” style care that Boca VIPediatrics offers to their VIP families. “We are taking new patients, but not for much longer,” says Dr. Rudnick. “Spots are now extremely limited and we anticipate opening a practice wide waiting list soon.” (For more info, visit

New Families Making Boca Home

We’ve already seen families flocking down to South Florida from the Northeast looking for better weather, more space, and family friendly communities to call home. With so many young families moving to town, we’ll definitely see a boom just about everywhere you go with kids once it’s safe to be out and about. From playgrounds, to after-school activities, to schools, to doctor’s offices, expect there to be A LOT more demand for all things family-friendly.

Cue The Travel Plans

We’ve been hunkered down since March except for maybe a few socially distanced road trips here and there. Boca families are beyond ready to travel once a vaccine is widely available and case numbers come down. So when will regular travel be back in the cards again?

“As the vaccines become more widely available this spring, I think we’ll start to see safer travel conditions. Masks will still be widely used likely throughout 2021. This is in order to protect others who either have not received the vaccine yet, or who can’t get the vaccine,” says Dr. Rudnick. “But, we can certainly start to hug our own family members and friends again. This is provided everyone in your circle has gotten the vaccine in order to protect each other. While both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are over 90% effective, mask wearing will still be an important part of slowing the spread of COVID-19. We need to continue this until our numbers come down and community spread is less prevalent.”

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post-COVID Boca Raton

Increased Sanitization Measures Are Here To Stay

Smart businesses understand that the increased sanitization measures are a win/win and we’re likely to see them stick around long after COVID. Digital menus, extra sanitizer, hand washing stations, and increased cleaning moving forward in all aspects of life can only be a good thing. Although COVID has turned us all into germ freaks, these hygiene measures will only benefit patrons of just about any business. Lysol and Purell are here to stay!

Stricter Sick Policies

Does post-COVID Boca Raton life mean that people will stop sending sick kids to school? Or showing up sick to a holiday party or business meeting? We sure hope so!

“Now that there is an overall awareness of germs and illness, schools will be more strict regarding their sick child policies. They will loosen their absence policies for children who may need to learn from home for a few days,” says Dr. Rudnick. “It may also be part of a larger conversation that needs to happen about proper funding for schools. This is to avoid overcrowded classrooms, improve health/hygiene of students, and work conditions for teachers.” (Can we also give a round of applause for all of our teachers in the community who have made it through COVID?!?)


“We’ve been passionate about the benefits of telemedicine since we opened our doors in 2013,” says Dr. Rudnick. “We believe parents should be able to reach out with quick emails or texts and reach the doctor who knows their child best every time…that’s what pediatrics is truly about, developing a relationship and a medical home with your own doctor,” he continues. And with the 24/7 access to reach your pediatrician via emails, texts, phone calls, or virtual visits, it’s time to put an end to unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office!

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post-COVID Boca Raton
Boca VIPediatrics offers drive-thru sick visits and priority testing for their VIP families…
Telemedicine is here to stay in 2021: The ability to email, text, call, or virtual visit directly with your doctor.

It’s time to start looking into the future (for ONCE in 2020!) to get to the rainbow at the end of this pandemic storm. This holiday season, it’s not about finding the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, or planning the big family holiday getaway. It’s about prioritizing health, safety, and wellness as we move on from this weird year.

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