Survey Says! How are Picky Parents Rating this Local Gym?

These days, a mom can’t be too careful. Between the global pandemic and general (overall) worry about the safety and well-being of our children, parenting can feel like a veritable minefield sometimes.

It’s exhausting.

And if you’re a small business that works with kids? There are a TON of new safety factors that leadership has to consider now. Even just running my small group of “Mommy & Me” classes, I’ve had to consider everything from mandatory mask-wearing for mommies to social distancing sharing circles.

Local gym rating for Twisters Gymnastics Boca Raton

The bottom line though? We all care about our kids. Our friends at Twister Gymnastics recently decided to send a survey out to 195 of their most discerning parents. Their goal was to find out exactly what was on families’ minds when it comes to COVID safety and communication at their local gyms in Boca Raton and Coconut Creek. Read on for the results!

On a scale from 1-5: How safe do you and your family feel when coming to Twisters?

With 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest, 84% of respondents selected a 4 or 5 for this question. I think people in general are a little skittish about being inside right now, so this is a pretty solid response considering.

I always feel like I’m coming home when I walk into Twisters personally…

On a scale from 1-5: How would you rate Twisters’ communication during the shutdown?

As a former PR professional, I thought Twisters’ communication was A+ during the shutdown. And 98% of parents surveyed would agree, choosing a 4 or 5 as their local gym rating for this question.

To recap, Twisters paused operations starting Monday, March 16 (2020). The gyms were completely disinfected top-to-bottom. All common areas, restrooms, equipment and mats were sanitized. Carpets were vacuumed and deep cleaned. Storage areas were cleaned and re-organized and much more. And they kept everyone posted about it.

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Twister Gymnastics went completely virtual, recording content and keeping in touch with their members from home. Twisters even continued to pay and offer benefits to their valued staff without requiring them to use vacation or sick time. Bravo!

Local gym rating for Twisters Gymnastics Boca Raton

On a scale from 1-5: How would you rate Twisters’ reopening plan?

Like other local businesses offering programming for children, Twisters was able to re-open their gyms in time for the 2020 summer camp season. But they needed a plan; a solid one. And they succeeded according to the survey with 93% of respondents selecting either a 4 or 5 for their local gym rating.

Up until their re-opening, Twisters members’ accounts stayed on hold. They automatically added make-up days to every member’s account for the duration of the pause. Twisters also personally handled the scheduling of all individual makeups and other administrative challenges once they resumed operations.

I sent #dailybocaavery to summer camp at Twisters a ton this year. She loved every minute and didn’t mind the new safety precautions one bit.

Local gym rating for Twisters Gymnastics Boca Raton

On a scale from 1-5: How would you rate the current safety protocols and guidelines exhibited by the Twisters staff?

88% of respondents selected either 4 or 5 for this answer. And this response doesn’t even include the evaluation of staff efforts during Twisters’ virtual period.

  • Coaches placed calls to members to check in on their families and students on an individual basis.
  • Team coaches communicated with gymnasts via email and in live Zoom meetings.
  • Gymnasts were given at-home workouts in addition to nutritional resources.
  • Team gymnasts also had continuous access to Twisters’ on-staff Sports-psychologist, Dr. Christine Hiler.
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Survey says…I couldn’t be prouder of this local business!!! And you know some picky parents definitely took it. 😉 Be sure to check out Twisters’ Fall & Winter Fun Days coming up if you need childcare that you can count on.

Gym photos by Sweet Memories Photography.

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